Testing a Holler and Glow Face Mask | Are They Worth It?

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Just a quick little blog post for everyone. I love sheet masks and face masks in general so whenever I can test out a new mask I won’t say no. I’ve heard of Holler and Glow plenty of times, I’ve seen a lot of Youtubers get them in PR as well buying them and reviewing them, it’s made me really want to get one and try them out for myself. I got mine’s a while back for only £1, yes £1. It was reduced from £3 so even normally they are very affordable but does that mean they are good? Well, let’s find out.



The one I picked up was the You’re Pawsome Energizing Mask. I’m not going to lie I think I bought this for the design. It has dogs on it, specifically sausage dogs. Every single Holler and Glow mask I’ve seen, with it being on Instagram or in stores have the cutest packaging. The designs on the masks are cute and they also have face masks that come in the shape of pineapples and pandas. This is one of their energizing sheet masks so it’s meant to give my skin a little energy boost. It has avocado extract, castor oil and papaya extract in it, the ingredients to give my skin an energized boost.


So the first thing I noticed when I took the mask out of the packet was that it smelled exactly the same as the Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray. I didn’t actually expect it to smell like that at all. I’m not that big a fan of the Rose scent in general but I did end up really loving the smell of it. It fit perfectly on my face compared to some other sheet masks I’ve tried, half the time they don’t find properly over my face.



I left it on for 15 minutes while watching Love Island. Is there really a better way to watch Love Island than with a face mask? It did feel a tad tingly at first but after that, it was very comfortable. I literally could have sat with it on for the whole night. At the 15 minute mark (ish) I took the mask off and rubbed the excess from the mask onto my face. It did say wash it off but I always like to give my skin extra benefits from the mask.

My skin was left feeling so soft, I mean babies bum soft. Even about an hour afterwards my skin still felt amazing. I could see my skin had a glow to it and it looked a lot brighter than normal. When I woke up the next again day my skin looked really good and even though it wasn’t a skin clearing sheet mask, it looked clearer. I think my skin looked very healthy and not dull like it has been recently.

My final verdict on Holler and Glow face masks is … (drum roll) they are really good. For the fact, these are some of the most affordable face masks out there I’d put them up there with some of the high-end ones I’ve ever tried. Also, I love the fact these masks are in Primark so they are so easily found. All I have to do is drive the short drive to my nearest Primark and buy about 10 as they are so affordable but so good at the same time. I really want to get some more of their sheet masks, if you have used these face masks before then give me recommendations.

See you all in my next post




7 thoughts on “Testing a Holler and Glow Face Mask | Are They Worth It?

  1. scatteredstars says:

    I work at Primark and it took me literally weeks to realise that the design on the packet is actually printed on the face mask… I just thought it was cute packaging! Great post hun ❤


  2. tanya9598 says:

    Yes. The masks are really cheap. I tried it two days ago. Probably due to my very dry skin, I found the mask to be okay, not moisturising in comparison to other masks have used in the past. I observed the effect to be short (for the moment). I will try it out during summer.


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