I Spent £100 on ASOS | A Huge Clothing Haul

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

ASOS is one of my favourite online shops, I actually have ASOS Premier Delivery so that shows my love for ASOS. While they were having a big “Up to 70% off” sale I was browsing around and just kept adding more and more products to my basket which resulted in my basket coming to £99.50, that is the most I’ve ever spent on ASOS. I thought I would come on here and do a clothing haul about all the clothes I got and out of all the products I did buy, what ones I kept and what ones I sent back.

Some little details about this order before I continue. I bought 10 different items from a range of categories, such as a bikini, sunglasses, tops and dresses. There is only 1 item in this haul that wasn’t in the sale, it was its full normal price. I do have some photos of the items that I took myself and I also have the photos from ASOS. I think that’s all I have to say before getting into my haul so now onto the haul.


I’ll talk about the normal full priced item first before getting into the sale items. I’ve been really wanting to get into denim skirts this summer but having bigger hips it is hard to find a denim skirt that fits both my hips and waist. I bought this Miss Selfridge denim skirt that has 4 buttons down the front. I actually bought a denim skirt from Primark the day before I got this ASOS order through the door so I was thinking I wouldn’t be keeping this but I when I got this I really really liked it. I really didn’t want to like it as it is £28 and the Primark one I bought was £8 but I did end up keeping the skirt. I really liked how it looked on and it fitted really well, I had to get a size 12 so it would fit my hips so it is big at the waist but it comes with belt loops so I can easily sort that issue.

The first sale item I got was a pair of sunglasses. Usually, I only buy sunglasses from Primark as they do some really nice ones and they are so cheap so I barely ever buy sunglasses from other places. I saw these ones in the sale for only £6 from £10 which when I think about it isn’t expensive at all. I love the shape of these, I don’t have a pair of sunglasses in my collection in that shape. They are half kitten eye rose gold sunglasses and they feel good quality and luxury.


The first of the clothing that is probably the most boring is a pair of underwear. I actually have the matching bralet already and I have been saying for so long that I was going to buy the underwear that matched but I kept putting it off. I finally decided to put them into my basket when making this haul as they were only £5 and it’s nice to finally have the matching set.

The first top I bought is from Boohoo on ASOS and it only cost £7 reduced from £10. Now I hated this top. I ordered it in my usual size 10 and it was so small and tight, I could barely put my arms into the armholes. Once I managed to get it on I could barely move without thinking I was going to rip it. It is a tie front beach top but I did buy it thinking I could get away with wearing it not on the beach but it was way too open to be able to do that. Also, I don’t remember there being tassels on the top when I ordered it so I did get a bit of a shock when I got it and had tassels.


The second top I bought I really liked but it was a tad too big so I had to send it back. It’s from ASOS’s own clothing line and it’s a typical white sleeveless top with paradise in the middle. It also has these really cute little flowers on it. I really liked this top, I got it in my usual size 10 but I needed an 8. I wouldn’t say there is much else I can say about this top as it’s pretty basic. I wish I ordered it straight after sending it back as it’s now it’s sold out. It was reduced from £8 to £4 so a good little steal, I hope it comes back in stock.

I’ve covered all the tops I got now so I’ll move onto a pair of shorts. On the model, these looked very cute but I wouldn’t say they did in person. They are described as culotte shorts, now I don’t have a clue what that means as they seemed like normal shorts to me. They are in a pinky red colour with lots of little flowers all over it. I’m not saying they are bad shorts or anything like that but to me, they looked more like Pyjama shorts than normal shorts. They were very very soft and comfortable but I would have felt like I was going out in my pyjamas which is why I never kept them, I did have to send them back as I knew I would never wear them. They were £12 reduced to £8 so a good price for a pair of shorts and I got them in my usual size 10 and they fit fine.

I’m now onto the last 3 items in this haul. To start I bought a bikini from Missguided. The whole set cost me £9 which for a bikini is really good, the top cost £5 reduced from £10 and the bottoms cost £4 reduced from £8. The design is very loud and in your face but I love it. The top is a tie halter neck and also a tie back. The bottoms are high legged at the front and back so a little bit of bum is on display and it ties at the sides which aren’t my favourite style of bottoms but I still love them, it’s such a nice set for the price I paid.

The first of the more dressier items I bought was a dress from Boohoo. The main reason why I bought it was that it was reduced from £22 to £8.50 which is such a good bargain. The dress is pretty plain at the front, it’s navy blue with lots of flowers all over it but it’s the back that has the main feature as it’s open and crisscrossed. Also, the sleeves were cuffed at the bottom so it made the sleeves look bigger than what they were. I did send this back for a few reasons. It was too big for me at the back and around the neck area but it was also a little see through.


Finally, this very long haul is coming to an end. The final item of clothing I got was a jumpsuit. I have said multiple times recently that I’m loving jumpsuits and this one looked really up my street. It is from the brand QED which is a brand I’d never heard of before. I really really liked this but I did have to send it back as it just didn’t look right on me. The sleeves were a little tight on me and the rest of the jumpsuit just didn’t suit me at all which is a shame as I did really like it.

And that is it for this huge ASOS haul. I did only keep 5 things from this haul so it was half a success although I did say I wasn’t going to be keeping it all as realistically can I afford to spend £100 on clothes, no I can not.

See you all in my next post



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