New Makeup Releases | Eyeing and Not Buying #4

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

It’s been a few weeks since my last eyeing and not buying and since then there have been tons of new makeup releases as well as teases of what’s to come. I have palettes from Laura Lee and Colourpop as well as a new controversial release from Beautyblender. I also have the first perfume release in here that I’m eyeing or not buying (I’m not giving anything away).  I have a lot more not buying items than eyeing items this time but


I’m going to start off with the most controversial item in this whole post. Beautyblender, the kings of beauty sponges, announced they were coming out with a Foundation. This could have been one of the biggest foundation releases recently but they really messed that up with the shade range. They released 32 shades but at least 16 of them look about the same shade and there are about 5 shades for deep skin tones. I’m not solely basing that on why I’m not buying it (it is a factor) but I think it’s meant to be quite a full coverage foundation and if I’m honest my skin doesn’t really like full coverage foundations at the minute.

This one was a very easy not buying decision. I don’t own anything from KKW Beauty and I still won’t be at this moment in time. Her new Classic Collection is just too boring for me, it’s been done so many times by many other brands that I really don’t need another neutral eyeshadow palette nor do I need the lipsticks or lip liners. No point in wasting my money on that when I could easily spend my money elsewhere.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 20.55.08.png

Colourpop is on a roll with their face products having recently released their Foundation and Powders. They have now released their All-Stars Primer and Setting spray and surprising I don’t think I’ll be buying these. The primer is a mattifying and blurring primer and I have really drifted from mattifying primers and I’m more into hydrating ones so that is why I won’t be trying this. The setting spray I’m more debating about as I already have a few setting sprays I love and I’m also again not into matte setting sprays anymore. I like a setting spray that melts all your makeup together to look good and this is more about making the skin matte but I would like to test it to see how well it makes makeup last.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 20.50.20.png

So far Laura Lee’s brand Laura Lee Los Angeles has never really excited me. The Cat’s Pyjamas and Nudie Patootie palettes are pretty standard and I already have similar shades in my collection. I actually watched her reveal video for her 2 new palettes and was instantly loved one and instantly knew I wouldn’t be buying the other. The one I’m not buying is the Like A Boss Palette. It does have some really nice shades but it’s too similar to the Soft Glam palette by ABH and I already have the Soft Glam so there is no need for me to also have this palette. The only thing I do like about this palette is that it’s very travel-friendly but that doesn’t justify me getting it.


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 20.50.13

Now for the eyeing part of the Laura Lee Los Angeles palettes. The Party Animal Palette is the palette I really want to buy as it looks amazing. The colours in this palette are very bright and colourful and what I like is that basically, all the shades are matte apart from the pink/purple shade. I’ve really been wanting a bright colourful palette and I think because this is so cute and small it’s a perfect little bright palette. Hopefully, it will be affordable and not too expensive for a little palette.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 20.54.11.png

Another collection from Colourpop I want to buy, shocker. I love every single collab Colourpop have done with Kathleenlights and their new Zodiac Collection is no different.   I love the theme and the packaging for the whole collection, the little drawings of all the different signs are very cute. This palette is definitely a bit more out there but there are still those neutral shades which does make it wearable. I love the Supernova shadows, I already have one shade of them and I really like it so I really want to add these 2 shades as they are very pretty. I’m not too bothered about the lipsticks and the highlighters but I do think I’ll get one of each so I have the majority of the set.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 20.48.59.png

Now after talking about KKW Beauty in my Not Buying category this is a surprising entry to the eyeing one. I have wanted to try the KKW fragrances since her Love Heart ones she released around Valentines Day but I always think that it’s a lot of money to spend on perfume due to the price plus shipping and taxes etc but I really want to try out these ones. The Kimoji Perfumes look so good, the packaging on them is next level for a perfume. Out of the 3 I would have wanted the Cherry and Peach ones but the Cherry one is actually sold out so I guess it’ll have to be the peach one. I love the smell of peach so this perfume is my dream smell, I just wish it was easier to get them over here.


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 20.48.42.png

Now I have one collection I’m in between eyeing and not buying. I really try to not have an in-between section as I’d rather know if I want to buy something or not but I just can’t decide with this. Dose of Colours and iluvsarahii have collabed together to bring out an eyeshadow palette, highlighters, liquid lipsticks and glosses and I’m just so unsure about them. The packaging on the highlighters and eyeshadow palette is stunning, that is a big factor in buying this (think of the Instagram photos). I like the shades in the eyeshadow palette, the blue especially but I’m not sure if I actually need them. The highlighters I’m not bothered about, the lipsticks are the same but I do like the glosses. I think I will wait and see how much everything costs before finally deciding.

And that is it for another eyeing and not buying. Hopefully next time the post won’t be as lengthy was there won’t be as big a gap between them but I’m excited to talk more about the new makeup releases.

See you all in my next post


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