Introducing Klara Cosmetics | First Impressions On Their Products

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So I have a new makeup brand to tell you all about. In June I got contacted on Instagram by the brand Klara Cosmetics asking me if I wanted to do a collab with them. I obviously said yes as I’d never heard of this brand before and was excited to try out some of their products. Before being sent out the products I did look online at their website and they stock a lot of products on there. They have brushes, face products, eye products, lip products and skincare.

Here’s a little background on Klara Cosmetics before getting into my first impressions of all the products I got sent.  They are an Australian owned brand and all the products are designed in Australia too. They are also cruelty-free so whoop whoop for no testing on animals and saving all those little bunnies. Like I said before they stock makeup, skincare and brushes and they also have a page on their website that has how-to tips and they also have a blog. They ship internationally for all my readers that aren’t from Australia so you can all get the products I’m talking about.

Now onto the first impressions and the look I created using the Klara Cosmetics products.   The first product I tried out was the Brow Studio. It has 2 brow powders, 2 brow pomades/gels, a brow highlighter and a brow push up creme. I got mine in Medium to Dark. I used the medium brow pomade/gel as the dark on is basically black so it’s too dark for me. It was very creamy and glided easily onto my brows, it was also a really good colour for my brows.  but I really did like the pomade/gel. I never used much of the powder, I used it to set the pomade/gel and it worked nicely, I’ll try it out on its own next time once I’ve had my brows done as they are a mess at the minute. The black powder surprisingly suited me- I put it lightly towards the tail of my brow and it didn’t look crazy.

Just before going onto prepping the eyelid for eyeshadow I put some of the yellow cream push up shade underneath my brow to carve them out. Again like the pomade/gel it was very creamy, isn’t wasn’t extremely pigmented but I liked that as if I wanted something extremely pigmented I would use concealer. It did what it’s advertised to do, it made my brows look more lifted. I was having a really good brow day after using the Brow Studio.

I next went onto the eyes and I used the No.1 Pro Palette which is apart of the Queen of the Nile set. It’s a warm-toned palette which is always up my street, it has your oranges and the browns in. The shimmers swatched amazingly so I had high hopes for this palette. The mattes blended out amazingly, the shades blended with each other nicely. I never found that any of the shades went patchy. The shimmers were very intense, I put them on with a wet brush and they were very pigmented, I really liked that I didn’t need to use my finger to put it on. I would really recommend this palette if you don’t like the warm toned palette that comes in the Queen of the Nile set they also have a pink toned palette (the No.2 palette) and a neutrals palette (No.3 palette) that you can buy individually.

The next item in the Queen of the Nile set is the Line & Define. It comes with an eyeliner and a brow definer. The brow definer that comes in the Queen of the Nile set comes in the shade Invisible Blonde so if you’re brunette like me it won’t suit you, I did try it very lightly at the front of my brows to feather them out but I never noticed much difference. The liner, on the other hand, I really liked. It was black, and I mean black, not the grey-black you get with other liners. It’s one of those felt tip liners, I find those the easiest to work with and this was really easy to work with. I sometimes struggle to do eyeliner but this was extremely easy and my wing was complete within a few minutes.

To finish off the eye makeup look I used the Totally Lashed Out Mascara. I was quite excited to try this out as I love a new mascara. It’s a very big wand which can be quite scary to people, it’s actually one of the biggest mascara wands I’ve used in a while. I used it with my lashes curled and it did give me volume and a little length however I did feel like because I had a heavy eye makeup look the lashes did get lost.

I did also use it on its own without any other eye makeup on as I wanted to be able to judge it that way and I really liked it, it made my lashes look really nice and fluttery.

Now onto my face products and what I thought about them. I started off with the Zero Pores Primer. It looks very similar in consistency to the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer but as much as I’ve had that primer before I can’t remember much about it so I was going in with this with a clear mind. It’s a silicone primer that’s meant to fill in your pores, I put this on my skin and I didn’t feel it was blending out properly so I used my sponge to blend it in and I noticed much more of a difference.

My pores around my nose looked really minimized, I actually really liked how it made my skin look. I did still use a different primer all over my face as I don’t need to No Pores primer all over my face but I will be using this all the time to smooth out my skin. I felt my foundation applied so much smoother in the areas I used the No Pores Primer.

The next Klara Cosmetics Product I used on my skin is the Gold Digger Palette. It has a shimmery bronzer, a blush and a highlighter. I used the bronzer as a bronzer topper as I didn’t want to put a shimmery bronzer all over my face but it was a very pretty bronzer. I can imagine that whenever my face has a tan and I put this on I’d look like a bronze goddess. The blush is very very pigmented, I may or may not have put a tad too much on when I applied it. The shade is very pretty, it’s a pink shade but not bubblegum pink or barbie pink. It is also matte which I like in a blush. It says on the back of the palette that it can also be used as a bronzer shade but unless I want to look like I’m completely sunburnt then I’ll stick with this as a blush.

I thought the highlight shade would be too dark for me on my pale skin tone but it actually worked well. It is a champagne shade with a slight undertone of peachiness to it. It is more on the darker end of what I’d usually wear for a highlighter but overall it worked. I didn’t think it was a really intense blinding highlight but it was still there, I would turn and I would see it.

Now for the final makeup item from Klara Cosmetics and it is the last item in the Queen of the Nile set. Klara Cosmetics have their Kiss Proof Liquid Lipsticks and they also have mini versions of them and in the Queen of the Nile set there is a mini in the shade Seb Sabo. This shade is peachy nude, I do like the shade but it is a tad too matte for me. It is a really nice lipstick, it applies very smoothly and goes on well but it dries down a tad too matte for me. It’s just my personal preference, I just stick a clear gloss on top and it makes it 10 times better. This would be 100% kiss proof as it did not budge, I had a Nandos and everything and it did not move.

The only non-makeup item I received was a Hyaluronic Lip Mask. It came in a sparkly silver packet and the actual lip mask is sparkly too. I’ve yet to actually use this so I’ll fill you in on my instagram on what I think of the mask.

This is the finish look I created using the eye products, I was very impressed with the performance of the palette I would even compare it to some well know brands formula. There is also a boomerang that I put up on my IG Stories of my full face that is basically all Klaracosmetics Cosmetics.

I’d like to thank Klara Cosmetics so much for sending out these products to me for this collab, I am really really impressed with everything I got sent. They have given me a 15% off discount code for all my followers so that can save some money on their amazing products. The code is GEORGIAT15 and enter that at the checkout and you’ll get 15% off your order. I will 100% be checking out more Klara Cosmetics products, I really want to try more of their face products and even their skincare because I need to experiment more with this brand.

See you all in my next post

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