Dermalogica Skin School Master Class Event

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On Monday (the 13th) I treated me and my mum to a Dermalogica event. I saw on Instagram that they were doing Master Classes for their new ClearStart Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask and the Breakout Clearing Booster so it was all about spots, blackheads and how to deal with them.

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So the Dermalogica counter in Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh was cutely decorated with little bunting and balloons. They also had some sweets out, they had Parma violets and Bubblegum flavoured Millions and they had some drinks available too. I would have taken some photos but it was so busy, hopefully, I can find some photos online from it as I did see some of the Dermalogica girls who worked at the counter taking photos.

On our seats, there was a little headband, a bib to protect your clothes, a lap towel and our own little booklet called “Your Skin Fitness Plan”. There was a little section that I had to fill out with any medical conditions etc and what my main skin concerns are. The booklet was actually more for later on as at the end of the Master Class as they were doing a skin mapping for everyone.

The girl who took the Master Class was called Isobel and she takes all the Master Class events across the country. She was really lovely and interacted with everyone all throughout the event. She told us all about how breakouts and blackheads appear. It’s all to do with your follicles on your face getting dead skin cells in them from not exfoliating and from there your dead skin cells can get clogged by oil and that creates a Blackhead and it’s actually when the top of the follicle oxidises that’s when you get the little black mark on your skin equalling a blackhead.

From there bacteria then get’s trapped in the oil and in times when there is no oxygen in your skin that’s when these bacterias thrives and that creates spots and breakouts. It was really interesting to learn all about happens to your skin, she demonstrated all this by using a jar, some couscous, honey and little silver balls that you use when decorating a cake.

Isobel then went on to talk about some different products and ingredients that can end up leading to blackheads and breakouts. She listed off so many (some with very complicated names) but things like Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Artifical Colours, Alcohol and Soap can all create environments on your skin that can lead to blackheads and breakouts.  I really enjoyed learning all about this, it was really interesting and I left wanting to go check all my products for the ingredients she mentioned to see if that was the reason for any breakouts.

The Masterclass then turned really practical as we got to try out some of Dermalogica’s products. We put on our headbands, bibs and lap towels to prepare ourselves, I would admit I did look very “Little House on the Prarie” in my headband and bib but it was funny. All throughout the Master Class, we got taught all about what each product did and how it benefits your skin.

We started off with our first cleanse using the Precleanse Balm. I’ve had the Precleanse Balm used on me before but I usually use the normal Precleanse Balm when it comes to taking my makeup off. It felt so strange taking my makeup off in the middle of a shop without a mirror but it was a fun experience. We all got told how to properly cleanse and how important pre-cleansing is. The staff put some of the Precleanse Balm into the palm of our hands, we then massaged it onto our faces and then they came around with a little bit of water to change the consistency of the Balm before coming round with a hot cloth to take it all off.

The next step was step 2 of cleansing. The staff went around with 2 different cleansers – the ClearStart Foaming Face Wash and the Skin Resurfacing Cleanser. I choose to go for the Foaming Wash and my mum went for the Resurfacing Cleanser. The Foaming Wash is good for breakouts which were great for me as I’ve been suffering from a few breakouts at the minute and my mum decided on the Resurfacing Cleanser as she currently uses the Foaming wash so wanted to try something different. My skin felt amazing after the double cleanse, it felt clean and fresh, not tight which sometimes happens after washing my face but it’s actually bad for your skin if it feels like that.

It was then Blackhead Fizz Mask time. Me and my mum had already used this so many times so it wasn’t anything new to us. I’m not doing to discuss this much as I’m hoping to do a review on it in the next few weeks.

After washing off the Fizz Mask it was time for Toner. The two options we could choose between were the ClearStart All Over Toner or Antioxidant Hydramist. I stuck with the ClearStart Toner as I wanted to stick to using the ClearStart range. My mum went for the Hydramist as she was actually getting Microdermabrasion the day after so couldn’t use anything with salicylic acid in it. I liked this Toner as all I have to do is spray it on my face like a setting spray and then I was done. It also absorbed into the skin really quickly so I didn’t have to wait a while for it to dry.

It was then the second last step in the routine. I actually found out that you use serums before moisturiser, I was always confused about that so I’m glad I now know. The options we had were the new ClearStart Breakout Clearing Booster which I’d used before or the BioLumin – C Serum. I liked the sound of both of them but I didn’t know if I could have both so I went for the Breakout Clearing Booster as it was the better option for me with having suffered a few breakouts.

Finally the final step in the skincare routine and the last part of the Master Class, moisturiser. Again the options where either one of the ClearStart Moisturisers – the Matte Moisturiser or the Hydrating Moisturiser or the other option was the Dynamic Skin Recovery. I went with the Hydrating moisturiser as my skin is more on the dry side than oily and my mum went for the Dynamic Skin Recovery. My skin felt really soft after all the products, I’d actually say it’s the best my skins felt in a while.


And with that, the Master Class was over. We took our headbands and bibs off and sat in our seats ready to get our Skin Mapping done. Skin Mapping is something Dermalogica does to help see where there are problem areas. The girl who did mine and my mums was called Amy and she really helped us out. She looked at our skin using a magnifying headband and identified what problems we both had and then recommended products to combat them. She was really helpful when it came to telling us about each product, she said she used a lot of the ones she recommended so we knew she knew what she was talking about.

I purchased a mini version of the PreCleanse Balm as I really liked it when taking my makeup off and I went halves with my mum on the Sound Sleep Cocoon Night Gel. We spent £84 which is a lot of money (£72.50 of it was the Sound Sleep Cocoon). Seeing as we spent over £60 we got a free little bag with some samples in it, some of the samples were products my mum used at the Master Class so she got to keep it (although I do want the bag).


We also got a free Goody Bag with our ticket, it came all nicely wrapped in a Harvey Nichols with some sparkly blue and purple tissue paper. Inside there was a little booklet with all the information about the new Clearstart products and all the information about what they do. I’ve yet to read it but I will as I want to properly educate myself for my blog post. I also got little sample sachets of a lot of the ClearStart products, it was all tied up in blue rope. The final 2 things in the goody bag were travel-sized versions of the Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner and PreCleanse Balm so I now have 2, perfect for when one runs out.

And that was it, I really enjoyed myself and for the fact, the ticket cost £20 for both me and my mum we learned so much plus got to try out a lot of Dermalogica’s products, it was a great way to figure out what products I want to test out and what I don’t. Go onto Eventbrite to see if there are any Dermalogica events near you as I’d highly recommend going.

See you all in my next post

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