New Makeup Releases | Eyeing and Not Buying #5

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Back again with another eyeing and not buying post. I never get bored of writing these as I always think me writing these posts helps me not buy everything I see. I’ve collected a fair few new releases for this post that are quite different from the ones in previous posts, some of these products are actually quite unique and I’ve never seen them in the makeup community before.  I have way more not buying products than eyeing,



This is the first unique product in this eyeing and not buying. Colourpop have brought these new eyeshadows called the Jelly Much Shadows and they look very interesting which is why they are in my eyeing category. I actually have no idea what the formula exactly is, I checked online and on Instagram that it’s a water-based formula. It’s meant to give you the effect of a wet shadow but without having to actually wet your brush. I really like the look of these, they look very interesting, I love the shades Origami, Bungalow and Foxes the most but I do like all the other shades. Those 3 shades will be the first 3 I buy and once I test them out I’ll maybe buy some of the other colours.


I’m slightly cheating on this one as I have already bought it and it’s actually just arrived through my door today. MAC announced back in January that they were doing another round of lipstick collabs with Influencers, I know they’ve done a few before with Fleur De Force and Laura Lee. This time Jamie Genevieve, a Scottish Makeup Artist turned Youtuber announced she was bringing out her own lipstick with MAC. I love Jamie Genevieve, with being a fellow Scottish gal, and I knew I’d buy her lipstick as soon as it was announced. Her lipstick launched last Tuesday/ Wednesday (it was meant to launch Wednesday but it got leaked on Tuesday) and of course, it was a nude. I am going to do a review of the lipstick so stay tuned for that and for more information on it.


Benefit launched a new Brow product a few weeks ago (they launched it in style by sending a bunch of influencers to Ibiza) and I am quite interested to see what it’s like. It’s called their Brow Contour Pro and to start I love the design they went for. They made it look like those pens that have the different colours in it, I’ve seen so many people say “aww the pens I use to use when in school” but I’m not going to lie, I still use them. It has 4 different shades inside the pen, a lighter shade and a darker shade to define your brows, a definer and a highlighter. I think this would be the perfect on the go brow product as it has everything you need in it to give yourself sharp brow. Although the only thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t come with a spoolie.



As well as the Jamie Genevieve lipstick MAC also launched a lipstick collab with the YouTuber Patrica Bright. I’ve actually met Patrica before and she is lovely and I also really like her Youtube channel. Now you’re probably thinking “If you like her why are you not getting her lipstick collab?” well, let me tell you. The shade she brought out is a dark chocolatey brown and for me, it’s way too dark. She made it be a nice nude for her and her fellow deep skin toned gals which I love but on me, it would be a very vampy colour and I never wear those type of shades on my lips, I virtually support the collab but I know I would never wear it so that’s why I’m not buying that.


I only own 1 product from Ofra, it’s the KathleenLights Miami Fever lipstick collab so I am probably one of the few people who has never tried an Ofra Highlighter. If you didn’t already know Ofra have collabed twice already with NikkieTutorials on some liquid lipsticks and highlighters and they are actually collabing for the 3rd time to bring out the Space Baby Highlighter. I really like her previous highlighter shades in Glazed Doughnut and Glow Goals but this one just isn’t for me. It’s a blue pearl highlighter with Lilac and Purple duo chrome with a white base (description from TrendMood’s Instagram). I never wear those highlighter shades, I own the Moonchild Glow Kit and never use it so I know I’d never use this, I’d rather buy one of her other highlighter collabs than this one.


This is probably no surprise but the Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection is definitely on my not buying list. Don’t get me wrong as I do like the theme around this collection and the packaging etc but I just know it’s not worth spending money on it when I really don’t need it. I’m not going to talk tons and tons about this as I don’t really know what else to say about it apart from I’m not buying.


Last but not least is the Too Faced Tutti Fruity Collection. I’d say this was the hardest one to decide as there are so many pros and cons of buying this and not buying this. Pros are that the packaging is adorable and very very cute. Also, the collection is quite big, they have foundations, a setting spray, a powder, bronzers, blushers, liquid eyeshadows, eyeshadow palettes and glosses. Now the reason why I’m not buying any of this collection is that realistically I don’t need them, as much as the collection is cute. I’d rather save my money.

And that is this for my eyeing and not buying round 5. Please tell me if you are still enjoying this little series because I’d love your feedback. Also, tell me what you’re currently eyeing or not buying cause I’d love to know.

See you all in my next post

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