My Favourite Affordable Concealers

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Time for something different. I know not everyone can afford a £22 Tarte Shape or £24 Too Faced concealer, that may not be in everyone’s price range. I’m going to admit, I love my Shape Tape but I’m not always keen on spending tons of money on concealers when there is plenty of amazing affordable concealers out there. I have so many affordable concealers that I use every day, these brands are stepping up and are coming for the high-end brands. I have concealers in here that I’ve only been using for 6 months to concealers I’ve used for at least 5 years.

Just a little chat about all these concealers before I start. I use some of these concealers for just under my eyes and I also use some of these just for any little blemishes or redness on my face. None of these concealers (apart from one) oxidise so no need to worry about your concealer changing colour throughout the day. All these concealers have around 4/5 grams of product which isn’t a lot but I do find that because they are affordable I don’t mind how little product there is. Even though there is only 4/5 grams of products I’ve had some of these products for months and they still haven’t run out so they do last. And with that let’s talk about my favourite affordable concealers.

The first of my affordable is no surprise to anyone but it is the Revolution Makeup Conceal and Define. I love this concealer so much that I’ve actually gone through 3 tubes of the shade C1 and 5 tubes of the shade C3. I use this every single time I wear makeup. The Conceal and Define is meant to be a big dupe for the Shape Tape and I would agree, it has the same coverage but it’s not as thick as what the shape tape is which I find better.     As it’s so full coverage I feel it hides everything, only had 4 hours sleep? Slap that conceal and define on and no one will know. This concealer is only £4, yes you heard me right £4. I have a review up about the concealer so if you want to read more then head over to that post, the link is here.

The Conceal and Define is available from the RevolutionBeauty website which does ship worldwide, Superdrug for my UK gals and Ulta for my US gals.

My next favourite affordable concealer is a tad more difficult to get hold of in the UK but you can still get it shipped over and I do have some US readers so I’m catering to both. The Colourpop No Filter Concealer wasn’t a favourite for me at the start, now I love it. It’s a full coverage concealer but it is very creamy and lightweight, I don’t feel it at all on my skin. I do find my under eyes look very smooth, I wouldn’t say it doesn’t crease as I find on me it does but near enough every concealer creases on me.  This concealer costs $6 and I have the shade Fair 5 which actually doesn’t exist any more so I need to get a new lighter shade as Fair 5 is a teeny bit too dark for under my eyes.

Obviously, the only place you can get this is from the Colourpop website but I mean you can order this along with a lot of other amazing Colourpop products so it’s a win win.

My next favourite concealer cost me £2.50! I think that is the cheapest concealer I’ve ever bought. It’s the Essence Camouflage Full Coverage Concealer and I am going to be real, this isn’t that much of a full coverage concealer. The formula is very thin, I do have to go in and out the tube a few times before I get a lot of product out. I like this more for my blemishes or redness than for under my eyes as I prefer a fuller coverage for my under eyes. I find when I use this it hides my blemishes like they don’t exist but it doesn’t look cakey due to the lighter formula. I have the shades 10 Nude and 5 Ivory, I use more of 10 as it matches my skin tone better than 5, 5 is better suited for my under eyes.

I bought this from Wilko but I just recently found out it’s discontinued which sucks so I hope I’ll be able to find it somewhere else.

My final favourite affordable concealer has been in my collection for around 5 years. It’s the OG concealer near enough every British Youtuber used back in 2013/2014. I am afraid that this concealer isn’t available for my US readers that I’m sure you could find a way to get it if you really want to try it. Now I am going to be straight, I don’t currently have this in my collection as mines ran out and I’ve yet to buy another one but I cannot not mention it as it was my favourites for years.

The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer was the first concealer I ever used and I still love it to this day. It is a very full coverage concealer, I never needed to use a lot of product. I haven’t used this concealer in about a year so I can’t remember too much about this apart from the fact that I loved it and that the shade I used would oxidise a bit but they may have fixed that about it now. Collection have actually launched quite a few new shades since I started using it, I used the Shade 1 but they now have a Shade 0 which would work better for me. This concealer costs £4.19 which is such a weird price but there is always offers on it, currently in Boots for £3.99.

And that is all my favourite concealers. I have tried so many concealers throughout my time of using makeup but these are the ones that have really made a difference in my makeup routine and are going to be staples in my collection. Tell me if we have the same favourites or what your favourite affordable concealers are as I’d love to try more.

See you all in my next post

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