My Favourite Affordable False Eyelashes

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Everyone knows false lashes have taken over the world, can you even do an eye makeup look without putting false eyelashes on? Probably not. I know that whenever I wear an eye makeup look and I don’t wear lashes I’m always noticing how it doesn’t look as good. I know when it comes to false lashes everyone knows that Lily Lashes is one of the front-runners in False Lashes business and they are the favourites of some of my favourite Youtubers favourite false lashes but who can really afford to spend £30 on 1 pair of Lily Lashes “Miami” lashes?! Not me.

There are so many other lash brands out there other than Lily Lashes that I’ve tried out and love and I want to spread the word on my favourite false lashes. And what’s better is that all my favourites are affordable, no £30 lashes here. I know when it comes to lashes people won’t spend a lot of money on lashes so it’s good to know that there are affordable lashes out there that still give drama. Now I am going to tell you, I’m not the best at describing lashes as you’ll son find out but bare with me, I’m no professional.

Lash Unlimited

The first of my favourite lashes that I’ve tried and that I’ve only discovered more recently is the Lash Unlimited Lashes. I got sent 4 styles of these from the Lovely Emma that works there over a month ago now (this post is not sponsored just love them a lot) and 2 of them are now some of my favourites lashes. They are definitely more on the natural side than some of the other lashes in this post but they can still be worn with more dramatic looks. I used one of the styles in a look I did using the ABH Prism palette and it still looked dramatic. My favourite styles are the “No.8”  and “No.9”. The No.8’s are very wispy and surprisingly I don’t own wispy eyelashes, mostly just dramatic. The No.8’s are quite full all the way around but in the centre is where it’s the wispiest, they are definitely the lashes if you want a fluttery eye makeup look but not overall dramatic, not drag eyelashes.

No.8 and No.9 img_8276

Look using No.8 Lashes

The No.9’s are actually one Lash Unlimited’s Best Sellers so it’s no surprise that these are also my favourites. They again are wispy style lashes but these ones can be better are for a night out as they do have a lot more drama to them. Don’t get me wrong as much as there is drama to these lashes they can still be worn in the daytime, I wore these out on a day to the Edinburgh Fringe and they didn’t look too intense. What I love about both these lashes is how easy they apply. I have always found false lashes quite difficult to put on (I’m a lot better than what I was) but these go on a dream, I’ve actually applied these lashes on in a moving car before and I had no issues. I also have a little discount code for Lash Unlimited if you want to try these lashes, use the code GEORGIA20 for 20% off.


My next favourite lashes are the SoSu “London”, “Milan” and “Paris” Lashes. I had a set of “London” lashes in my collection for so long until they finally gave up on me when I was in Paris. Both these lashes are a lot more dramatic than the Lash Unlimited lashes that I’ve mentioned. I’ve worn both these lashes so many times on nights out before as they are so comfortable to wear and don’t ever start to irritate me. These specific lashes are apart of the SoSu x Primark collection that is exclusive to Primark. I love how easy they are to get with them being in Primark as I don’t have to order them online, I can get them there and then.


First look using Milan Lashes, Second look using London Lashes

The London style are very full on the outer corner, it gives me that cat-eye effect that I do love. I feel like that lashes that are fuller on the outer corner really suit my eyes. I feel that because they are only dramatic on the outer corner I can get away with wearing them during the day as well as a night out. The Milan style are very very dramatic. They are full all the way around and literally just bam. These definitely aren’t the type of lashes for the faint-hearted. I feel they really frame my eyes well, I never had to cut them to apply them, and they make them look really open and wide. The “Paris” style are a lot more fluffy and voluminous, these are the lashes if you like the fluffy, wispy look but you still want that wow look.


Look using Bubble Pop Lashes

My final favourite pair of lashes is the Unicorn Cosmetics Bubble Pop Lashes. My pair of these are sadly on their last legs and I really need to get a new pair as I love them so so much. So many of the makeup looks I’ve done on Instagram are using these lashes which says it all. These are again dramatic lashes, no surprise there. One of the things that I love about them is the different lengths throughout the whole lash, they have longer sections in the middle that really spike out the lashes and create major drama. I mean these lashes are dramatic but I just love how different they are to other dramatic lashes I’ve got in my collection as they aren’t blown drag lashes up to my eyebrows but still create drama on the eyes.

I could talk all day about all my other lash favourites but these are my top favourites that I wear all the time, whenever I’m doing a makeup look in the house for Instagram or a night out in Edinburgh these are the lashes that I really love and will always repurchase. I would 100% recommend checking out all these lashes.

See you all in my next post

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    • thecovetedlifestyle says:

      I found them so hard to apply when I first started, I actually got one of my friends to always put them on for me 😂 I just practised so much and even watched a few YouTube videos on how to apply them and it helps so much! 💕


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