Testing Out MissPap Sale

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2 posts in one day, you are getting a treat from me today. Last week I ordered 2 things from the Miss Pap sale and it gave me an idea to do a little review on what you actually get when you buy from the sale on a website, and today I’m testing Miss Pap.

Miss Pap is a website I’ve only used a few times in the past, I’d say I’ve been satisfied with the clothes I’ve had from them before, but I have had a bad experience with a jumper in their sale before, let’s just say it really didn’t look like what it did on the website. Sales can be tricky things to shop as you never know what you are going to get for the price like if a top is only £5 in a sale I’m always sceptical if it will actually be good quality.

Like I said earlier I did only buy 2 items from the sale but both items are co-ords so technically I got 4 items. One is more casual and loungewear and the other is fancier and definitely a night out outfit. My whole order came to £15, yes £15 and I got free shipping so overall it was a very cheap shopping experience. I ordered on a Thursday and it arrived on the following Tuesday, so the delivery was pretty standard for free delivery. Now let’s talk about the items I actually bought and what you get for £15 from the Miss Pap sale.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 18.48.12

I’ll go for the most expensive out of the 2 items for and even then, this only cost £10 so it wasn’t exactly expensive. This set – Miley Striped Two-Piece Set was originally £35 and it comes in many different colours. I did get mine in the Pink colour, but the main colour isn’t pink, the main colour is a mustard yellow and it has blue, pink and black stripes. The top is a crop top that has a slightly square neckline. Now out of this co-ord it’s the top that lets me down. I don’t think this sits nicely on my body and it’s actually quite big on me. Also, the material under my arms dips in when I’m wearing it, so it shows off the area under my arms that can look a bit flabby and I don’t want to show off that.

The trousers are pretty standard wide leg trousers. The material is a tad thin and doesn’t feel the best quality. One thing I don’t like about these trousers is that they can slightly give off a bit of camel toe and everyone knows that’s not a look you want to go for, but I do have quite big legs so that camel toe look might not happen on everyone. Also, I would have to wear nude underwear with these are they are a teeny bit see-through, can see my underwear through it. They may look a tad too long in the try on photo, but these are meant to be worn with heels, so I completely get it. I do really like these trousers, I’d wear those out on a night out.

Overall, I am having a hard time trying to decide whether or not to keep this. I do really like the trousers, but the top is such a let-down. The quality isn’t the best on both items too so that puts me off as well. I am thinking I could keep this as it is a summery co-ord, I could save it for next year and once I’ve worked out a lot it should look good but really, do I want to keep something for a year when I might never wear it again.

The other co-ord and the last item in this very short haul only cost £5. £5 for a co-ord is just something else. You wouldn’t get that price, even in Primark. This set is from the Miss Pap x Ferne McCann collection and was originally £30 so that’s £25 off, that’s just under 80% off. The Orange & Black Two-Piece Set came in other colours other than orange; they had yellow, baby blue and baby pink. I really liked the blue and pink sets, but they had sold out of my size, but I also liked the orange one just as much, so it wasn’t that bad. In the set, it has a cropped jumper and a pair of jogging bottoms with an orange panel down the side.

I really love the jogging bottoms in this set. They are very comfy, are not see through at all which I was surprised about. The quality of these feel a lot nicer than the other co-ord, the quality was softer and just felt really well made. They are actually a bit big for me on the waist but because they have the drawstrings it makes it fit better. The length is too long for me, but I can easily get my gran to take them up slightly so they aren’t dragging about on the ground. They remind me of joggers I had a few years back and I’m loving them for just lounging about but also, I feel this whole outfit would look amazing as an airport/travelling outfit.

I needed a lot of warming up to the jumper, but I really do like it now. I was so confused with the long cuffs to start off with, but I would easily just roll them up and it looks fine, looks just like a normal jumper once I’ve done that. The ruffled shoulders were the part that took me a lot of thinking about. I’ve never owned anything ruffled before, so I wasn’t too sure about it at first because I felt it made me look square on my shoulders. I’m now used to it now and now I really like this. I love how I can wear this casually around the house or out and about to the supermarket and still look put together.

For £5 this set is such a steal, I honestly can’t believe the quality of this and it only cost me £5. I would pay the whole £30 for this as I just really fell in love with this when I saw it online and it was the exact same in person. If you can (I think a lot of the sizes have sold out) get this set while it’s still in the sale.

My verdict on the Miss Pap sale is that it’ll be hit or miss with the items you get. I do like both the co-ords but there is a difference in quality between the 2 items, so I’d imagine that would be the same with everything. I would still shop the sale though, the items were very pretty, and I would take the risk with the quality. If the prices are always this low in the sale, then I will be back looking on the website at more of their clothes.

See you all in my next post

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