Dermalogica Clear Start Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask Review | Buy or Bye?

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It’s finally time. Time for my long-awaited review of the Dermalogica Clear Start Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask. I’ve spoken about this mask in a few blog posts recently, but I’ve never wanted to go into too much detail about it as I’ve known that I wanted to do a review on it. I was so excited when I saw this product was getting released, I’ve always struggled with blackheads on my nose and I want to try everything to help get rid of them.

This product came out in a collab with Dermalogica and Georgia Toffolo (Toff) as she’s now one of their new product ambassadors. It’s joining the Dermalogica’s Clear Start family which is a range all about skincare for Teens and Teen Acne, but they are for everyone as well, my mum even uses the Clear Start range so don’t think you have to be a teenager just to use the Clear Start range. They released the Fizz Mask and also the Breakout Clearing Booster in this collab with Toff and I’ve also been using that too, so I may also do a review on that. As much as this says it’s a Blackhead Clearing Mask it also helps clear out the pores and helps decongest the skin. I know I suffer breakouts that actually start from blackheads and this mask is said to help remove the blackheads before they can become breakouts.

What I love about this face mask is that you only have to keep it on your face for 3-5 minutes so it’s such a quick mask to use. I use it while I’m brushing my teeth at night and it’s over and it’s done with by the I’ve finished brushing my teeth. I’ve mentioned before that I love a quick face mask as I don’t always have the time to sit with a face mask on for 20 minutes so something that I can use while doing everyday things is amazing. On the bottle, it says the mask can be used 2-3 times a week but the girls at the Dermalogica Master Class I went to says you can use this mask every day if you really wanted.

The mask itself is a comes out yellow and I usually use about 2/3 pumps of it and that covers the areas of the face I use it on. I only need to put a thin layer of the mask on and I only put it on the areas I have blackheads and spots, which is usually my forehead; my chin and my nose. The mask starts fizzing up very quickly, I always put the mask on in sections as I’d never be able to do it all at once. The mask feels so good on the skin, I love how you can feel it fizzing on the skin and it’s weirdly satisfying. The mask can really fizz and foam up, one time I used it and the foam was so thick. After max 5 minutes, all the fizz and foam has gone, and the only thing left on the skin is a really thin layer on the mask that needs to be washed off. My skin feels very smooth after it’s been washed off, everywhere just feels great.

The one thing I don’t particularly like about it is the smell. I can’t put my finger on it exactly how it what it smells like, but it isn’t the best. It’s quite a strong smell when I first put it on, but it goes away while it’s fizzing away so it’s not too bad. I wouldn’t not repurchase it just because of the smell.


Now time for the before and after photos. Before the first time, I used the mask I took photos of my skin to document what my skin looked like before I started. As you can see my nose is very clogged with blackheads, they are everywhere on my nose and in the areas around my nose. My chin does suffer from blackheads but not many and in the first photo I was suffered from eczema around my mouth and a lot of breakouts. The first photo was taken on the 26th of July, so I’ve been using this mask on and off for over a month.


The second photo is actually taken today so it’s very up to date. I can see a difference in my nose, a lot of the dark colour of the blackheads have faded and I do see areas where there aren’t as many blackheads. I’m still suffering from eczema on my chin which is very annoying, but I don’t find I have as many blackheads as what I usually have on my chin.

This mask is a big success in my eyes. I will 100% continue using this all the time and I know that with continued use that my blackheads will get smaller and smaller in size and eventually disappear. This mask only costs £19.50 and you get 50ml in it and if you only use 2/3 pumps it’ll last for such a long time. If you’ve been eyeing this face mask and have been seeing it all over social media then I would really recommend it to you.

See you all in my next post

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