ABH Soft Glam Dupe?? Revolution Re-Loaded Velvet Rose Palette | Review

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Day 4 of BEAUTY WEEK and the second last post for BEAUTY WEEK is now in session. I’ve already done a review of a Makeup Revolution (Revolution Makeup) Product (if you haven’t read that yet then catch up on BEAUTY WEEK DAY 2 here) this week but this is a slightly different review post, it’s a dupe post too. Everyone knows of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette well there is an extremely close to dupe to it out there in the beauty world and I have it right here to review and let me tell you, there is a large price difference between the two palettes.


Revolution around a month ago brought out some new versions of their Re-Loaded palettes, I actually owned the Iconic Division one before these new ones released and really liked it. Some of these Re-Loaded Palettes are dupes for some other palettes, the Iconic Division is a very similar dupe to the Subculture Palette. Instantly when everyone saw the Re-Loaded Velvet Rose palette everyone pointed out that it looked very very similar to the Soft Glam Palette from ABH so once I got my hands on the Velvet Rose palette and I already own the Soft Glam palette, so I thought why not do a comparison and see if it really is a dupe for the Soft Glam Palette.


The first comparison is the price point between the 2 palettes. The ABH Soft Palette costs £43 but it is branded as a “High End” palette which is a standard price for a High-End palette. You do pay for the nice velvet packaging that the shadows come in and you also get a brush with it so that reflects on the price. The Re-Loaded Velvet Rose palette costs only £4. Revolution killing it again with their affordable prices. Obviously, the packaging isn’t anything special but when I’m paying £4 I’m not expecting the same type of packaging as the Soft Glam Palette. In the Soft Glam Palette, you get 14 shades and in the Re-Loaded Palette, you get 15 shades, one extra shade than in the Soft Glam Palette.

Other Background-14

Star – Extra Shade in Re-Loaded Palette

Now let’s actually get onto the shadows and whether they are dupes for the Soft Glam shades. When it came to swatching both these palettes I was actually so shocked at how similar all the shades are to each other. Some of the mattes in the Velvet Rose Palette weren’t as creamy as the others in the palette, the darker shades seemed a tad patchy. Obviously, the Soft Glam Palette’s mattes where are a lot creamy and smoother than the Velvet Rose Palette but again with the Soft Glam costing £43, I’d hope that the shadows are better.


Left Side is ABH Soft Glam, Right Side is Re-Loaded Palette
Top to Bottom – Noir, Bronze, Sultry, Rose Pink, Tempera, Dusty Rose, Fairy, Glistening, Orange Soda, Burnt Orange, Sienna, Rustic, Cyprus Umber and Mulberry

When it comes to the shimmers and metallics in the Velvet Rose Palette, these are something else. If I didn’t know what brand these shimmers and metallic’s were from I’d honestly think it was from a high-end brand. They were so creamy and felt/ applied like butter. They just glided onto the skin when I swatched them and they were extremely pigmented. The best ones were the 3 metallic shades, I actually thought they weren’t as crumbly as the Soft Glam ones. When I swatched the shade Bronze from Soft Glam Palette I found it was a tad crumbly compared metallic Gold in the Velvet Rose palette which was very buttery and smooth. The 2 lightest shades in both palettes didn’t show up on my skin that well as my skin is basically the same shade as them but they were the exact same.

The one thing I found quite annoying is that the Re-Loaded Palette doesn’t have any shade names, so I’ll just have to point them on the palette where they are. The 2 lightest shades in both palettes (Tempera in Soft Glam and First Row 1st Shade in Velvet Rose) didn’t show up on my skin that well as my skin is basically the same shade as them but they looked the exact same. The shade similar to Rustic from the Soft Glam Palette in the Re-Loaded Palette (Bottom row, 4th along) swatched more pigmented than Rustic and actually is a slightly darker shade of brown than Rustic. When it came to the shade similar to Cyprus Umber (Bottom Row, 3rd along) again the colouring was a tad off again, the shade in the Velvet Rose palette was darker but the shade in the Velvet Rose Palette swatched patchy compared to Cyprus Umber. Every other shade is a very close dupe to its Soft Glam shade.

Do I think this is a dupe? 100% yes. Obviously, the Soft Glam is of a different quality to the Velvet Rose palette but the quality of the Re-Loaded palette is still really good, and I would really recommend it. If I didn’t already own the Soft Glam palette before this palette launched I would probably just buy the Re-Loaded Palette and save the £39 difference between the Soft Glam and the Re-Loaded Velvet Rose Palette. For £4 I’d really recommend this palette to everyone who has maybe had their eye on the Soft Glam Palette but hasn’t wanted to take the splurge or just for any makeup lover like me who needs 2 of the same palettes in their collection. I am going to do a look using both these palettes to compare the 2 on the eyes which I’ll post soon on here and on my Instagram so keep an eye out.

See you all in my next post

14 thoughts on “ABH Soft Glam Dupe?? Revolution Re-Loaded Velvet Rose Palette | Review

  1. katedaysaweek says:

    Hehehe I recently reviewed two other MUR palettes which *might* be dupes for Naked Heat and Norvina. I have yet another one to review that is supposed to dupe Subculture.

    I think the conclusion is pretty much the same for all these MUR palettes: their shimmers are really good and it’s hard to tell them apart from the high end product. But I think the mattes (especially the lighter shades) are where you can definitely tell it’s not high end. The staying power is a bit different as well in my opinion.

    I do get the attraction though (hell, I’ve bought quite a few myself): the price. Not everyone can afford a 50 quid palette. And the shimmers alone are worth the £4.

    Did you see MUR was releasing a new foundation?

    Kate // https://katedaysaweek.be

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