Makeup Products I’ve Bought But Never Use

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I got inspiration for this post from one of KathleenLights YouTube Videos from a few weeks ago. I knew instantly while watching this video that I wanted to do a post similar on here. The video I’m going on about, well it’s her “Full Face of Makeup I Bought… But Never Use”.  What I really love about this video is that all the makeup she talks about she genuinely bought it herself and it’s not any makeup she’s received from PR. I obviously buy all my own makeup so it’s easy for me to find products I’ve bought but never use.

I’ve got a lot of makeup (well I think I do, I probably don’t compared to other people) so there is a lot of makeup that I’ve bought but either never use or barely use.  I don’t think I have a full face of makeup I don’t use like what Kathleen did in her video as I use all the eyebrow products I own and all my mascaras, but I do have a lot of other products to talk about. Now I’m not saying any of these are bad products, I just don’t find myself reaching for them when it comes putting on my makeup. Some of these purchases have been impulse purchases from me and that is why they have ended up in this post, others are just because they have gotten lost in my makeup collection.


For the first product, I don’t know if it’s a surprise or not, but I never use my FENTY BEAUTY PRO FILTER FOUNDATION. I think I’ve only used this around 3 times, it just sits in my makeup drawer. The main reason why I don’t use this is that it’s not my shade, the woman in the shop matched me wrong and now it’s too dark. I feel I look a tad orange in this foundation due to the fact it oxidises and that it’s too dark. It’s a really nice foundation on the skin and makes my skin look amazing but I can’t use it if it’s the wrong shade. I wouldn’t go out and buy a new shade of this though as I’ve found other foundations that I’d rather re-buy than this one.


Another Fenty Beauty product. I really don’t know why I even bought this, I think this may be the most pointless purchase I’ve ever done. I bought the FENTY BEAUTY KILLAWATT HIGHLIGHTER IN TROPHY WIFE just because of it all the hype it was getting but I can’t really use this as a highlighter as it doesn’t work for my skin tone. It’s too dark for my skin with it being a metallic gold. I don’t even reach for this as an eyeshadow which I did think I would do. I actually forget I have it in my collection sometimes as it just sits unused. Again, like the foundation, I think I’ve only used this once or twice, it looks basically brand new.


This one isn’t because it’s the wrong shade or that it doesn’t suit me, it’s because I forget I have them. I have 3 ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS GLOW KITS in my makeup collection and all 3 of them I never use. The Moonchild Glow Kit doesn’t get used for a reason, it’s too out there for me. I only bought this because I got money off as it was on a Black Friday offer, but I do wish I’d bought one of the other Glow Kits instead of this one. I did use the Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit a lot when I first bought it and I’ve only used my Sugar Glow Kit a handful of times but the main reason I never use them is that I hate getting a palette out, I’d rather use an individual highlighter. My Glow Kit’s sit at the back of my makeup drawer and it’s so difficult to get them out. I need to try and sort out my makeup drawer, so these are easily accessible for me to start using as they are some really good highlighters.


These products are like the Trophy Wife Highlighter, another pointless purchase. Again, I bought these when the original hype was around Kylie Cosmetics and now they just sit in my liquid lipstick holder, probably expired. I have the KYLIE COSMETICS METAL LIQUID LIPSTICKS in “Reign” and “King” and I genuinely think I’ve used both of these once. I really don’t like the metallic lipstick trend and I really think these are a waste of money, I wonder what went through my head when I bought these. The shade “Reign” I’d say is the most wearable out of the 2 whereas “King” is straight up gold and why would I go out wearing sparkly gold lips.


Now time for an eyeshadow palette I never use. I do have a lot of palettes I barely use anymore but this is one palette that I never even think about using at all. The URBAN DECAY NAKED SMOKY PALETTE just sits in my drawer doing nothing, gathering dust. Even when I did use this palette about 3 years ago I only ever used the 3 neutral shades, both matte and shimmers. I never actually used the “Smoky” part of the palette which is the whole point of it, I’d have been better buying individual shadows than this whole palette. I just feel it’s such a pointless palette in my collection, I wish I’d never bought it all.


I bought this for my prom as I got my makeup done at a Dior counter and I think that was the last time I actually used it. I have the boujee blush ever in the DIOR ROGUE BLUSH. It’s that boujee that it even comes in a velvet pouch. I always forget I have this in my collection, it doesn’t sit in my usual drawer of blushes, so it never gets used. I think I spend about £33 on this one blush and it slightly kills me inside to know I spent that much on a blush. For that price, I really should start using this more.

After writing this I feel I should start using a lot of these again, but I am also going to get rid of some of these products as I just know I’ll never use them ever again. I also feel I need to stop buying makeup products for the sake of it because if I do then there’ll be another post like this in the future.

See you all in my next post

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