Trends I’ll Be Wearing This Autumn/Winter

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Now that it’s coming into Autumn and Winter it’s time for me to start updating my wardrobe and buying some new clothes. When I’ve been doing some online browsing, I’ve been seeing so many new fashion trends that are appearing on every website, so I thought why not pick my favourite trends for this Autumn/Winter that I will definitely be wearing over this Autumn and Winter. These trends are on near enough every High Street Fashion store or website so if you are like me and don’t want to spend a bomb on clothes then you can dress to the current trends for an affordable price.

Boohoo Shirt ,Missguided Belt, New Look Jumpsuit,  Pretty Little Thing Oversized ShirtPretty Little Thing Boots

One of the main trends I’ve been seeing on every website is Animal Print. There is literally every animal print out there at the minute, from Leopard to Zebra. Animal print has been a trend throughout the whole summer, I’ve seen it so much over the summer, and it’s also making its way into Autumn/Winter. Now, this trend is quite “Out There”, wearing animal print is really bold and I’m not going to go about Edinburgh in Leopard print trousers, but I have found a few animal print pieces, Leopard print to be more specific, that I feel are not too extreme and wearable in Autumn and Winter.

Boohoo Shirt, Boohoo Pinafore Dress, Missguided Red Shirt, Missguided Cropped Denim Jacket

I am loving this trend, I have seen so many nice items from this trend everywhere. 90s fashion is back in and specifically check, so think Cher from Clueless. I’m seeing check co-ord sets, check trousers, skirts and blazers on basically every website. I mean I know there is more to the 90s fashion trend than just check but I want to live my Clueless fantasy, so I will 100% be wearing check all autumn and winter. I’ve picked a few wearable items such as shirts that I can wear on an everyday basis, but I’ve got a few dresser pieces in there too.



I’m so happy that this is a new trend as I literally live in sports clothes all the time. I always find putting on sports clothes is way easier than constantly dressing in jeans, especially when I am not doing anything apart from going to the shops. Now when I mean sports clothes I don’t mean throwing on a pair of cycling shorts and a crop top because I don’t think I could ever go out in just that. When I mean sports clothes I mean joggers, jumpers and sweatshirts so it goes into the loungewear category. I feel I’ll be living in this type of clothing at uni this year, comfort over looking good for me when I’m swamped in work. I have a few favourite items that as much as they are sports/loungewear I feel they are still wearable for any occasion.

New Look Pinnafore New Look Mustard Check TrousersMissguided Mustard Stripe T-Shirt DressMissguided Mustard Crop JumperMissguided Faux Suede Biker Jacket

This trend is no surprise as it literally appears every single year in all the shops and it is the Mustard trend. I always have a few mustard items in my wardrobe as I really like the colour on me, so I’ll be adding to my collection. I went into New Look yesterday and there was so much mustard clothing, I was slightly in heaven with the number of mustard clothes. I always feel it isn’t Autumn/Winter if I don’t have any mustard clothes. I have mixed some 90s check trend into this as the mustard check is one of my favourites, it genuinely is the Cher Clueless look.

I can see an expensive haul coming on as I love every item I’ve picked and added them to my wishlists. I can see myself wearing and styling everything that I picked in this post, let’s hope I don’t buy them all because I’ll end up with very little money.

See you all in my next post

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