My Tips For Going To Disneyland

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Anyone that knows me knows I love Disney. I mean know doesn’t love Disney. I’ve been watching so many Disney vlogs or Disney related videos recently and it’s really inspired me to create my own Disney post. If you are to my blog or haven’t read my previous travel blog posts (I’ll link my Travel page here for my other travel posts) but I did go to Disneyland in January, it was my first time going to a Disney Park since 2012 when I went to Walt Disney World. I did only go to Disneyland for 1 day so there was a lot to do but I have some tips that I’ve learned or found from the Disney Vlogs that I feel are needed to go to Disney.

I am mostly going to be talking about Disneyland Paris as that is where I recently went but if I also have any tips for Walt Disney World in Florida I will include them too but I did go a long time ago and it has changed a lot since I went so my tips may not be useful.


A massive tip is to decide on what rides you want to go on before you actually go to the park. This works for any Disney Park not just Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney World. It saves so much time when you get there as you aren’t wandering around all day going “Oh let’s go on this one” when it’s a 50-minute wait. I think it’s so much easier to know what rides you want to go on before you go because you can look at the apps to see how long the wait times are and go straight there.

Obviously, there will be spontaneous rides that you go on throughout the day that you just walk past and think I want to go on that but it’s so much easier to decide on rides before you go. It also makes it easier if you are only going to Disney for one day like what I did, that is what I did and I managed to do every ride I wanted to do. I have been to Disneyland before so I knew what rides were good and what wasn’t worth the time for a one day trip but if it’s your first ever trip then I’d recommend watching some Disney Vlogs or Disney Park videos to find out what the best ones are.


If you are like me and want to meet all the characters when you are at Disneyland then I have a really good tip for meeting the main mouse. Both times I’ve been at Disneyland I’ve always met Mickey Mouse in the Walt Disney Studios at the Toon Town. You can meet Mickey Mouse in the Disneyland Park right at the back of Fantasyland in his own little building.  In the Disneyland Park though you can wait up to 45 minutes to meet Mickey whereas whenever I’ve met Mickey in the Toon Town I’ve barely waited 10 minutes so it saves so much time and you are still meeting Mickey Mouse so it’s a win-win.


This tip again saves some time, actually probably so much time. Single rider queues can be a lifesaver when the queues are really long. I think this works the best for Crush’s Coaster in the Walt Disney Studios as the queue for that is usually around an hour to an hour and a half but if you don’t mind not sitting beside and experiencing it with the person you are with then do it as a single rider. When I was there I did single rider on Crush’s Coaster and HyperSpace Mountain as the queues for them were long for both and it saved so much time doing the rides as a single rider. I think I waited for a max of 15 minutes in the single rider queue in both rides.

My thoughts on doing single rider are that you are going to experience the ride the exact same sitting beside the person who you’re with or sitting beside a random. So, if you’d rather wait 50 minutes for the ride or 10 minutes just for being a single rider then I know what I’d rather choose, I could go on multiple times in the space of waiting in the normal queue.


Now, this isn’t one of my own tips, it’s actually from So Helena & Martyn on Youtube (I’ll link there Channel at the end of this post). They talk about this quite a lot in their Disney Vlogs and Videos but they one time, I’m sure it was in Walt Disney World, rode Big Thunder Mountain at night and it was by chance just as the fireworks started going off and they say it’s very magical and something you really need to do. If you only have one day in Disney then it’s probably not the best thing to do if you want to watch the fireworks properly but if you are there for longer than a day or you aren’t bothered about properly watching the fireworks then I would do it. I know if I ever go to Disney again I want to do it.


This kinda links in with the Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet tip but if you’ve ever been to a Meet and Greet with a character in Disneyland or even Walt Disney World you know that you get given a photo pass card at the end to go buy your photos that get taken by the professional photographer. Well, I’m here to save you some money and not buy the fancy photos in the big bulky frames. You can just give your phone to the staff member that is at the Meet and Greet and they take photos of you with the character for free on your phone. I’ve also seen in many vlogs that you can give your camera to them and they’ll vlog it for you. No need to buy any those expensive professional photos when you have them all on your phone, all ready to post on Instagram.


My final tip is one that can save you some serious money. If you’ve ever looked up a Disney holiday then you know it’s very very expensive. I know when I went to Disneyland Paris with my mum and dad years ago, it cost us over £1000 to go for 3 days which is so much money. If you want to save some money then I’d recommend staying outside of the Disney parks, you can get some good Airbnb’s that are close to Disneyland but are so much cheaper than choosing to stay in a hotel in Disney. Now I know staying in Disney means you get your tickets included which can be helpful, especially in Walt Disney World as tickets for there can easily be £500, but you can go to Disneyland Paris cheaper by staying out with the Disney Park.

As an example of how much money you can save, a trip to Disneyland Paris from October 8th to 10th costs £243.50 for an Airbnb and a 2-day park pass or £274.50 for an Airbnb and a 3-day park pass (not including flights as fights vary from place to place). I did try pricing up a Disneyland Paris holiday on their website (thank’s for that Disneyland Paris) but it wasn’t working but I can guess it would be around £500 for 2 days.

I could probably go on and on with tips but my mind has gone blank now and I can’t think of any more tips (this time). Now I said I would link Helena and Martyn’s Channel at the end of this post well I’m just about to but I just thought I’d tell you about them more. Helena and Martyn are a couple who do Disney Videos and Vlogs, I first them when they were posting their Disneyland Paris Vlogs back in January. They are a small channel, they only have 2.1k subscribers but they do the best Disney Vlogs ever, they are currently uploading their Walt Disney World vlogs from their recent trip and I’m loving them. Go watch their Channel if you love Disney and love Vlogs, here is their channel here – So Helena and Martyn.

See you all in my next post

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