Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation Review + Wear Test| Buy or Bye?

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It’s finally here, the Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation. As soon as I saw this on Twitter and Instagram I freaked out, I was so excited for this to be released. I’m not going to lie I never expected them to ever bring out the Conceal and Define Foundation, but it does make sense after how big a hype the concealer got. I think this is the first time in a while that I’ve bought a makeup product on the day of its release, that’s how much I wanted this straight away. So along with this foundation, they did also release the Supersize Concealer, but I didn’t bother getting that as I already have a few of the smaller sizes of the concealer in my collection but I know once those have run out I’ll get the supersized one as it’ll last longer.

Like all my other reviews I’ll start off by going over all the main specs about the foundation that you’ll all want to know. This foundation comes in 24 shades, the exact same shade range as the concealer apart from the Concealer range has a white shade and the foundation doesn’t. The bottle contains 23ml of product which is slightly less than what a typical foundation has but that’s not the end of the world for me. It’s described as a full coverage foundation which is lightweight but also has a buildable coverage. The 24 shades are said to be skin-true shades and it’s designed to suit every skin type and skin tone. They say it’s an oil-free yet creamy and comfortable formula that dries down to a long-lasting, demi-matte finish, it won’t settle into fine lines or cling to dry patches (I did copy this from the Description on the Revolution website).

This foundation costs £9 so it’s very affordable. It is at the higher end of the scale compared to the other foundation’s Revolution have but it’s still only £9. I think it’s a tad more expensive than the other foundations as it does have fancier packaging than what their other foundations have so you’re paying for that.

The bottle for this is basically a huge version of the concealer. It has the colouring as the concealer with the rose gold label and lid. The bottle is frosted glass, so it does feel and look very high end, if it didn’t have a label on it I would guess it was a high-end foundation and costs a lot of money. The applicator is a giant doe foot and when I say giant I mean giant. Now, I’m going to talk about the biggest thing with this Foundation. This Foundation looks very very similar to the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation. Obviously, the Conceal and Define Concealer was duped for the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, so it is pretty obvious that this is going to be a dupe for the Shape Tape Foundation.

Let’s get on to actually reviewing the Foundation. I’ve also decided that I’m going to do a wear test for this review because as much as reviews are helpful, wear tests can be really helpful when it comes to Foundations. I want to be able to know how long the foundation roughly lasts before buying it. I bought the shade F1 as that’s what shade I have in the other Revolution foundations. I have to say the shade F1 was the perfect match for me, I couldn’t tell I had foundation on, it looked very natural. I do have pale skin and the shade F1 is for fair skin tones with a neutral undertone, I prefer a foundation with neutral undertones as it looks better on me.

*Quickly before I go into what the foundation looks like I just thought I’d say that I am suffering from some Dermatitis around my mouth at the minute so I’m not going to judge the foundation if it doesn’t look as nice there. *

I applied it on one side of my face so that I can compare it to my bare skin, to see the coverage. I managed to get enough product from the Doe Foot to cover my cheeks, my chin, my nose but by the time I got to my forehead there wasn’t much product left, I managed to get just enough out of it, but I would have to dip back into the bottle to get more. I blended it out with a sponge and it did blend out really nicely, but I felt it wasn’t exactly full coverage, more medium coverage but buildable like they say. I could still see some redness from my spots, but my skin did look flawless. It looked smooth and airbrushed, I love how it looked on the skin. I applied the other side with a brush and it did give a little bit more coverage but not much.

I put 2 layers of the foundation on and I found that it gave the best look, it was full coverage, but it didn’t look cakey and didn’t look like I had a lot of foundation on. After I completed the rest of my makeup and sprayed my face with setting spray the foundation looked really nice on the skin. The setting spray really helped melt all the products together. It didn’t dry down matte, it’s definitely a satin finish which I actually now prefer. I felt it actually looked like didn’t have foundation on, more like my skin tone was evened out.

4 Hour Update

I checked my foundation after having it on for 4 hours, so it was around 4:45pm, I’d been away out shopping and even had food and my foundation still looked the same as when I applied it. It had slightly rubbed off from my nose, but I had been blowing my nose a lot as I have a slight cold but other than that it looked really good on the skin. It had started clinging to the dry patches of my dermatitis, but I know that can’t be helped. I was really impressed with how it looks after 4 hours, especially for a full coverage foundation. Usually, by this point, a full coverage foundation starts to look cakey on me, but I am in love with how it looks.

10 Hours Wear Test

So, me being a very poor blogger I forgot to do a 6-hour update as I fell asleep but after 10 hours, this was around the foundation was looking a little worse for wear, but I had been sleeping for around 2 hours, so I think a lot of it had rubbed off. The foundation that was left on my skin looked good, I was very surprised how long it lasted. I’d say it lasted the longest on my forehead and by 10 hours it still looked good. It did find it had settled into the dry patches of my dermatitis but again I know it can’t be helped but it is something to be aware off if you have dry skin.

Now is this foundation a buy or bye? It’s a BUY in my eyes, I love this foundation. It looks amazing on the skin, it makes my skin look flawless, smooth and very even. I’d say it’s up there in my top favourite foundation’s list. I’ll be wearing this so much, I’ll be wearing it near enough every time I’m wearing makeup. I actually have an event next Thursday and I’ll 100% be wearing this foundation to that, I want my skin to look flawless. This foundation is available from the Revolution Beauty website and also on the Superdrug website for only £9, yes only £9. You need to get your hands on this now!

See you all in my next post

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