My Hair Transformation

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

On Tuesday I went to the hairdresser’s to get my hair done. I thought because I was getting quite a bit done to my hair that I’d do a post on it and document the process as I’ve never spoken much about my hair on here. I’ve only ever done 1 post about my hair so I thought I’d do another. I also just thought it’s a quick little post to show you the difference in my hair.

A background on my hair before getting into what I had done and showing you the difference. I’ve only ever had my hair dyed once, back in January. In my whole 20 years of life, I’ve only ever dyed my hair once which is very surprising for someone my age. I naturally have dark brown hair, in the winter time it goes extremely dark and in the summer it goes a tiny bit lighter but naturally it’s dark brown. My hair is also very long, it sits roughly around my hips before getting this haircut. Along with the length of my hair, my hair is very thick. I always have to get it thinned every time I got to the hairdressers.

I usually only get my hair cut around once or twice a year which so many of you will be like “That’s so bad, you shouldn’t do that” but it works really well for my hair. Usually, I always know when my hair needs cut as it becomes to tuggy to brush easily and always get’s tangled. This is actually my third time at the hairdresser’s this year which is actually a record for me.

I didn’t just go to get my hair cut on Tuesday though, I actually went to go get it lightened again. When I got it coloured in January I got it lightened to be able to put a coloured (pink) toner through it but this time I just want it lightened, no colours in it this time. When I got to the hairdressers I started off by showing my hairdresser a few photos I’d seen on Pinterest of hairstyles that I liked. It was mostly balayage hairstyles but the lighter part was more towards light brown than blonde. Due to my hair being so dark it’s really hard to get my hair light blonde unless I wanted to damage it a lot with tons of bleach. I left the rest in my hairdresser’s hands as knows better than me what to do with my hair so she started to put the highlights into my hair.


It felt like it took so long to do all the highlights and I had so many foil sheets around my head. I had foil sheets over my eyes so I couldn’t see for the majority of the time the highlights were getting done. Once all the highlights were done and the foil sheets were in place and I could see again, I sat in the Climazone heater for awhile while the dye was working its magic. I was under there for maybe around 45 minutes so I just sat on my phone and actually started this blog post. The one thing I do hate about getting my hair coloured is how long and uncomfy the seats because after I’m sitting in it for too long, my back hates me by the end of it. After 2 sessions in the Climazone, I then went to go get my hair washed. Again I was there for a while as I got a toner put in my hair and they left it in for around 10 minutes but luckily my hairdressers have a massage chair so it was worth the long wait. I then just got my haircut which is pretty standard. I got about 4 or 5 inches cut off I think which is a lot for me. I also got my hair thinned out as well as it was well needed.

I’ll add my before photos here. My hair was very long and straggly, it was way too thick. I could still see the old colour in my hair but it was a tad brassy and it had grown out too much. It looks quite all over the place and in need of a haircut.

And here are my after photos. I am in love with my hair. I love the colour of it, my hairdresser did such a good job with the colour. It’s not like the photos I showed her but I actually prefer it to what the photos were like. I did get a big chunk of my hair cut off but it’s still long, I just got all the horrible dead ends off it. When I put my hair into a high ponytail it’s still very long. It’s hard to notice in the photos how much I got cut off as my hair looks the exact same length but I did get a lot cut off, I promise. Like I said earlier my hair was sitting around my hips before getting it cut and it now sits around my boob area but it feels so much more healthy and in better condition than before with it being longer. It also feels so much lighter and I love it.

I’m sure all the products that were used on me were from Wella.

And that’s the end of my hair transformation. It’s a short little post but I thought I’d show my different hair as I’m in love with it. I hope you like this post and tell me what you think of my hair if you like it as much as I do. It did cost me £97 so I hope it looks good.

See you all in my next post

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