KISS x Edinburgh Event

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Thursday was a very exciting day for me as I got to attend the KISS and imPress Press party in Edinburgh. I was so excited because one, it’s a beauty event and I love going to beauty events and two is because it was in Edinburgh. An event was in my hometown, that never ever happens, all the events are usually in London so I was very very happy about it being in Edinburgh. I kindly got invited to the event by the lovely team at Alex Silver PR.

A little background on KISS and imPress. They are the same brand, imPress is just the name of a set of products they stock. KISS started off with nail products and I’m sure I remember buying a set of these years ago when I used glue on nails a lot. They are a global brand, it says on their website that KISS is available in over 90 worldwide which is amazing. They now don’t just stock nail products, they now do lashes and brow products too. They are available in Boots and Superdrug for us UK people and CVS, Target and Walmart but if I haven’t mentioned any places where you stay go check out the KISS website and it’ll tell you there.


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The event was held in the Tigerlily Hotel, Restaurant and Bar which is on George Street in Edinburgh. I had actually never been to Tigerlily before this event as it is quite an expensive place to go for drinks in Edinburgh so that’s why I’ve never been before. The event was held in their “Green Room” and “Sitting Room” which are both so pretty, I’ll post some photos here.


At the event, you could get your lashes and nails done. They had makeup artists who would put on a set of false eyelashes that you liked from a huge selection available on a table beside the makeup artists. I’m not going to lie I loved so many of the lash options available, I actually asked the makeup artist if I could get more than one set put on as I loved so many of them. The lashes I eventually picked were the Lash Couture Faux Mink Collection Lashes in the style Gala. The artist was really lovely who put on my lashes, so nice and friendly. I sadly never got her name but all I know was that she was a makeup artist who done wedding makeup. The lashes are very long and fluttery, they were definitely night out lashes as they are very dramatic but I love them. They are the second ones in on the second row from the top.


There were 3 girls who were sitting at a table putting on nails for everyone. Again it was like the lashes where all you had to do was go up to a table and pick what nails you wanted to have. I picked the KISS Glam Fantasy Nails Special FX Nails in the style Trampoline. My eyes kept on gravitating towards them when I was looking at all the nails so I eventually picked them after much debate. The girls picked out the right sizes for each nail before glueing them down. Again the girls were lovely and the one that did my nails and the girl beside her work at Ora Beauty in Edinburgh. I don’t wear glue on nails a lot so I wasn’t used to wearing them, I lost one straight after getting up from the table and I’d lost 2 by the time I got home from the event so I may need more practice with them. 



They also had free cocktails and prosecco all night, there was a nice frozen cocktail and they had some really good smelling food, like squid and burgers but I didn’t have any as I ate before going to the event. The whole decor of the place as amazing, I love the rooms they picked for the event and how it was set up. It was so aesthetically pleasing, perfect for a blogger event.

At the end of the event, we got given big goodie bags. When I say big I mean big. The goodie bags are under the table in the boomerang for reference.   In the goodie bag, I got around 11 pairs of lashes, I got 7 pairs in the goodie bag and I also got 4 pairs from the eyelashes table as well as the pair that I got put on, 4 pairs of imPress stick-on nails, 4 pairs of KISS Glue on nails and eyelash glue. I didn’t include all the goodies I got in this photo as it wouldn’t fit in the frame but I will try and show off all my goodies on my Instagram stories. I was so shocked at how amazing the goodie bag was, I don’t think I’ll run out of lashes and nails any time soon.

The event was amazing, I had such a great time and I want to thank KISS and Alex Silver PR so much for inviting me to this event. I can’t wait to get using all my goodies and telling you all how amazing they are.

See you all in my next post

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