Favourite Eye Makeup Brushes

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Back with another favourites post. I’ve been doing a lot of eye makeup looks recently over on my Instagram (shameless plug there – if you want to go check them out then head over to my Instagram @thecovetedlifestyle) so I thought I’d talk about all my favourite brushes that I use to help create my eye makeup looks.I’ll link all my favourite brushes so that you can buy them too and I’ll also include some photos of looks I’ve done using these brushes.

A lot of these brush favourites are relatively new to me as I updated my brush collection when I wanted to start getting better with my eye makeup looks. I did get a lot of these brushes because of Youtubers like Holly Boon and Keilidh MUA so if you want to get makeup inspiration or makeup brush recommendations go over to their channels. These brushes are quite affordable, they range in price from the cheapest being £3.50 to around £14 so that is quite affordable for good eye brushes. All these brushes are individual brushes, none of these is from any makeup brush sets but sometimes sets can be cheaper and you get more brushes but me personally I prefer individual brushes.

SIGMA E38 – £13.20

I love this for blending out the edges of my the bold colour I put down. If you follow a lot of the big Instagram MUA’s they actually put down one of the darkest colours first and then blend it out that way and that’s what I’ve been loving to use this brush for. I personally learned this technique from Holly Boon and what I do is take the shadow on this brush and stamp it around the edges of the bold colour and then go in circular motions to blend it out.

SIGMA E25 – £11.55

I love this for packing on colour. I do have a few brushes that I like better for packing on colour but I like this one because as it’s also fluffier than a shader brush so I can also slightly blend it out the edges while packing on the colour.



I love these 2 for packing on colour on the lid and in the crease. I learned about using these brushes for this technique again from Holly Boon and it’s amazing when using bright colours.

ZOEVA 237 Detail Shader – £9

This brush is so versatile. I use it for my lower lash line when I don’t want a blown out look, I use it for blending out the edges of my halo eyes as it’s small and dainty enough to make it precise and I love it for putting shimmers on, it’s amazing for halo eyes and cut creases as you can get right up to the concealer line.


I love this for blending in the crease. I found out about this brush from Holly Boon again and it’s amazing for getting that precise blend, this brush along with proper blending skills gives that amazing seamless blend. It’s just so small to be able to get right into the crease and not blow out the colour too much.

MORPHE E27 – £8

I love this for everyday eye makeup looks. I use this brush all the time when it comes to putting some bronzer on the eyes as it’s so big and fluffy that it evenly puts the colour everywhere. I wouldn’t say I use this when it comes to more detailed looks but its a great brush for throwing on some eyeshadow if you are in a rush.

MORPHE M224 – £3.50

This is the best concealer brush for carving out the brows and putting down my primer. It’s like a shovel this brush, it’s huge but it’s great for carving out my brows as it gets it done so quickly. I don’t use this brush for that much carving my crease and never for halo eyes etc (I’ll talk about that brush next) due to it being big, it’s better for a full blow cut crease over a half cut crease.

MORPHE M421 – £4

This is the brush I use for cut creases and halo eyes. It’s small enough to create a detailed cut crease or halo eye if I was to use the M224 to do that my halo eye it would be way too big and take over most of my eye.

MORPHE E36 – £5.50

My final favourite brush. I love this for my inner corner highlight. I love the fact it’s rounded so I literally swirl it around in my inner corner and it leaves my inner corner blinding. I don’t use this really for anything else other than my inner corner highlight, it was literally made for that in my eyes. I actually dropped my brush down the side of my bed when taking the photo for this so I’m having to use the photo from the Morphe Website.

I do have way more brushes in my collection that I love a lot, I do love the marble brushes I have from Justify Beauty and other Morphe ones but these are the ones I’ve been loving the most recently. I’ve linked all the brushes so if you want to use the same brushes I do then you now can. I’ll also put some photos of looks I’ve done using the brushes I’ve mentioned so you can see what looks you can create.

See you all in my next post

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