Magn!tone London WIPE OUT Cleansing Cloths * | Review

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I mentioned the Magn!tone London WIPEOUT! cloths in my 20-minute makeup routine for uni post and I also said I was going to do a full blown review on it so here it is. Before getting these cloths I had never used anything other than a cleanser or a makeup remover to take my makeup off, I was actually quite sceptical that they actually work. I’d see the Makeup Eraser and Face Halo all over Instagram but I didn’t want to spend the money on it for it to not work. Kirby and the lovely people at Fuel PR and Magn!tone London sent me over these a few weeks ago, I want to thank you for sending these out because I feel I’ve been converted.

The Magn!tone London WIPEOUT! cleansing cloths basically are a big cloth that removes your makeup. They are said to be able to remove even the toughest of makeup, including long wear and oil-based makeup so great for waterproof mascara. Not like normal face wipes, the WIPEOUT! has microfibres in it that once wet they swell up and they grab hold of all the makeup on your face and it removes all your makeup, smear free. What’s great about the WIPEOUT! cloths are that they are reusable up to 1000 times as you can wash them in the washing machine so they are very eco-friendly. The WIPEOUT! cloths are available from the Magn!tone website but they are also on Amazon, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic for £15, you get 2 in the box and they come in Pink and Grey.

Firstly these things are so soft. I don’t think I’ve ever used a face cloth that is as soft as what this is. I was really surprised with how soft they were, I thought that if they are going to remove makeup that they’d have to be a tad rough. All I had to do was wet the WIPEOUT cloth under warm water for it to be able to work. No cleansers, no makeup remover, just water and the cloth. Once I put my little headband on from Primark, I take the cloth and literally do what it says on the box – wipe. It can be quite difficult to wipe the cloth across your face compared to a normal face cloth but it’s not something that bothers me, it just takes a little bit longer.

Now, when I say that this removes makeup I mean it does remove makeup. The first time I used it I was so shocked when I saw it had actually removed all my makeup. Even my mascara, I usually have a battle to get every bit of my mascara off but it actually worked really well to get it off. The softness was really nice on my eyes, sometimes when I’m trying to get my mascara off it can leave my eyes sore and tender but this didn’t at all. I could rub my eyes for 5 minutes and they wouldn’t be left the same way as what a cotton pad and makeup remover does. It’s being kinder to your skin as well because they are soft so they don’t make your skin feel tender afterwards and you aren’t really putting any harsh chemicals on your skin because it’s just water.

I used this maybe about 5 times before putting it in the wash, both sides of the cloth were full of makeup before I decided it was time to put it in the wash. My mum washed it using the instructions that was on the box, 30 degrees in the washing machine. I was scared that after washing it that it was going to be ruined even though they say it is washable but I really wasn’t sure but when I went to use it again it was the exact same as the first time I used it. It was still soft, removed makeup the exact same.

I really think I’ve been converted to these over makeup wipes or makeup removers. I feel these will be amazing for travelling as I’m not having to take any liquid makeup removers with me and it’ll take up no room or weight in my suitcase. I know these are £15 so a tad pricier for a makeup remover but the fact you can reuse them up to 1000 times, I think they are a better investment than constantly buying makeup wipes or makeup remover. I don’t think I’d have ever have bought these before but I know once I’ve gotten through the 2 I got originally I’ll 100% be buying another box of these. I feel these are a really good way to help the environment, at least I’m doing something for the environment.

See you all in my next post

*All products with * beside have been gifted to me by Magn!tone London and Fuel PR

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