Bedroom Transformation | From Summer to Autumn

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Autumn is now fully happening, every time I look out my bedroom window I see lots of colourful leaves and it makes me so happy. With it now being autumn, slowly winter I thought I had to change up my bedroom to fit with autumn rather than all the summer items in my bedroom. Everyone loves a little bedroom transformation. I’ll link everything I’ve bought or that I mention at the end of this post for anyone who wants to also change up their room for autumn and love the products I’ve mentioned.

To start off with I changing all the bedding that was on my bed. I had my bright colourful summer bedding on and I didn’t want to keep that on for autumn. I usually always have some sort of autumnal/winter bedding on at this time of the year so it was time to change. My old duvet cover was from Primark and it just had lots of different coloured lines on it and I also had a palm leaf throw on my bed which of course is very summery. For my Autumnal duvet, I got this grey geometric print one which is also reversible to be pink. I saw that Beauty Spectrum (Molly) got this bedding for her university room and I really liked it, so much that it made me want to go out and buy it. Also while looking up this bedding online I saw my new throw and I fell in love with it on the website, even more, when I saw it in the shop. It’s a grey teddy bear throw so it matches my duvet covers but it’s just so soft and cosy. Both sides of the throw are the teddy bear style so I’m always going to be warm and cosy when I’m wrapped in it.

My next step in making my room more autumnal is fairy lights. I know fairy lights are something that people have in their bedroom all the time but I love having them on mostly in the autumn/ winter time. I love having them around my big memory board as it’s a subtle way of lightening up my room, it’s great for if I don’t want a bright light on at night. It makes my room look very cosy.

One thing I always do in Autumn is light candles. I love all the types of autumnal candles you get, I way prefer the scents you get in autumn over summer. I spoke about some of my favourite candles in my “Fall Tag” post but I always have to have a little basket of candles for the autumn. I started off this year with “Leaves” from Bath and Body Works but I’m really excited to burn one I got from TK Maxx from the brand DW Home and it only cost me £2.99, so if you are looking to stock up on candles head to TK Maxx. It’s in the scent “Crème Brûlée” and it smells so good. I also love “Marshmallow Fireside” from Bath and Body Works, that is one of the best smelling candles ever.


Another addition to my room is my little sloth hot water bottle. I got this from Primark, I’d seen it all over Instagram and in a few peoples Primark hauls and I love sloths that much that I knew I needed this even though I’m a person who gets hot easily so I don’t really need a hot water bottle but it was too cute to not get it.

I still have a few little tweaks to make to my room as I have a few prints I need to put up on my wall and get a few more sets of fairy lights for my room but I really love how I’ve managed to change up my room for Autumn and then winter. Below are the links to the product’s I’ve mentioned that I can actually link but if I’ve not linked it I’ve probably mentioned where they are from in the post.

See you all in my next post



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