Introducing Bilou | The Best Smelling Products Ever?

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One thing I love is body-care products, from moisturisers to bath products. I always have a stack of bath bombs in my bedroom and I always have a moisturiser in my little basket on my dressing table. Sometimes it can be quite hard to find some really good products that actually work but also smell nice too, a lot of the time I find products that they are either on or the other – smell nice but don’t work or work really well but smell bad or don’t have a smell at all. Well, this is where I’m here to tell you that there is a brand out there that both smells amazing and actually works.

I discovered this brand on Instagram and I was instantly drawn to it. With the cute packaging and the different scents they have, I knew instantly that it was a brand I wanted to try and I did try out a few products before doing this post. The brand I’m talking about is Bilou. They are a smaller brand but I feel they do need a lot more recognition. They have been featured in one of Zoella’s and Lucy and Lydia’s video’s before and they have also been in Glossybox and Roccabox so you may have heard about them from there but if not I’m going to tell you all about them before getting into the products.

Bilou is from Heidelberg, Germany. They have their own range of body-care of beauty products (duh) which includes a Shower foam – super creamy shower fun, a Cream foam moisturiser which makes your skin nice and soft after showering and a 2-in-1 Bodyspray (non-alcoholic!), which can be used as a refreshing, nourishing fragrance spray, or as a deodorant. Bilou makes sure that their products are tested by dermatologists so that all their products are kind to the skin and they list every ingredient in their products on their website so you can check before you buy. They are also 100% Vegan and cruelty-free. They put a lot of passion and love into their products, which is something I love in a brand. They have 5 different scents – Tasty Donut, Coco Cocktail, Fizzy Berry, Pink Melon and Cotton Candy – all of which come in either one or more of their products. I know in Germany they have more scents plus a product called Hand Foam so I feel I may need to get my bum over to Germany.



I have one of each product – a Bodyspray, a Cream Foam and a Shower Foam. My Bodyspray* is in the scent Berry Fizz and I feel I’m going to repeat myself so much when I say it smells really nice. The scent is described as “Fruity and fresh, like a tingly berry shower with a lemon spritzer. Very berrylicious!” on the Bilou website and the smell really reminds me of something but I can’t remember exactly what. The body sprays can also be used as a deodorant as due to it’s 2 in 1 effect it also has a deodorising effect as well as a perfumed spray. It isn’t one of those bodysprays that stay the smell stays around for a while but it doesn’t claim to be, I personally don’t mind that as sometimes when a body spray lingers for too long it can be annoying.



My Cream Foam* is in the scent Cotton Candy and it smells exactly like candy floss. It has the sweet smell but it also has a hint of caramel in it as well which I think mixes it up. The one thing that’s different about this is that it’s a foam moisturiser. I know quite a few of brands have foam moisturisers but I’ve never tried one before. It is great as I have a habit of forgetting to moisturise but this foam takes about 10 seconds to rub in and it’s absorbed so quickly that I don’t have to wait about. It leaves my body feeling very smooth and soft, plus the smell lingers for a bit afterwards which is a bonus.



My Shower Foam* is in the scent  Tasty Donut and this, omg the smell of this is just amazing. The first time I used this in the shower I about died when I smelled it. It has the smell of freshly baked doughnuts with a strawberry icing and like what it says on the website it smells scrumptious. I love that this is a foam as I love using shower foams over normal shower gels. I really like using a foam for shaving when I’m in the shower and there is nothing better shaving with something that smells like doughnuts. I couldn’t stop smelling it after I’d used it in the shower, it’s literally the best smelling shower product I’ve used.


All of these can be bought in Superdrug and they are so affordable for good body care products. Every product costs £3.99 which is very affordable, considering a 200ml Body Butter from The Body Shop costs £15 and you can get the exact same amount in some really nice scents for only £3.99. I’d really recommend going into Superdrug and giving them all a smell to choose which one you’d want to buy but I really recommend all 3 that I purchased.

See you all in my next post

*All products with * beside have been gifted to me by Bilou.

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