Anti Haul – Too much new makeup?

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I’ve not done one of these posts in so so long and I’m so excited to do another one. There has been so much new makeup been or getting released (maybe too much new makeup) that an Anti Haul is needed. I’m not going to include any Christmas sets or Holiday Releases as I’m going to be doing a different post on them next month so this is mostly just based around new releases in general. TrendMood is one of the best Instagram pages for finding out about new makeup releases so I’d really recommend following them if you want to keep up with the latest makeup releases. A lot of the photos for this post will come from the TrendMood Instagram, just giving some credit now.


This is quite a creative release from Kylie as I’ve not seen many brands bring out a Halloween makeup collection. The packaging on this collection is also really nice (you get a pair of 3D glasses with the collection for the packaging),I love how much effort Kylie Cosmetics put into the packaging but I’m not going to be buying this collection. I’ve said it so many times about the cost and shipping to the UK etc so I’m not going to talk about that but I’m just not buying it because I doubt I’d use it. The palette has a lot of shades that are easily found in other palettes, the highlighter I’d definitely never use, the lip products are pretty but I don’t need any of them. The only product I would buy is the glitter eyes as they look stunning but I’m not just buying them (the shipping issue again).


This one probably comes as no surprise that this is in my Anti Haul as I’m just so done with palettes like this but I really couldn’t justify spending £60 on the new Huda Beauty palette for it to be such a basic palette. It really reminds me of the Naked 3 palette and the Laura Lee Nudie Patootie palette, even the pressed glitters look similar to the Laura Lee palette. I just think that there isn’t a need for this palette, it’s way too basic and has been done many times before.


Another Huda Beauty product. I’m not into concealers that are in a squeezy tube, I prefer a proper doe foot applicator. I’m not splashing the cash on this cash as I already have cheaper concealers that I love but also I just feel the name of this might end up representing it – an overachiever – and I don’t want to spend £23 on a concealer for all the benefits it says it does to not work.


I do like this palette but I really wouldn’t use a pure pink eyeshadow palette. I have pink eyeshadows in my collection that I love and even though this palette is cheap and the pigment looks insane but I just don’t need a pink palette. I know that Colourpop has really good eyeshadows but the fact that every shade in this palette is a variation of pink just puts me off this. If they mixed it up with some other shades then I’d be more likely to get this but I’d rather buy one of their other palettes.


Surprisingly I’ve never bought a Violet Voss palette and I don’t think I will be from these palettes. I love the concept of these palettes and the names, I also love that these are small compact palettes that are easy for travelling but I’ve seen one of these palettes before in some way, the Crème Brûlée and Berry Burst especially as they are just the usual neutral and warm tones. The only palette I’d consider getting is the Fruit Sorbet as I’m leaving colours at the minute but I know there is a similar colour palette out there, maybe even for cheaper.


Marc Jacobs is such a boujee brand in my eyes.  They have some really nice products but I’ve just never been that enticed to get them. They recently released in Harvey Nichols in the UK with a new collection but it just doesn’t impress me. I like the packaging but that’s just because I’ve been loving animal print but the palette is pretty bland. I wouldn’t spend around £40 on a 6 pan eyeshadow palette. The lipsticks are all metallic and that’s just not me, I’m really not a fan of metallic lips.


Again a bit like Kylie Cosmetics, I’m not going to talk about the expensive shipping or customs. These powders are quite unique for KKW Beauty, I can’t tell if they are highlighters or eyeshadows. They could easily be both, I’d mostly use these as eyeshadows. It slightly reminds me of the Fenty Beauty Highlighter Palette which was released for Christmas and I just think I could get the Fenty Beauty one which has all the shades over just one little powder.

And that is my Anti Haul. I know there are way more products that have been announced or actually released but this blog post would be 20,000 words if I wrote about all of those. Tell me what you are not buying out of all these new makeup releases.

See you all in my next post

5 thoughts on “Anti Haul – Too much new makeup?

  1. Sierra says:

    You’re right. A lot of these brands definitely released too much!!! I liked Kylie’s Halloween collection but I feel like she genuinely releases too much as opposed to allowing anticipation to build

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