My Makeup Wishlist, What I’m Looking To Buy

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Seeing as my last blog post was an Anti Haul full of all the makeup I’m not going to be buying I thought I’d do the opposite and talk about all the products I want to buy. I always have a makeup wishlist so there is always makeup on my mind. I am planning on doing a major makeup clear out so I am going to have to refill my makeup drawers with some new makeup. I’m obviously not going to be buying everything on this list as that would cost a lot of money but a girl can dream right.

B Perfect x Stacey Marie Carnival Palette

I have been debating so much about whether to get this palette or the next one I’m about to mention but I do hope to have either one in my collection very soon. I love the bright colours in this palette as I’ve been really loving colourful looks at the minute and there is also 2 highlighters in the palette too which is a bonus. I’ve seen some big makeup artists that I follow – Keilidh MUA and Holly Boon – use this and create amazing looks so it must be a good palette to have in a makeup collection.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Palette

I mentioned this way back in the summer in one of my eyeing and not buying posts but I’ve been drawn to this ever since it’s release. Now you might think well if you’ve been eyeing it for so long then why haven’t you bought it, well I keep on putting it off because I’m still hesitant. I love the colour scheme of the palette and the packaging is one of the main reasons I want to buy it but for some reason, there is something inside me that keeps on being like you don’t need it. It’s going to stay on my wishlist for the time being but Jeffree actually announced his holiday collection will be coming out soon so the Thirsty Palette may be replaced with that one.

Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Sculpting Concealer

I’ve also mentioned this way back in one of my eyeing and not buying posts and I said that I wasn’t going to be buying this but my opinion of this has changed a lot. I’ve seen a lot of people review this and say it’s a really good concealer which has really made me want to buy it. I do have other concealers that I love a lot but I hope if I add this to my collection it will up there in my favourites.

B Perfect x mmmitchell Sub-Zero Highlight Palette

I’d say out of the whole list this is one that could easily change because I’ve not actually seen the palette. I’ve been following mmmitchell a lot recently and I am obsessed with the looks he creates, he’s such a great artist. He is coming out with a highlighter palette with B Perfect who also created the carnival palette with Stacey Marie. mmmitchell is quite well known for his highlighted glowy looks and the promo photos of the palette on the models look insane so hopefully, the palette will be just as good.


Revolution Makeup Jewel Collection Lip Toppers

Now these, I just have to include them into my wishlist. I’ve never actually owned a lip topper before but I use my Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb as a lip topper. These ones are stunning, the new packaging for the whole collection they’ve brought out is amazing. I can see these being Fenty Beauty dupes but these cost £4 so way cheaper. I like all 3 shades but I think I need to see them in Superdrug first to properly decide which ones I want.

Second Photo is from @chikisluvscruz

Wet n Wild Holiday Brush Set

This one on my wishlist is more for my upcoming trip to New York because I know I can’t get it over here. I saw these brushes on Trendmood’s Instagram and I have fallen in love with these brushes. They are so pretty, the handles are stunning and I just think from a drugstore brand these are just something else. They are quite pricey for Wet n Wild but I really hope these are still. available when I go over to New York.

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter

I missed out on this the first time round but I’ll 100% be getting it this time. I know I’ve already mentioned a highlighter palette in this post but I can’t not get it this when it gets re-released. This highlighter really blew up when it first got released and I can see why as this is probably one of the best highlighters ever. I have So Hollywood by ABH and the formula and look on the skin is amazing and I know this will live up to that.

And that is my makeup wishlist. I know it will probably expand soon with me going over to New York in a months time. I feel my wishlist will be like those lists in cartoons when it hits the floor and keeps on rolling out. If a makeup wishlist for New York is something you’d be interested in reading about then like this post so I know to get planning.

See you all in my next post

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