Huge Autumn/Winter Clothing Haul

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I’ve been doing a lot of clothes shopping recently. All the clothes that I had in my drawers were basically all summery so I needed to update my wardrobe to suit the autumn/winter weather as it’s starting to get very cold in Edinburgh. It also didn’t help that when I bought most of these clothes all the websites and shops had their bigger discounts for Freshers Week so I may or may not have bought a lot of clothes because of that. All these clothes are relatively affordable

I will try to link all the clothes that I bought, I obviously can’t link the ones from Primark but everything else I will try to link. I also used the website/ app Shoptagr for a lot of these clothes. Shoptagr allows you to save clothes to your account (you can also create folders for different websites or types of clothes) and it gives you notifications when those items go on sale or any price change in fact. This post isn’t sponsored but I’ve really been loving Shoptagr as it means I don’t have to create tons of accounts on each different websites to save the clothes.


Would it be a clothing haul if I didn’t feature clothes from Primark? I love shopping in Primark and I did buy a lot of clothes from there, they do have a lot of nice stuff in at the minute.


The first thing I bought was this grey cardigan. I saw this cardigan on SophDoesNails’s Primark haul from around a month ago and I was like I need this cardigan. I’m really loving cardigans for this autumn/winter, I’ve never been a big cardigan person up until now but they are so easy to wrong on to keep me warm. I got mine in a size Small which is a 10-12 and it’s a little oversized but I love that about it. It’s very soft and comfy, I like the chunky knit about it. I’m sure this was only £13 which is very affordable for such a nice cardigan, some others I’ve found online were a tad more expensive.


Now these are a tad out there and they won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I bought a pair of  Tartan Trousers. I’ve been loving check trousers but when I saw these in Primark I was really drawn to them. They could easily look like PJ bottoms but I really like them. I’m not too sure how to style them yet though, I may need to go on Instagram to get some inspo. I also need to get them taken in at the waist because I had to size up in these to fit my legs so they are too big at the waist. I’m also quite tempted to get them altered at the legs to make them more skinny as I feel I’d be able to wear them better if they are skinny but let me know what you think.


This item was one of the first items I found when I went into Primark and I instantly planned an outfit with this as the centrepiece. This gorgeous Check Dress gives me 60s vibes with the design of the dress but also 90s vibes for the check print as it really reminds me of Cher from Clueless. The outfit I had planned was a jumper or bodysuit underneath, tights and boots, I’m really loving that style of outfit at the minute. It’s an easy outfit to throw together in the autumn/winter if I’m doing anything slightly fancier than just heading out to the shops. I actually need to get the straps adjusted as it’s a tiny bit too big at the top, it makes the rest of the dress slightly too loose.


This was an unexpected purchase from me but it was actually my gran that convinced me to get this jacket. It’s a dressier jacket to any of the other jackets I own but I actually needed a dressier jacket as I don’t own any like that. It’s a long grey waterfall coat and it’s really nice, I think this could easily pass as a Topshop or Zara jacket. I got mine in a size 12 as I wanted to be able to fit thicker jumpers underneath and the 10 fit slightly too tight on the arms. It’s quite a thick jacket so it’s easily going to keep me warm and it has pockets which are great as half the time I need somewhere to put my phone.

I love bobble hats. I have so many but I always buy new ones every year. I’ve bought 2 this year, they are a thinner knit style compared to the chunky knit ones I have from Topshop but one thing I love about them is that they are very stretchy compared to some I’ve got from Primark before which are a struggle to get on. I got one that’s all grey with a grey pom-pom at the top and the other is a blue/grey colour with the same colour of pom-pom. They have so many nice ones in there and the ones I bought are £2 each so way cheaper than Topshop ones.


It isn’t autumn if I don’t have a Flannel Shirt in my wardrobe. I love having a flannel shirt on in the autumn, it’s such an easy outfit to throw together and they are great for layering. Primark has a lot of flannel shirts in at the minute but I really like this one that has that deep plum purple colour with the white and black. It really gives me cowgirl vibes, I got mine in a size 14 so that it’s oversized and it’s great for tying up in a knot at the front as I love wearing shirts tied up compared to just tucked in.


The last thing from Primark is just a little essential that I needed in my wardrobe. I got this jumper for the KISS x Edinburgh because I didn’t have a plain Black Jumper and it is now a staple in my wardrobe. It’s so soft and comfy, it’s not a thick jumper but it still keeps me warm whenever I wear it. I usually like wearing this tucked into a skirt or under the check dress I mentioned before.


This was the first time I’d ever bought from ISAWITFIRST and I will 100% be buying from there more often. They always have good discounts on there which is amazing, I bought all of these when it was 50% off. Like 50% off is something else, I never see any website do 50% off. All the items I’ve bought I’ve managed to pair together into one outfit.


This was the first item I had saved on my Shoptagr account. I love a thick jumper and this one was affordable even without the discount. It’s a Grey Jumper which has a wider neck, it’s called a slash neck on the website. I got in a Medium but I could have easily got it in a small as it’s quite oversized. I would like if it was a little cropped but it’s still a really nice jumper. It’s definitely going to keep me warm as, because it’s so thick, it’ll be great for when the weather starts getting really cold.

I’ve wanted a pair of Cord Jeans for so long but the ones I always liked from Urban Outfitters were just too expensive to justify the money. When I saw these ones on the ISAWITFIRST website I really liked both the colours they came in but I once I’d ordered them, the black ones became my firm favourite. They have a paper bag waist which I do like, and they are mom jeans style. These are the first ever pair of mom jeans that I’ve got in a size 10 and they fit perfectly which is a shocker. They are a very comfy pair of jeans,

I’ve seen so many Youtubers with this denim jacket and I eyed it up for a while and the 50% off was such a good chance to get it. It’s this pink denim jacket but it has different block colours of pink. I love this jacket, it’s perfect for those days when you don’t need a thick jacket as the weather isn’t bad. Mines is in a size medium and it’s very big so maybe size down if you want this unless you want to wear thick jumpers underneath, then stick to your usual size.

The last thing I bought was this western style Belt. I’ve been wanting one like this for a while but the ones in Topshop are so expensive that I’ve put myself off getting one. This one was only £4 once it was reduced which is insane and why I bought it. I don’t think I got this in a particular size but I’ve worn it around my waist and all I do is put a hair band around it to secure to make it work and I’ve also worn it around my size 10 jeans and it still has some holes left to tighten it.


I live for a 20% discount from ASOS. I had a few things saved in my wishlist that I had been eyeing but I was waiting for the discount so I jumped quickly when I got the notification that 20% was live.


I had this jumper saved in wishlist as I love sweaters. It’s from Pull and Bear so not ASOS own brand. It’s just a plain red sweater with New York Mood on it which will be great for when I’m in New York (partly the reason I bought it). It also has blue and yellow stripes near the bottom of the sleeves which are the same colours the New York Mood slogan is written in. I got this in a size small which is roughly around a UK 8 and I was scared it was going to be too small but it fits perfectly.


I also bought another jumper so I’m really not needing any new jumpers. This jumper this time is from Daisy Street, I’ve ordered a few things from there before and they have quite nice items. This jumper was in the sale for £9.50 from £19.99 which is a good little bargain. I really like the colour schemes to this jumper, I like how well the blue, pink and grey go together. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is slightly cuffed at the bottom which is annoying but it may look good if I tucked it into jeans. If not I’m considering getting my gran to try and find a way to get rid of the cuffed part.


I didn’t just buy one pair of cord jeans, I bought 2. These ones are different from the first pair I got, they are straight legged and cropped. They remind me a lot of the Urban Outfitters ones I like but for cheaper and they have wide legs. They come midway down my shin, they are actually are a really nice length. I got mine in a size 12 as I usually size up when it comes to but the waist is slightly elasticated so I probably could have gotten away with a 10.


Like with ISAWITFIRST I’d never shopped on NastyGal before. I’d seen a lot of people I know talk about NastyGal so I had a browse and found a few items I liked but I decided to only buy one as some of the items weren’t really needed in wardrobe at the minute.


I got another check shirt but this one is a different material to the other one I got from Primark, it’s a thinner material. When I got this in the post I was quite surprised as I didn’t think it was that colour. It’s an oversized shirt so I bought it in my usual size but I could have easily got it in a size 6 as it’s huge. I’m going to have to wear this tied up in a knot as I look like I’ve stolen one of my dad’s shirt. It’s quite a thin material so I’d probably have to wear a t-shirt underneath but the colours really remind me of autumn.


I actually went off Pretty Little Thing for a while because they got rid of their student discount for a while plus the put a lot of their prices up. I saw this skirt on Anastasia Kingsnorth’s vlog (I’ll link the vlog here) and I knew I wanted it for the KISS x Edinburgh event. I know it’s quite a bold item but it’s a leopard print skirt and I love it so much. I got it in a size 8 as the size 10 was out of stock and it fits well, I think it’s because it’s a stretchy material it fits me well. It’s such a nice skirt and it was only £10 which is quite cheap for a nice skirt.


Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 23.26.28

I saw these boots in one of BusyBeeCareys videos and I fell in love with them. I was needing a new pair of ankle boots and these were only £25 which is very affordable for such a nice pair of boots. They are Black Croc Print Ankle Boots and they are so pretty. The heel height is not too high which makes them comfy for everyday wear. Mines are in a size 6 and they do have a little bit of room in them but a thick pair of socks would sort it out.

And that is the end of my huge haul. I’m so happy with everything I bought, I did spend a lot of money though. I think I’m sorted for clothes but knowing me I’m still going to buy new clothes.

See you all in my next post

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