Halloween Makeup Looks

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So I know it’s a day early but Happy Halloween everyone! I’ve really gotten into the Halloween spirit this year when it comes to makeup looks, I’ve spent a lot of doing Halloween makeup looks. I also really wanted to get into the Halloween spirit and I wanted to go pumpkin picking but the place near me actually sold all their pumpkins before I got a chance to go so I guess I’ll have to do it next year.

I’ve created 3 Halloween looks for this year and I genuinely think these are some of my favourite looks I’ve done in terms of Halloween looks. I really loved last years looks but I feel I’ve topped them with this year’s looks. I thought I would post this today as if you really wanted to create any of these looks you probably have time to recreate them as the majority of the products I’ve used are from Superdrug. The main product I used in all the looks was the Revolution Pro SFX Face Paint Palette which only cost £6 and it’s such a good product for creating Halloween looks.



The first look I created was based on a carved out clown idea but once I actually finished it I realised it looked very similar to Pennywise the Clown from IT so I’ve combined the 2 together. I wanted to give off the impression that it was carved into the face which is why I added the fake blood to make it look like it was freshly done. It was very easy to do, all I did was draw the lines with a white face/eye/lip pencil before smudging the lines out with a red eyeshadow. I then went in with a red eyeliner to create the carved outline. I then went over that with the dark red face paint from the SFX palette. the finishing touches was to add the fake blood and that was the look completed.


Revolution Pro SFX Face Paint Palette
Revolution Illustrator Pencil in “Blank Canvas”
Revolution Pigment Pomade in “Classic Red”
M.A.C Sketch Single Eyeshadow
Mehron Stage Blood and Coagulated Blood Gel
Justify Beauty Glam Lashes



I think this one is one of my favourites. This took me about 2 hours to do which is insane but I’m sure if you wanted to recreate this there is probably an easier way that takes less time. On the Glam side, I just used my usual products to complete the look as it’s just a basic glam that doesn’t need much explaining. I then took the same white pencil from the Pennywise Look to create the line where the snakeskin would start before going in with the 2 greens in my SFX face palette to then cover that side of my face. I then went in with some green eyeshadows I have to set some of the face paint in place as it was quite sticky.  I then did eyeliner on my eyes, I winged it out and also made it pointed on the inner corner to give the appearance of a snake eye. I put some black eyeshadow through my brow to add some definition to that and after that, I went in with the scales. This was the hardest bit to do as the face paint kept on slipping about but all I did was cut up a body puff (the thing you use in the bath and shower) and put it over my face and went in with some eyeshadows to give off the impression of scales.


Revolution Pro SFX Face Palette
Revolution Pro Mischief Mattes Palette
Revolution Pro Illustrator Pencil in “Blank Canvas”
Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette
Unicorn Cosmetics Dragoness Lashes
Klara Cosmetics Line and Define Eyeliner

Glam side products are on my Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/thecovetedlifestyle/



This was the first Halloween look I came up with but I decided to leave that one for last. I had to do a bit more editing when it came to this look as the black on the face was patchy so it didn’t look that great. The actual blue lights turned out amazing which I was so surprised about.

I again used the same white pencil as before to create the lines for the lights. I then did the same as the pennywise look and when over the Pencil lines with blue eyeshadow to smudge it out. I then went in with a shimmer eyeshadow over the top to add a bit of dimension before adding a blue glitter liquid eyeshadow to create the neon effect. I added some white lines through all the blue with white face paint and liquid liner and then went back over it with the shimmery blue to give off the impression that it was realistic. After that, all I had to do was paint my face black and the look was done.


Revolution Pro SFX Face Paint Palette
Revolution Pro Mischief Mattes Palette
Revolution Pro Illustrator Pencil in “Blank Canvas”
Coastal Scents Hot Pot Shadow in “Blue Zircon”
BH Cosmetics Eyelights in “Gnarly”

And those are all my Halloween makeup looks. I would have loved to have done more but I’ve been so busy with work that I only had time to do 3. It would be amazing if you checked out the looks on my Instagram and so you can see any other Halloween looks or even makeup looks I create in the future. I’ve linked my Instagram above but I’ll link it down here too for you!



See you all in my next post

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