New York Travel Bucketlist

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I go to New York in 3 weeks and I’m very very excited. I’ve never been to New York before so this is a whole new experience for me so I’ve been creating a bucket list of all the things I want to do when I’m in New York. I feel I could create a bucket list of all the normal attractions like the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty etc but I’m going to change it up slightly and pick places or things that I really want to do when in New York.


1. Visiting the Friends Apartment Building

When picking what activities I wanted to do this one made it on the list immediately. I love friends and I know that the apartment building they use in all the shots in the earlier seasons (not sure if it’s in the later ones) is in Greenwich Village so while I’m down near the 9/11 memorial and Wall Street etc I’m going to pay a quick visit to there and take a photo of it and a photo of me with it in the background.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 16.39.17.png

2.  Go to a Cheesecake Factory

When I went to Florida back in 2012 we went to a Cheesecake Factory twice and the food was amazing plus their cakes are to die for. We sadly don’t have any Cheesecake Factory’s in the UK so I really want to make an effort to go to one, even if it is just to get a piece of takeaway chocolate cake. Their slices of cake are huge, I remember when I was in Florida that it took me at least a day to eat the whole slice. I’m hoping that they go some gluten-free cakes for my mum as she is sadly gluten-free and I’d feel really bad if my mum didn’t get to experience having a cake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 16.38.13.png

3. Go to the Disney Store at Times Square

I am a huge Disney fan so of course one of the things on my bucket list is to go to the HUGE Disney Store at Times Square. From what I’ve seen from photos it looks huge, the biggest Disney store I’ve ever been in was the one in Downtown Disney in Florida but that was so long ago so I can’t wait to see this one. I am partial to a Disney Store myself so I can’t wait to go in and get a little New York Disney souvenir.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 16.42.45.png

4. See the New York Skyline at night

This is an ultimate dream as the New York skyline looks like one of the best views ever. I am not actually staying in the centre of New York, I’m actually staying on the other side of the Hudson River in West New York so I have a really good chance of getting to see it. My Airbnb Host has told us that there is a park about 5/10 minutes away from our apartment that has a really good view of the skyline so I think on the first night we are going to take a trip down to see if it’s just as good as the Airbnb host says.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 16.39.59.png

5. Get a picture with the Easter Island Head at the American Museum of Natural History.

If you’ve ever seen Night at the Museum then you’ll know what this reference means.  One of the main reasons as to why I’m going to the Museum of Natural History is because of that film as I loved that film (even though it slightly freaked me out as I always thought that happened in every museum at night). I love the scene in the film with the Easter Island head saying “dumb dumb, you give me gum gum” and I want to get a photo beside one of the heads, maybe even with some of my own gum gum.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 16.40.13

6. Buy another I ❤️ NY T-Shirt

I had one of these t-shirts years ago, my nana bought me one when she went to New York but I lost it. I was so gutted when I lost it that I really want to buy another one when I’m over there. I really want to buy one for mostly wearing to bed but I would also wear it out and about as a casual outfit as well. I’m not really sure how much they are but I’ll only buy one if it isn’t too expensive.

Some of these might seem very pretty boring and simple but these are things that I’ve wanted to do so much if I ever got to go to New York. I didn’t want to include the usual bucket list activities that most people include in their New York bucket lists, I wanted to be original. I’m going to have a few other New York blog posts up in the next 2 weeks before I go so keep an eye out for them.

See you all in my next post

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