Overrated Influencer Products

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So it was actually my friend Jenna who came up with this idea and I really liked the idea of it (so thank you, Jenna). I thought this was a really good idea as there have been so many influencer products out whether its a collab with a brand or they’ve released products from their own brand. Now some of these products I have got and I’ve tested myself but other products in this post I haven’t tested and I just think they are pretty overrated for what they are. I am in no means saying all of these products are bad but I personally think that all these products are overrated.


How could I not mention this one, I think this caused so much controversy last year. Zoella’s beloved Christmas Advent Calendar that cost a whopping £50 when the content of the products inside cost just under £10. I know when I first saw this in Boots I was literally so shocked at the fact she was charging £50 for something so rubbish. This was so overrated, she made it out like it was the best thing in the world when in fact Poundland actually posted a tweet which said you could get everything in her advent calendar for £10 in a Poundland store.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 22.14.38

Imagine creating the original palette then deciding that a way to get more money is to release all the shades that weren’t good enough for the original palette. Don’t get me wrong I really like Jaclyn Hill and I like Morphe but I feel it’s a bit of a con that the rejects of the original palette now are in palettes of their own. I’m talking about the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Vault Collection. I love the original Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette but I just think the Vault Collection was only released to get more money. I think along with all the issues this collection had, it’s quite overrated. The palettes were quite cheap which was good but I think these palettes not needed at all.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 22.11.02

This is a product I’ve tried and tested and I can honestly say this is so overrated. I’m really liking Jeffree Star and all the products he’s releasing at the minute, I feel he’s upped his game since this collab. The Jeffree Star x Manny MUA Collab Highlighter in Ecplise was honestly so rubbish and very overrated in my eyes. I find it’s very glittery, chunky and doesn’t actually give you a glow. This was also £25 and I wouldn’t mind paying that for a highlighter that’s good but this was rubbish and overrated for what it actually was and turned out to be.


I’ve always said this about Huda Beauty Products, they are very overrated. I’ve only had 1 Huda Beauty palette in my life and it is good I can’t lie about that but I find that they are just so overrated and overpriced. Like £25 for a teeny palette and £60 for one of their larger palettes? I don’t see the appeal. Recently as well,  her palettes have been a tad boring, there are plenty of other palettes out there that look the same. I just personally find all the products she releases are overrated for what they are. There are so many other brands out there that have either similar quality or better quality for a cheaper price.


The final overrated Influencer product is Influencer Beauty Boxes. Now, these are good things don’t get me wrong as they offer bulk products at a discount than buying them individually but I feel they are overrated as they cost so much money and half the time you’re only buying it because it has an influencers name on it, not because you want the products. I’ve been very close myself to buying one myself, not because I loved the look of the products inside but because I love the influencer. A lot of the time it features products that you already own so they are not even worth buying and there are always products in the box that you don’t want. I think they are overrated as I’d rather just spend the money on the individual products that I want from the box rather than the box itself.


Some other honourer mentions are the Tati Westbrook Halo Beauty Vitamins, Laura Lee Los Angeles palettes and the Benefit Influencer Collab, all of which are very ovverated and a lot of them now never even get mentioned at all. I mean there are some influencer products that are out there are amazing and worth the hype, I would 100% do a post on worth the hype influencer products if that is something that people would want. Like I said this is all just my opinion, I’d love to know what other influencer products you think are overrated.

See you all in my next post

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