Beauty Bay Bragging Rights Sale Haul

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So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of days you may or may not know about the BeautyBay Bragging Rights sale. They currently have up to 30% off near enough everything on their website, including some big brands like Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Dose of Colours and Makeup Revolution. I love a good makeup sale so of course, I had to jump on the bandwagon and buy some stuff even though I am going to New York in 2 weeks so I didn’t really need any more new makeup.

I ended up placing 2 orders as the main thing I wanted went out of stock while I was placing my first order so I felt really sorry for the delivery driver who had to deliver my 2 packages on the same day. I spent roughly around £90 but it should have been £125 so I mean I did save a lot of money. I only bought 3 different brands as well so I didn’t get a variety of brands but all of the products I bought I’ve been looking at getting for a very long time.

I’ll start off with the Makeup Revolution I got. I stocked up on my favourite Revolution concealer, the Conceal and Define. I love this concealer and I use it so much that I wanted to stock up while it’s cheap. I got mine in the usual 2 shades – C1 and C3 and even though this concealer usually costs £4, these cost me only £2.80 each which is amazing. I don’t really have much to say about this as it’s amazing if you want to read my review on them then I’ll leave it here.

The final makeup revolution product I got was one of their renaissance lip liners. I have 4 of their renaissance lipsticks so I thought I’d get one of the lipliners. I watched the video Revolution put up on their Youtube Channel a while ago which had swatches of the lipliners so I could judge what shade I wanted. I went for the shade Vow which is a nude shade as you can never have enough nude lipliners. These are usually only £2.50 which is very cheap for liners, you could buy 6 of these for the price of 1 MAC lip liner which is insane but this lipliner with 30% off only cost £1.74, £1.74!!! That is insane.

Now onto the second brand which I’m so excited for. My first experience with this brand was really bad but I expect all these products to be amazing. I bought 4 Jeffree Star Cosmetics products and I’m so excited to get using them all.

I bought 2 of the Velour Liquid Lipsticks, I’ve heard a lot of good things about them and a lot of people say that it’s the best liquid lip formula. I got one of the new 2018 Holiday lipsticks in the shade Can’t Relate and then I got one of the permanent shades in the shade Mannequin. So many people rave about Mannequin and say its the perfect nude so I’m excited to see if it is. Both shades I got where nudes, Can’t Relate is a lighter nude. Can’t Relate wasn’t in the Bragging Rights Sale so it cost £16 but Mannequin cost £11.19.

The next product I got goes along with the Liquid Lipsticks and it’s one of the Velour Lip Scrubs. I really needed a new lip scrub and I’ve been eyeing up the Jeffree Star lip scrubs for a while. There were so many flavours to choose from but I ended up going with Pink Lemonade. This one is from the Summer Collection so it comes in the nice orange packaging with the water droplets on it. There is so much product in the tub, I won’t run out of it quickly. The lip scrub is usually £12 but in the sale, it’s only £8.40.

The final Jeffree Star product is the one that I wanted the most. I saw a video on the Jeffree Star Cosmetic Instagram Page of a swatch of this highlighter and I knew instantly that I needed this. The one product I had from Jeffree Star Cosmetics before was one of his highlighters and it wasn’t very good but after seeing the video I know this will be way better. Its one of the new Supreme Frost Highlighter in the shade Wet Dream. The formula is different from his usual formula, it’s a hybrid gel formula. In the pan, it looks stunning and shimmery, it looks like it’s going to be blinding on the cheeks.

The final product in my Bragging Rights Sale Haul is the one thing I’ve been eyeing for over a month and I’m so glad I held off until it went into the sale. It’s the bPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival Palette. This palette has been on my wishlist for months and I’m so glad I finally bought this. This went out of stock when I first placed the ordered and I’m glad it came back in stock. This palette is stunning and full of colour. I’ve seen people like KeilidhMUA and mmmmitchel use this palette and it makes me really inspired to play about with makeup. It also comes with 2 highlighters which is quite different for an eyeshadow palette. This palette is usually £40 but in the sale, this is only £27.99 which is such a steal for a palette of this size and quality.

And that is the end of my BeautyBay Bragging Rights Haul. I’m in love with everything that I bought and the savings have been amazing. Like BeautyBay says why buy it later when it’s full price when you can buy it now for cheaper. There are so many good brands on the sale and it’s worth a look (you’ll probably make a purchase). I will be doing individual reviews of some of these products I bought from this sale so keep an eye out for them on my blog very soon.

See you all in my next post

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