P.Louise Rumour Base |Review

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This review is very overdue but I really wanted to properly test this out. This product has taken the makeup world by storm, all the big makeup names jumped on this bandwagon and honestly, I can see why they have. I’d heard of P. Louise a few times before the P.Louise Base became a huge sensation. It was really NikkieTutorials and KathleenLights who properly introduced myself to this base and it did take me a while before finally caving to get this base.

P.Louise is a makeup artist who created her own business in 2014 has her own academy and now she has her own line of products. She has her own academy building but she also does online courses which are very affordable so would be a great gift for someone who wants to learn more about makeup.


The P.Louise Base is an eye base essentially but it changed up the game as it’s meant to be used unset compared to the usual set eye base. A lot of makeup artists before the P.Louise Base was known were actually doing this technique so to a lot of people this wasn’t new but for someone like me who plays with makeup in their spare time, this was a revelation. I genuinely was like how on earth can you put eyeshadows on a base when it’s still wet. But once you’ve applied eyeshadow on a wet base you’ll never want to go back. At first, she only released the shade Rumour 2 but she now has a range from 0-5. Also with her Christmas collection, she’s launched some colourful ones which look right up my street. I have the shade 1 and it’s the perfect match for me.

I only need a tiny bit of this and it covers my whole eyelid. I usually go in first with a flat concealer brush like the Morphe M224 brush to carve out my brows and spread it on the lid but then I go in with a fluffy brush to blend it in. Before I just would use the M224 brush to do the whole look but it left brush marks until I found a technique from mmmmitchell to use a fluffy brush to blend it in and now I love using that technique.

I love using this for colourful looks as it really shows off the colour. It brings out a lot of the Pigment in the shadows and makes them so vibrant. It doesn’t make blending the shadows together difficult either, they all blend together so seamlessly and it really gives you that Instagram eye makeup look. I usually pack on the darkest colour first onto the base and then add the lighter shades to blend it out. When I ever do eyeshadow with a set concealer as a base they never look as vibrant as what it does with the base. It also works wonders when doing non-colourful looks such as traditional warm toned looks. This base isn’t just for rainbow looks so don’t think you can’t get this base because you don’t do colourful looks. I use a different technique for non-colourful looks compared to colourful looks. I start with the lighter shades and work my way to the darker shades and it looks stunning, that’s what I usually do whenever I do an eye look with a set concealer base. I think (along with a lot of practice) it’s really helped improve my blending skills and my overall eye looks.

I really do think this is worth the money. If you like to do makeup as a hobby or like to do those Instagram style eye makeup looks then this is 100% for you. If you only really do your makeup casually and aren’t that into makeup then I wouldn’t get it as you could easily get the same thing with Concealer. I’ll post some photos of looks I’ve created with the base to give an idea of what a finished look looks like using the base. I would really recommend this as it will last a long time if you don’t use it for every single makeup look. For the 15ml bottle, they cost £10 which is very affordable for an amazing eyeshadow base.

See you all in my next post

5 thoughts on “P.Louise Rumour Base |Review

  1. Sashabeautee says:

    Plouise base is the best base I’ve ever used, with a smooth application it creates that perfect canvas for any eyeshadow look and keep it bright all day I would recommend this base to every makeup lover trust me it’s a must have!!! Just remember to pat pat pat! 😊

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