A Perfect Gift for Mum| Nivea Gift Set Care & Roses*

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

With Christmas, just 1 week away now (how fast has December went!) and I thought I would talk about a gift that would be a perfect little present to get your mum but not just your mum, even your gran or an auntie or even a sister. I love getting body products at Christmas as it’s something I rarely buy myself but I always need.


The Nivea Gift Set Care & Roses* contains 4 products in it- an Oil in Lotion with Rose and Argan Oil, an Indulgent Moisture Rose Shower Cream, a Soft Rosé Lip Balm and a Shower Puff. It comes in a really nice box, it would be quite difficult to wrap but I feel it comes in that nice a box that you could easily give it to someone without wrapping it. It also gives you a little area to write To… and From…. so it also saves on putting a tag around the present. Me personally, I’m not that much of a rose scent fan but these products smell really nice. The rose scent isn’t too overpowering which is why I like it, I usually don’t like rose scented products as they are way too strong. The scent is also not too strong once it’s on your body so you aren’t constantly smelling of rose all day after using these products.

I’m sure that the Oil in Lotion is actually a new product for Nivea (it says new on the lid) but it may just be the size of bottle that’s new. The new size is 200ml which is still a really good size, usually in gift sets the size of the products are so small that they only last around a month. Also, the Rose shower cream can only really be bought in the set which means it’s quite exclusive and it is a full sized bottle. I’ve used Nivea Shower Creams before and I really like them, they are really good for shaving with as they leave your legs nice and soft afterwards (I’ve only ever used the normal scented one) plus the rose one will leave a little rose scent on your body.

Screenshot 2018-12-19 at 19.41.36

I’ve had the Rosé lip balm before in another Nivea set and it is a really nice set. Again like everything else, the lip balm doesn’t have a strong scent of rose to it but it is pink so it actually leaves a pink tint to your lips so on days where you don’t want to wear any lipstick it can still leave your lips with a bit of colour and hydrated too. The final thing is a shower puff and you can never have enough shower puffs as they always come in handy, I use a lot of mine for exfoliating before shaving.

You can get this cute little set for £8.50 in Boots and honestly I know I’ll be giving this set to someone this Christmas. I know my mum would love this set as she loves body products and I also know my gran would love this too as she likes rose scented products. This would also make a great Secret Santa Gift as it’s very affordable but it has some amazing products in, way better (and better value) than buying individual body products from some more expensive brands.

See you all in my next post

NIVEA-FamilyBadge (1)


*All products with * beside have been gifted to me by NIVEA.

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