My Makeup Favourites of 2018

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Well, 2018 has said it’s final goodbye and honestly, I can’t believe how quick the years went. 2018 has been the year of many makeup trends and a lot of new makeup products, both good and bad. I did one of these posts last year and I thought it’s time to do another one as there are so many new products for me that are in my top favourites for 2018. I think there are a few favourites from last year that are also in this year’s favourites, those products have remained faithful to me throughout 2018.

I haven’t included a favourite primer, eyebrows products and lip liner in this post as I’ve not really had a favourite primer this year, same with lip liner and I use the same 3 brow products every time I do my makeup and I’ve been using them for years so I thought I’d skip the brows out of this.



I feel if I don’t put this as my foundation favourite of 2018 then I’ll be kidding myself. This came into my makeup collection just over halfway through the year (around August) but I’ve not touched a single foundation since this getting this one. The Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation has hands down been my favourite foundation of 2018. It makes my skin look so flawless, it can last a full night out and the colour match is perfect for my skin tone. I’ve used it so much since I got it and I’m still on my original bottle, it has lasted so well. My skin went through a change in 2018 with it being less oily and becoming drier but this foundation looks amazing on my skin even with it being matte. Plus this foundation is only £9, it’s so affordable for how good a foundation it is.



Again if I didn’t put this in here I’d be lying to you all. I have bought at least 7 of these in the space of a year as I’ve used up so many of them but they are 100% worth it. The Revolution Conceal and Define got a lot of press in 2018 for being a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape for a fraction of the cost and honestly, I’ve actually ditched the Shape Tape for this. I find this isn’t a cakey as the Shape Tape, it leaves my under eyes covered as it has amazing coverage but not looking too heavy with makeup. I tested this out for the first time on my trip to Paris last year and I fell in love with it straight away. It’s only £4 and even though the tube is small it does last a few months so it’s not like you’re spending £4 every 2 weeks. It is now an essential in my makeup drawer.


I discovered this powder from a lot of YouTubers who said it’s amazing but you can only get it in the US so when my dad’s friend was heading to Vegas then I couldn’t resist getting it. I love the Maybelline Fit Me Loose Powder, I genuinely don’t think I’d ever spent the money on a high-end loose powder now I’ve tried this. It leaves my under eyes looking flawless, it blurs everything and doesn’t have flashback which is essential. I’ve tried so many loose powders and none of them compares to this powder. I now have 2 backups (I bought 2 in New York) of this sitting in my drawer as I never want to run out of it.


I was loyal to Hoola Bronzer until this came along and I don’t think I’ve used another bronzer in a year since getting this. I actually included this in my 2017 makeup favourites but it’s honestly so good. The Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer on my skin tone is the best as it actually bronzes me and doesn’t make me look orange which some bronzers do. I use this for both contouring and bronzing the majority of the time I do my makeup. I don’t know what else to say about this bronzer apart from that I love it, I again have 2 backups of this as it can be quite hard to get hold of in the UK (it is quite expensive).


I’m not that big a blush fan but if I wear blush this is the only one I wear. My Essence Satin Touch Blush in Satin Love is the nicest flush of colour for the cheeks. My one is used and abused as the packaging is broken and I have a chunk of it missing but I love this blush. This is definitely a nude blush and it could easily go overboard as it is a pigmented blush but I go in with a light hand and this blush just blends my bronzer and highlight together perfectly.


I’ve had this highlighter for 2 years but this year I have reached for it near enough every time I do a glam makeup look. The Anastasia Beverly Hills So Hollywood highlighter is one of the most blinding highlighters I own. As soon as I put it on my cheekbones are blinding. I thought this would be dark on me as it is a gold highlighter but it isn’t. I am so sad that this is actually discontinued so I’m going to have to try and source a backup from Depop or something like that because I can’t not have this highlighter in my collection now.



My 2 eyeshadow favourites of this year have both been from the drugstore and from the same brand. Revolution really killed it with their eyeshadows in 2018, I bought quite a few of their palettes last year. The Soph Extra Spice was one of my most used palettes in 2018, I even took it on holiday with me. It’s a really nice palette if you like warm tones, I love it for doing sunset looks. It also has the brown shades in it too which is why I love it for travelling because it has the neutrals for day to day looks but it also has the pops of colours for night time. I’ve taken it to Copenhagen and New York which says it all, it’s my go to travel palette.

The other palette from Revolution is the Re-Loaded Velvet Rose Palette. This was released as a dupe for the Soft Glam palette by ABH and it really is. I do have the Soft Glam palette but I just found myself reaching for this more even though I got it later on in the year. I liked how compact the palette is and easy to reach for in my drawer. It’s a perfect palette for everyday looks with it being a basics palette. I use this palette all the time when I’m going out and don’t have time to do an in detail look. It’s only £4 for 15 shades so it’s basically £40 cheaper than the Soft Glam.


Mascara has been something that I’ve not really experimented with in 2018, I used the same one all year but I did get a new addition to my collection that has really grown on me. Benefit Bad Gal Bang got a lot of hype due to the amazing press trip to the Maldives for it but this mascara is worth the hype in my eyes. It really gives me lashes length and separates them. I got a free mini one with my brow wax in May and I’ve only just finished it, I really need to get a new one. I used this in Copenhagen with a full glam look and I felt my lashes looked that good that I didn’t need to wear falsies.



I have found 2 lash favourites this year, one being a more natural lash style and one is a full glam lash. The lovely people over at Lash Unlimited sent me over some of their lashes to try in 2018 and the #8 style was my stand out favourites. They are great for an everyday lash but I can also wear them for a night out. They are so easy to apply which I love as there is nothing worse than lashes that take a while to apply. I actually have 3 pairs of them in my drawer now so I have backups for when they sadly get to the end of their lash life.

The Tatti Lashes TL3 has been my favourite glam lashes of 2018. I found them because a lot of Youtubers used them, NikkieTutorials being one, and I fell in love with them. They are so wispy and full, they are fuller on the outer corner than on the inner corner which is the style I prefer.




I honestly love this lipstick so much. I had to buy the MAC x Jamie Genevieve lipstick when it got released and I’m so annoyed that I didn’t buy a backup of it as it is no longer available to buy. It’s the best nude I’ve found. I try to use other lip colours but I always go back to this one. I don’t really know what else to say about this apart from I love it and I’ll be so sad if MAC doesn’t re-release this and make it permanent.



The only gloss I’ve used all year is the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb. I have a mini one of this, I use it all the time and it’s still not finished. I love this gloss because it’s not the typical gloss where your hair gets caught in it and it’s very sticky. I was always a matte lipstick girl until I got this gloss and now I love my glossy lips. I got the new shade Fussy for my Christmas from my friend Lauren and I can see this one becoming a new favourite of mine.



I have 3 settings spray in my 2018 favourites. The Morphe Continuous Setting Mist is the first one I have, I feel I got this at the end of 2017 but I used it more in 2018. The spray on this is the standout, it sprays so evenly that it doesn’t even leave my skin feeling wet. I also find this setting spray just melts all my makeup together and makes it look flawless, I use it quite a lot while doing my makeup and it melts everything together and the last spray at the end does the finishing touches. I did go a spell in 2018 when I ran out of this but didn’t repurchase (but my next favourite worked the charm) but I bought a new one in New York so it’s back in my collection.

After I finished my Morphe Spray I bought the Revolution Hylaronic Fix Spray and this is such a good setting spray. This makes my makeup last for a long time, all my night out makeup looks have lasted the whole night thanks to this setting spray. The smell of this is nice plus even though the spray isn’t as good as the Morphe one it doesn’t leave blobs of setting spray about your face like what other sprays can do. I’m already on my second bottle of this and I will buy another one after it is finished.

I discovered this spray later on in the year but it has transformed my makeup game. The Pixi Glow Mist really does give my skin a glow and make it look dewy without looking sweaty or oily. It is oil in a bottle as I need to shake the bottle before using it but I swear it doesn’t leave you looking oily. I use this spray every time I do my makeup now and I even use it on days when I don’t wear makeup.

All these products are still being used daily even at the start of 2019 but who knows what will be in this list this time next year. This year could be quite an exciting year for The Coveted Lifestyle so keep an eye out for all the new things to come.

See you all in my next post

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