Decluttering my Makeup; How I did it and What I did with all the Makeup

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Every so often I need to declutter my makeup as I’ve either bought some new products or things may be out of date. After going to New York (and buying lots of new makeup) I needed to do a whole decluttering of my makeup as I needed to make room for all my new products. I actually found the whole process really fun so I decided I was going to make a blog post all about and what I did with the makeup that I decluttered.

I started out the decluttering process with having 3 different piles, one was keep, one was give away and the other was bin. I started in my main makeup drawer which holds all my foundations, blushes, bronzers etc. I was really strict with what I was decluttering, if I hadn’t used it a long time then I was decluttering it. Any products that I’d had for a while went in the bin pile as they were probably out of date but any other products went into the giveaway pile. I went through every single product in my drawer before moving onto the acrylic storage and then my Alex 9 drawers. I think it took me around 45 minutes to get through all the drawers and by the end of it, I had a whole box (which was overflowing) full of makeup to give away. My drawers were finally organised again (and they still are organised which is surprising), everything now fits in nice and neatly.


I then sorted out all the makeup I decluttered that I was going to giveaway. I decided to offer all the makeup to my friends as I knew they would maybe want some of the makeup. A lot of my friends took up on the offer and a lot of my makeup that I decluttered has now gone off to a new home. I love the fact that my makeup is now off to a new home and will be loved.

This part of the post is my favourite as it’s what I’ve done to the other makeup that I decluttered that my friends didn’t pick. Just because my friends didn’t pick it doesn’t mean to say that they are rubbish, I didn’t expect my friends to take everything as they have their own collections too. I had heard in so many decluttering videos about people donating their makeup to lots of different places and it actually inspired me to do the same. After a lot of googling, I found a good blog post from Caroline Hirons about the initiative called Give and Makeup. I’ll link the post here for you all to have a little read – 

Basically what Give and Makeup are all about is that you can send your old (in a way) makeup, clothes and toiletries to woman and children in need. When I say old in a way I’m meaning not something that’s really old, tatty and broken etc. They say that if you’d be embarrassed to give any of the products to a friend then don’t send it to them which is fair enough as it’s not fair to the woman and children you are sending it too. There is a list on the blog post that says what type of clothing/products they want and accepts which gives a guide for what to send. What really drew me to this was that all the stuff sent goes towards woman in London and Cardiff area who are escaping domestic violence which is amazing. I loved the fact that the products stay in the UK and help woman who are really going through a hard time.

What really makes me happy is that the makeup that I’ve decluttered can go towards helping a woman feel confident and could help them get a better life as it may be helpful for them going for interviews etc. I get so much joy from knowing that someone will love the makeup like how I loved it before. I would really recommend doing this as one, it’s way better for the environment donating used makeup rather than binning it and two it can help someone out there, a bin isn’t going to get any use out of the makeup whereas there is someone out there that could use it.

I hope that if anyone reading this decides to declutter their makeup/clothes or toiletries anytime soon then I highly suggest sending it to Give and Makeup, you could really make a woman in needs day.

See you all in my next post


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