Revolution Makeup The Mascara Revolution | Review

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This is quite a long-awaited review as I’ve had this product for a while but I didn’t use it for a long time after I bought it. Revolution has really killed it with their product launches in 2018 and this release was quite a big one as they didn’t really have anything like it before. The Mascara Revolution I’d say, along with the foundation and concealer, is one of the biggest releases from them in 2018.

Some specs about the mascara before going into the actual review. The mascara comes in rose gold packaging with The Mascara Revolution written in black on the front. The mascara wand itself is an hourglass shape which is meant to hug the lashes to create a natural looking curl and the formula of the mascara is meant to add volume and length that doesn’t flake or smudge. The mascara wand is huge, it’s definitely not a wand like what Benefit’s BadGal Bang has. I’d say out of all the makeup products out there mascara is always the one I think it overhyped a lot as sometimes in adverts they actually use false lashes to show what the mascara is meant to look like so what you think they’ll look like is actually fake.

I first tested this in 2 ways, I tried it with curling my lashes then applying the mascara and just applying the mascara straight to my lashes. When doing it with curling my lashes then the mascara I actually felt it made my lashes look worse. It may or may not have been because it was my first time using the mascara but after 2 coats of it, it really didn’t look as good as what some of the photos of other people’s result photos. I felt that it looked better when I applied it straight to the lashes. It did give me length and a slight curl but I felt my lashes went clumpy afterwards because the mascara was so sticky.

Now I’ve been using this mascara I’d say for a few months now, the mascara is a lot better than what it was at the start. I think now that it has dried out a little bit it works a lot better than before. I do find that sometimes it can flake off, there have been a few occasions where I’ve had some little black flakes underneath my eyes after wearing this all day but this has only happened a few times so it’s not something that put me off.  I usually do 2 coats of this and I think this works the best as it I get every single lash doing this method, one coat just isn’t enough for me. Even though this has dried out I do find it can still clump my lashes up so I do feel I need to brush out my lashes after using this to stop it clumping.

My lashes without any mascara

My right lash with the Mascara Revolution

My lashes with the Mascara Revolution

I’ll put a before and after photo above, so you can see what my lashes look like before (I do have quite long lashes naturally) and what they look like after I’ve applied the mascara.

I do think that this mascara is good, for £8 it is a good mascara. I do think over time the mascara will get better as I’m not that big a fan of brand new mascaras but I would purchase this again. It isn’t my favourite mascara ever I am going to admit that but I do like it enough to want it in my collection.

See you all in my next post

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