Jeffree Star Cosmetics Review| Velour Liquid Lips, Supreme​ Skin Frost and Lip Scrub

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I know this may sound so bad but before Black Friday I had only tried one Jeffree Star Cosmetics product. Obviously, everyone knows who Jeffree Star is as he is probably one of the most controversial youtubers ever. I only got properly into watching Jeffree Stars videos in 2018 and I did want to try out a lot of his products but I never got around to trying out them. Until Black Friday I had only tried out 1 of his products, the highlighter he released in the collab with Manny Mua, and honestly, I hated it so I really wanted to find products I liked.


I bought all these products on Black Friday when Beauty Bay had their big discount on so I managed to get all these products at good prices. I picked up 2 of his Velour Liquid Lipsticks, one of his new Supreme Skin Frosts and one of his Lip Scrubs. I have since Black Friday got one of his eyeshadow palettes but I am going to do a separate post reviewing that so I can go into more detail about it. I paid full price for one of the liquid lipsticks as it was brand new so that cost £16 but all the other products came up to £40.50 when it meant to be £58 so I did save around £18 which is a good saving.


I’ll start off by talking about the Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I had heard so much about before buying them, I know they are some peoples favourite liquid lipstick formulas. I got 2 nude shades as I knew they would be used more than buying a bright colour to start off with. I got the shade Mannequin as I know that is a well-loved nude by many people and I got the new nude in the Christmas collection called Can’t Relate. The packaging on Can’t Relate is honestly beautiful. The sparkles are so pretty, Jeffree really doesn’t hold back on the packaging of his products. The applicator is just a standard doe foot applicator, not one of those flat applicators. These lipsticks have a nice smell to them, I can’t put an exact scent on it but they do smell nice.


Swatches Top to Bottom – Can’t Relate and Manniquen

The formula of these is very thin but extremely pigmented. They are matte but they aren’t an uncomfortable matte liquid lip, unlike some other formulas. They also last a long time on the lips, I’ve had food and drinks while wearing this lipstick and it’s barely moved. They are honestly one of the best liquid lip formulas I’ve ever tried, they are now 2 of my most used lipsticks now and I want to try out some more shades.


Like I said, I had tried one of Jeffree Stars highlighters before and I really didn’t like it so I really did my research before getting one of the new Supreme Skin Frosts. I saw an Instagram video of one of the shades swatched and I fell in love with it. Obviously, I fell in love with it because of an Instagram video but who says I would like it in person. I got the shade Wet Dream which is a golden pink shade. For a start, I love the packaging. I like the fact it is magnetic so it doesn’t mean you can break any nails or chip any polish trying to open it. The actual engraving on the product is stunning, the Jeffree Star logo is prominent and is raised a little higher than the rest of the product and then there are little stars engraved on the rest of the product.


Left Photo is swatches with flash and right photo is swatches without flash
Top to Bottom – Swatch with finger, swatch with brush, swatch with sponge

This formula isn’t like normal highlighters, these are more glittery. On the skin, it does look golden but it does have the pink glitters/ reflectiveness in it. I like this highlighter as a topper for another highlighter, on its own it’s very glittery and it does leave glitter everywhere on your face if I go in with my usual highlighter brush. It is very pretty and I do like it but I don’t like wearing it on its own. On my arm using a brush it doesn’t really show up but on the skin, it’s very pigmented.


I always need a lip scrub, I used the Lush one for years but because I don’t visit a Lush very often I would run out then never repurchase it. I have always been tempted to purchase the Jeffree Star ones but again just never gotten round to it. He has so many different flavours to choose from it is a really hard decision. I got the Pink Lemonade one which is from his summer collection so it is in the orange packaging.


There is a lot of product in the tub, I’ve been using this since November and I’ve barely made a dent in it. The taste is really nice which is a bonus cause it wouldn’t be good if it didn’t taste nice. I really like this as it actually does scrub my lips well and takes off all the dry skin I have on my lips. It’s very fine scrub so I a little amount and it goes a long way.

I would recommend all these products, mostly the liquid lipsticks as they are amazing and totally worth the money. My review of the Jeffree Star Thirsty palette will be up soon so stay tuned with that to find out what Jeffree Star Cosmetics eyeshadows are like as it is also my first experience with those too.

See you all in my next post


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