Morphe x James Charles “Unleash Your Inner Artist” Palette | Review

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If you clocked a different intro to my posts then you’ll have probably guessed (as well as the title) what this post is about. The James Charles Palette I think was probably one of the most awaited palettes of 2018, I’m sure as soon as James teased the palette everyone was patiently waiting for it to drop. When it was released it sold out instantly and I’m positive every restock it has had it has sold out instantly too. I’m sure I remember hearing or reading somewhere that the James Charles palette is actually the best selling makeup product ever.

When I first saw the palette I actually wasn’t going to buy it. I know I know that sounds so weird now I have the palette but I really wasn’t that interested in it. I did like the bright colours in the palette and the fact James created a palette for everyone but I just didn’t feel I needed it. I did say that I was maybe going to buy it in New York if I saw it in person and liked it. When I went to NY and finally went into a Morphe store I got to swatch it and see the palette in person and that was the moment I knew I needed the palette. Of course, it was sold out in the Morphe Store and in Ulta but I knew I would be able to get it in the restock.


The palette costs £39 and inside are 39 shades so it is a £1 per shadow. It has the same layout as the morphe 39A Dare to Create palette which was released Christmas 2017 which has 7 big pans in the middle of the palette and then 16 smaller pans at either side of the big pans. The packaging is the stand out of the palette. The box is white and it has a picture of James Charles on the front with his signature look for the palette as well as Morphe x James Charles (with the James Charles in James Signature). The actual packaging of the palette is matte black with the same Morphe x James Charles that is on the white box. The matte black is great as it won’t get dirty that easily. The shade names come on a little piece of plastic rather than on the actual palette but that doesn’t bother me, I’m quite good at not losing those sheets. On the inside of the palette at the top, it has “unleash your inner artist”.

My only issue with the packaging is that it is huge. It’s the biggest palette in my collection and does take up a lot of space. It’s definitely not a palette for travelling unless you have a massive suitcase and plenty of room for it.

I am going to do swatches for the palette even though there are 39 shades so that’s a lot of swatches and that swatches don’t always give the best impression of the palette but it can help people get an idea of the shades that are in the palette. I know if I hadn’t swatched the palette in the Morphe store I wouldn’t have bought it.


Row 1 Left to Right – Canvas, Ringlight, So Good, 518, Rusted, Halloween, Wig, Tea


Row 2 Left to Right – Punch Me, Sister, Mary, Literally, You’re Kidding, Shook, Boutique, Benny


Row 3 Left to Right – Flashback, Face, Tune, Code James, 10% Off, No Beans, Spooky


Row 4 Left to Right – Bee, Guac, Hello, Playground, Brother, Artistry, Love That, Pinkity Drinkity


Row 5 Left to Right – Social Blade, Daddy, Cape Cod, Cola, A Cappella, Escape, Single, Skip

As you can see from the swatches the shadows are pigmented. I did go over the majority of the swatches twice but some shades like the red (You’re Kidding) didn’t need to be swatched more than once as it was that pigmented. There was a slight bit staining with the pink shade (skip) after but I honestly wasn’t bothered by it, pink shadows usually stain anyway.


Now for what matters most, what the shadows are like on the eyes. I’ve only done one look using the palette but I was so impressed with it. The shadows I used are just as pigmented on the eyes as they were swatched if not better than when swatched. I used the shades Cola and Playground and they blended seamlessly together. I was really impressed with how Cola first applied, I only needed to dip back into the shade once or twice when packing it on when usually it takes about 5 or 6 times. I used the P.Louise Base underneath these shadows as an eyeshadow base is recommended for these shadows over just a concealer. The palette has no fallout and there wasn’t even any kick back in the pan, I did dip into the 2 shades I used quite a few times and it doesn’t even look like I’ve touched them.

If you’re debating about the James Charles palette then I would honestly say you NEED this palette. It’s worth the money if that is a factor that is making you unsure whether to buy it. Just think that an ABH palette costs £43 and you don’t get near enough as many shadows in that as what you do in this. If you’re looking for a palette that has everything you’ll need for all different kinds of looks then this palette is the palette for you. I would recommend being on the ball for the restock of this as it does sell out really quickly. This will be a go-to palette for me for a very long time.

See you all in my next post

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