Colourpop Mystery Bag Review | Are they worth it?

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I’ve seen a few different brands do mystery bags/ boxes. Jeffree Star created one around Black Friday, Too Faced create one regularly and also Beautylish has one every year. I’ve never really been that big a fan of them as I’ve always thought of the mystery bags being full of products that are not popular or old stock. When I saw on Instagram that Colourpop were creating a mystery bag I was interested straight away. What drew me in the most is that Colourpop is affordable and have amazing products so whatever products they put in the mystery bags will be good.

The mystery bags cost $25 each and they have a value of $55 which is a saving of half price. For Colourpop a $55 value is so good as Colourpop’s products are affordable so you can get a lot of products for $55. I decided to buy two of the mystery bags as I wanted to be able to compare the two bags, see whether you get different products in each bag or if they’re the same.

So now on the Colourpop website for UK shipping you now pay the taxes when you order rather than paying Royal Mail when it arrives in the UK. My order came to $55.60 as I also ordered another product from them (which I’m not reviewing). The shipping was free and the taxes I paid were $11. My parcel did get a mixed up and I did get a card through my door asking me to pay £17.60 but all I had to do was email Colourpop and they apologised and refunded me the £17.60 so that I didn’t have to pay extra. The staff at Colourpop were really helpful so if you maybe have the same experience as me when ordering just know that they will help.


Now onto what you actually get in the mystery bag. The first thing I noticed in the bag was a Super Shock Highlighter in the shade Pinch Me. This came in the Holiday 2018 packaging so it has the stunning holographic look. I’ve had a few of the Super Shock Highlighters before and love them so I already know I’ll like this. The shade is pink with purple/violet undertones to it. It’s a very pretty highlighter, it’s not my usual shade in highlighter but I am definitely going to give this a shot before making a final decision on it.


Top – Party of Five and Bottom – Sequin

I got 2 Super Shock Shadows in the bag and I already have a drawer in my acrylic storage full of them so they fit nicely into my collection. I got 2 shadows I didn’t already have, Party of Five and Sequin. They are both shimmers which I prefer in the Super Shock Shadow formula as they are a lot nicer than the matte ones. The shade Party of Five is a duochrome and the shade Sequin is a glitter. Party of Five has a pink undertone with multicoloured glitters to it. It’s a stunning shade, I can’t wait to put it on the lid. I can see this shadow being amazing for Valentines Day glam or a Date Night Glam looks. The shade Sequin is my favourite out of the 2 I think. It’s a rose gold copper shade with again multicoloured glitters, I can see more gold glitters in it. I think I will use this all the time for my quick go-to glam looks, it’s such a wearable shade for quick glam looks.


I already own a few of Colourpop’s pressed shadows, I have a few single shadows as well as the Yes Please palette so I already know what the formula’s like. Inside the mystery bag was the Press Single Shadow in Snake Eyes. I have never heard of this shadow before so I don’t know if it’s a new release or not. Snake eyes is a shimmer which I like as I do like as I use shimmer a lot when doing makeup looks. It’s a pink taupe shade and it is very shimmery. Again this shade is STUNNING and looks incredible when swatched so I can only imagine what it’ll look like on the eyes.


I had seen on IG that people were getting this in their bags and I was shocked so never mind when I actually received it myself. Their new BFF mascara is BRAND NEW and they included it in the mystery bag. I was interested in trying out the mascara but because of postage etc, there was no point in ordering just that the mascara so now I’m so excited to actually try it. I was even more excited when I read the carton to see the shade Black on Black. I know they’ve just released lots of funky colours for their mascara but I’m glad I got the black one as I will actually use it. I can’t wait to test it out.

Now for all the lip products, I got in the bag.


I do love a glossy lip and I’m so glad I got one in my mystery bag. I own Fairy Floss already and it is one of my favourite lip glosses ever. I got the Glossy Lip in Champagne Mami and I really like this shade. It’s a rose gold gloss with little shimmers inside it and this could become a favourite lip gloss for me. I actually think that this could be a dupe for the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb so stayed tuned for a post related to that if it is a dupe.


Out of all the lipsticks that Colourpop do I’ve only not tried the Blotted Lips and Lux Lipsticks. I don’t know if I’ve just never been that interested in trying out the Blotted Lips or not but getting one in my mystery bag is a great time to try it out. I got the shade Doozy which is a warm rose shade. At first, I thought the shade wasn’t for me but when I tried it on the lips I really liked the colour. The formula is really nice as well, it drys down matte but I can’t feel it on my lips at all. As it’s a Blotted Lip it’s not overly pigmented which is why I like the colour as it gives my lips a nice rosy tint to them.


I own so many Lippie Stix from Colourpop and I would admit I’ve not reached for them in a while but I honestly used them all the time around 1/2 years ago. I do have a running theme in my shades of Lippie Stix and I’m so glad when I got one in my mystery bag that it’s a shade I’ll use. The shade I got was Ziggie which is their matte X formula of Lippie Stix. It’s one of the best sellers so at least it isn’t one of the shades that’s a dud. Ziggie is a terracotta shade and it looks very similar to Colourpop’s Love Bug liquid lipstick. It reminds me of a 90s lips trend that went about a few years ago.


The final product in my mystery bag is another new product from Colourpop. They have had their Lux Lipsticks for a while but the new formula, the Lux Lipstick Velvet Blur lipsticks have only been out for a few weeks. Out of all the lip colours I got in my mystery bag this is one the I might not use the most. I got the shade Lucky Strike which is a mauve pink but when I swatched it I actually released the colour isn’t as bad as what I thought. The little sticker on the top of the carton looks very purple but it’s not, thankfully. I’ve never come across a velvet blur formula before so I am really interested to see what it’s like and how well it lasts.


Lip Swatches Top to Bottom – Ultra Blotted Lip in Doozy, Ultra Glossy Lip in Champagne Mami, Lippie Stix in Ziggie and Lux Velvet Blur Lipstick in Lucky Strike

Like I said the bag cost $25 dollars and the value of everything in this bag comes to $55.50. That is a real saving and I really like the fact that you get 2 new products in the bag, especially the mascara which got released a DAY after the mystery bags were. I also liked that it wasn’t products that were being discontinued or products that aren’t popular as a lot of the products I got in my bag are actually best sellers. I also got a few products in the bag that I haven’t tried before so it means I get to try a few different formulas that I probably wouldn’t have thought to buy myself.

Now, I did mention I got 2 bags. After opening the first bag up I opened the second bag and found I had the exact same products as what was in the first bag. It was quite disappointing as I had spent $25 to get the same products but that is the risk you take with mystery bags as the person packing the order doesn’t know what’s in the bags to make sure you get different bags. I maybe would have thought there would be a few shade differences between the bags but every product was the same.

Do I recommend these mystery bags? I 100% do, you get a lot of different products which if you’ve never purchased or tried Colourpop before is great to give you a little taste of what they on offer. Do I recommend getting 2 bags for yourself? Probably not as you could easily get the same situation as me and get the exact same products in both bags. If Colourpop ever decides to do the mystery bags again then I would honestly say get yourself one as they are worth it.

See you all in my next post

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