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I am here with my first fashion haul of 2019. Buying clothes is not something I do very often as I already own a lot of clothes so don’t need any more. While doing some browsing online I stumbled onto the ISAWITFIRST website and saw they had 50% off everything so I looked through what they had available and I saw quite a few nice things that I wanted to buy. For anyone who isn’t familiar with ISAWITFIRST, it’s just a fashion website who quite regularly do really big discounts like 50% off, 40% off etc. I’ve ordered from them before and I really liked everything I got so I was hopeful with this order.

I ordered 6 items, there was a variety of items in the order not just tops or jumpers etc. My order came to £87.50 but with the 50% off everything it took it down to £47.50. That was what convinced me to place a big order as it was so cheap, it is a big saving.
The shipping was £2.99 which is for standard delivery within 5 working days. Next day delivery is £3.99 but I missed the cut off for it (order by 8pm Sun-Fri) so I just used standard delivery as I wasn’t in a rush for any of the clothes. I ordered on the 28th January which was last Monday, it got dispatched on the 29th so last Tuesday and it got delivered on the 30th which was last Wednesday so it literally only took 2 days to arrive.

The first thing that sparked this haul was a dress. For me, I don’t wear dresses very often but this one really stood out to me as something I’d wear. This Pink Pinafore Dress is usually £25 and I got it for £12.50 with the 50% off. This dress really gave me Clueless/ 90s vibes. I think with it being a pale colour anything dark underneath it shows through as you can slightly see my underwear in the picture. I did really debate about whether or not to keep this dress as it is a little bit short and I just didn’t feel it suited me but once I styled it with a black knitted bodysuit and tights I really liked the look of it, I feel it will be a really nice summer dress.

I am always on the lookout for good black high waisted leggings. I usually buy the cosy ones from Primark but they go bobbly so quickly so I am on the lookout for a different pair that is thick, cosy but doesn’t bobble quickly. I got the Black High Waisted Leggings which cost £10 usually but £5 with the discount. The first thing I noticed was that they are quite thin. They are high waisted and fit perfectly, I got a size 10 but the major let down is that they’re too thin for me. They are quite see-through because of the thinness, whenever I bend down you can see my underwear. I had high hopes for these but sadly they will be going back and I am still on the hunt for new leggings.

When I was browsing the new in section these kept on popping up and I really liked them in the photo. These are a bit out there, especially for me but I decided why not buy them and see what they’re like. It’s these Leopard Print Trousers. They are usually £30 and I got them for £15. I got a size 12 as I thought it would be better fitting for my legs as I do have thicker thighs and bigger hips. I sadly am having to return these as they were quite tight on my legs but on the waist they were huge. Also, the crouch sat quite low on them which made them look silly. I liked them on and what they looked like but the sizing was just so weird on me.

The next 2 items are t-shirts. Out of the whole haul, I knew these 2 t-shirts would be ones that would be staying. I liked the way this one was styled on the photo which is what drew me to get this one. It usually costs £12 which I probably wouldn’t pay that for just a t-shirt but I got it for £6. It’s a dark grey t-shirt with wild and free at the top, reckless at the bottom but the star of the t-shirt is the tiger in the middle. I ordered this in a Medium but on the label, it says it’s a Large but I actually don’t mind because it makes it easier to tie that way. It’s super soft and comfortable which I also like it a t-shirt, I’ve worn it a few times now and I can see myself wearing this a lot.

The next t-shirt I saw on BusybeeCary’s ISAWITFIRST Haul a while ago but when I went to go and buy it then, it wasn’t on the website at all. Luckily when I was browsing for this haul I saw it so I added it straight to my basket. I got this in the same size as the other t-shirt but this one actually has medium on the label. It was also meant to be £12 but I got it for 6. This one is the same colour of grey than the other one and has Arizona in the middle in yellow. This one is a slight bit smaller than the Wild and Free t-shirt because of it being a proper size but it’s not skin tight on me so I still really like it. This one is also as soft as the other t-shirt, I am really impressed with the t-shirts.

The final item in this haul is another item I liked in BusybeeCary’s haul from a while ago. I didn’t have a reason to buy it at the time but I found it on sale when looking for items in this haul for £7.50 and it was available in my size so I quickly snapped it up. It’s this Snake Print Tea Dress and I love it. I have a few tea dresses already in my wardrobe and love them so I really hoped I’d like this. The print on it is really nice and the length is really good too, usually, I find tea dresses can be quite short on me. The only issue I have is that it can be a tad open at the front but I’m getting my gran to put a little stitch in it to keep it from flapping open. It’s also not too open at the chest which can usually be the case with tea dresses. I feel this will be a really nice dress for any special occasions coming up as well as in the summer.

I do really like ISAWITFIRST, there have been some misses in this haul but what clothing website and hauls don’t have misses. The clothes are good quality and very affordable, especially the fact they do big discounts quite regularly. What is also good about ISAWITFIRST is that these big discounts aren’t just for students which is what a lot of other websites do. I always have a look at ISAWITFIRST when shopping for clothes, if you haven’t looked at them before then I would really recommend it.

See you all in my next post

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