My Skin Journey | Spots, Dermatitis to Clear Skin

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

I am planning on doing an updated skincare routine very soon but before I get into what products I use on my skin I thought I would talk about the journey I’ve actually been on with my skin over the past year. My skin has changed so much over the course of the year and thankfully for the better. Over the past few years, I’ve had ups and downs with my skin, going through rough patches with lots of spots and then having clear skin.

In February/March time last year, I suffered from regular spots. These photos were taken from a blog post I posted at the end of February 2018. I would suffer from spots all the time on my forehead and around my chin and mouth. Some of the photos are taken from after my experiment with a spot cream which did help but didn’t clear up my skin completely. I did have a regular skincare routine but I wouldn’t say it was the best routine in the world. I mean my skin wasn’t that bad but I still didn’t particularly like the way it looked.

March 2018

In May I started trying out a new cleanser and it didn’t help my skin at all. A lot of the spots I was getting on my forehead were completely gone or were clearing but I was still getting loads on my chin. I also found that some of the spots I was getting were also scarring my skin so it always looked like I had some sort of spots. When I went away on holiday to Copenhagen I noticed a huge change in my skin and not in a good way. I don’t know if it was the change in water or the new cleanser but my skin broke out really badly while I was away. I had been using the cleanser for a week before going and my skin didn’t react to it but I don’t know what happened when I went away. I got so many bumps on my forehead that were very red and inflamed. I ended up using my boyfriends La Roche Posay Effaclar face wash to see if it would clear it up and it cleared up my skin straight away. Safe to say I binned that face wash when I got back from Copenhagen.

May 2018 – After My Holiday to Copenhagen

This is where my skin went really bad. In June I went back on the contraceptive pill and not long after that I started to suffer from Dermatitis. My skin went really bad with little bumps that weren’t spots as they couldn’t be popped. It was all around my mouth, near my chin and even went up as high as my nose. After a lot of google searches, it said I possibly could have Perioral Dermatitis but I went to the doctors after a month of having it to find out what it was. I tried a lot of home remedies at first such as not washing my face as much, using a gentle face wash before going to the doctors. When I went the first time to the doctors I got told it was some eczema and got given Hydrocortisone Cream which aided in getting the redness down but it didn’t get rid of the bumps and if anything they just spread all around my chin and mouth.

At the time I really felt low about my skin and didn’t have a lot of confidence to go out without any makeup on. Even with makeup on I hated my skin as it didn’t look good underneath makeup, as it was also quite dry so foundation just clung to it.

August 2018 – With Dermatitis

Nearly a month after my first doctors visit my dermatitis still wasn’t away so I decided to go back to the doctors again as I was really hating my skin and needed to find a solution for it. I saw I different doctor the second time around and I was in the appointment for 5 minutes as straight away she said I had Perioral Dermatitis which is what I thought I had all along. She gave me a topical steroid cream called Metrogel 0.75%. I used this straight away and I started seeing results straight away. After clearing it up on one side of my chin/mouth it then went onto the other side so I then had to clear up that side. It did take a very long time for it to go away, I used the Metrogel for months to fully clear it up.


September 2018 – Continuing Dermatitis

Now a year later from the first photos in this post, I now love how my skin looks. I really started to invest in my skincare in the latter half of last year and tried out new products. One thing I also started to do which I think has really impacted my skin is not putting too many products on my skin at the one time. If I cleanse my face in the morning then I won’t do it at night and I sometimes just use 1 or 2 products on my skin. I feel it really benefits my skin as it doesn’t clog up my pores and I have found that I’ve suffered from fewer spots. At the time of taking the current photo of my skin I was suffering from a few little breakouts but apart from the odd breakout, my skin is virtually clear.

February 2019

I am going to be doing an updated skincare routine soon but there are a few more products that I want to fully finish testing before revealing what products I use on my skin.

See you all in my next post

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