Procoal London Instaclear Control Mask* | Review

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I love face masks and sheet masks. I have a massive collection of them in my skincare drawer. When I got asked by Tom and the people at Procoal if I wanted to write a review on their sheet masks I obviously said yes. Any excuse to test out new sheet masks and to see what ones work the best. I got the opportunity to do this blog post from Procoals ad on The Blogger Programme.

Procoal sent me over the Instaclear Control Facial Mask. They are purifying sheet masks which are suited for trouble-prone skin. They contain ingredients like hydrolyzed rice bran and white willow bark extract which is a natural source of salicylic acid. The masks claim to address problem skin complexions as well as refine pores and calm redness. The masks are cruelty-free, paraben free, pigment-free, silicon free and mineral oil free.


The first thing I thought when I got the box was that it felt quite heavy. I really liked the packaging the masks came in. I haven’t ever had sheet masks that have come in a box so it was quite a change. They came in a nice box which was well structured, it feels high quality. Each sheet mask comes in its own little packet. There are 3 masks in the box and they are currently £15.99 reduced from £24.99. For sheet masks that can be quite pricey but if they are good quality and actually work then I wouldn’t mind spending that much.


When I took the mask out of the box I noticed that the mask was wet but not too wet that it drips everywhere. I’ve had tons of sheet masks in the past which have dripped the serum everywhere because they are so wet. I liked that as it didn’t slip and slide around my face when putting it on. It also says that there is a quantity of one bottle of serum within the mask which you wouldn’t know as it wasn’t drenched in the serum. The mask felt really nice on the skin, it felt really nice quality and sat really well on my face, it didn’t move about at all. I left the mask on for 20 minutes and it did dry a little but it didn’t feel uncomfortable on my skin, I probably could have kept it on for longer.

After taking the mask off my skin, my skin felt nice and smooth. I rubbed the excess serum into my skin and that did make my skin feel good. I felt that some of my pores around my chin looked more refined but the others around my nose looked the same. With blemishes, I felt that the big one I had appearing on my forehead had been brought out a little bit more and it was less inflamed than what it was before. My skin did feel like it had been pampered which is always a good thing after using a sheet mask. The next day I did notice a difference in the appearance of my spots that were on my forehead. I noticed a lot of them had shrunk down and the biggest spot I had on my forehead was smaller in size.

I did like this sheet mask, I feel I’ll keep the other 2 for when I’m having really bad skin days as I do feel this would work well on my skin when it’s got a lot of spots. It would be a really good sheet mask for the night before a big night out as it will get those spots reduced quickly. I would really recommend these masks to people who do suffer from a lot of blemishes and like a little pamper session, you’ll see a difference in your skin. Here is a link to the sheet masks so all of you can go get them yourself – Instaclear Sheet Masks.

See you all in my next post

*all products with * beside have been gifted by Procoal

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