Jeffree Star Thirsty Palette | Review

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Time for another Jeffree Star review! The last time I reviewed a few different Jeffree Star products but this time I’m reviewing his eyeshadow palettes. I eyed up this palette for so long before eventually buying it when I saw it in person when in New York. I was never interested in the Beauty Killer palette or the Androgyny palette but the Thirsty palette really drew me in.

The Thirsty palette was apart of the Summer 2018 collection. It has orange packaging that a lot of the products in that collection but the packaging is amazing. It looks like an ice lolly or a popsicle. Jeffree really pays so much attention to the packaging of his products and this is no exception. Also on the box for the palette, there are little water droplets that are slightly raised to give off the impression of real water droplets. The palette contains 15 shades, the pan sizes are quite big for an eyeshadow palette. The palette retails for £45 which is a bit pricey for an eyeshadow palette but for the size of the pans compared to some other brands it’s actually a good price.

The palette has a very mixed range of shades in it. It has the warm tone shades, such as the corals and the browns but it also has the pops of colour with the blues and yellows. I think the pops of colour are what drew me into this palette as that’s the part of the palette I always look at first. The shimmer shades in the palette was a new formula for this palette, the ultra metallics. I’m usually a big shimmer fan but I actually wasn’t drawn to the ultra metallics at all, I was definitely drawn to the mattes more. I did try to take swatches of the shadows but they really didn’t swatch well but it’s not really about well they swatch, it’s all about how they are on the eyes.

Now for what matters most, how the shadows perform. The matte shades do blend really well. I’ve used both a base (the P.Louise Base) and a set concealer base for these shadows and the shadows both blended really well. I would admit that the shadows were more pigmented with the base but I find that with the majority of my eyeshadows. The blues are stunning and blended together they create a really stunning shade. I did find the yellow shade to be a slight bit darker than what it appears in the pan but it is still a nice shade. For the ultra metallics, I actually found them to be a tad chunky and I did have a bit of fall out with them. I used the shade “Snatched” and I found it was quite chunky and even though it did look pretty, I have seen some shimmers look better. I did have to apply these shadows with my finger as it did not pick up on a brush at all which I think added to the fallout.

Look done using the palette

I do really like this palette and I will reach for it when creating looks but I do find that it’s not as impressive as what I thought it be. The palette performs well and the shadows are amazing so I’m not saying at all that the palette is bad at all. I think if you have been after this palette for a long time like what I was but didn’t want to pay the price for it then I would say get it as a present or save up and give yourself a little treat but I feel if you like the palette and are after a new palette I would recommend a few other palettes such as the James Charles Palette which is cheaper and has way more shadows.

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