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For my anniversary present from my boyfriend, he booked for us to go to the Chihuahua Cafe in Edinburgh. I had been wanting to go for a while as I’m a big dog person even though I don’t have a dog of my own and as I’d never been to an animal cafe before even though there are 2 in Edinburgh. I was so excited when I got the present, my boyfriend had booked for us to go on the 10th March which was a Sunday a few weeks ago.

A little background about the Chihauhau Cafes before getting into my experience at the Cafe and what it’s like in the cafe. The Cafe was opened by a woman called Tanya who wanted to work with her dog as her dog was her best friend. She and her husband both work there along with their 8 dogs. I love the fact she set up a business all to work with her dog, I wish I could do that. They take all 8 dogs into the cafe every day and take them home every day so the dogs don’t stay in the cafe overnight either. One thing about the cafe that I’ve had a few questions about from people is “Do you take your own dogs to the cafe”, no it’s just the chihuahuas in the cafe and not all the guest’s dogs.

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The cafe costs £10 to go to which only covers your time in the cafe. The booking is for 50 minutes which you may think is really long but believe me, it goes by so quickly. There is an option to book a double session so you can spend a long time with the dogs and even time alone with the dogs in the change over period. There is also an option to add cake and a drink to the booking, this costs an extra £5 each so overall it’s £15 each. You can get drinks and a cake in the cafe when you’re in for your booking but I’m not sure how much that costs so it may be worth booking that beforehand.

Before going into the cafe you get given a little sheet you have to read going in which to tell you the “rules” of the cafe. They aren’t anything bad, just telling you what to do and what not to do. After that when it’s your time to go in you get brought into the little doorway to get checked in and if you have booked for a cake and drink then you get a little love heart sticker to put on you so they know not to charge you at the end. Once inside the Cafe, you hang your jackets up and put any bags into the little storage boxes they have, the only thing you’re allowed on you is a phone or camera. There is plenty of seats in the cafe, we decided to sit on the seat right beside the window. We got told to make sure the stool that was beside our seat was not tucked away as that was the only way the dogs could just up to get to us. We also got given a blanket that got placed in the middle of us for the dogs. A lot of the dogs were down the bottom of the cafe beside some of the other people in but the owners moved some of the dogs about to make sure we all had dogs to cuddle. The dog that ended up coming to us was Ama, the dog that started the whole cafe.

The owners have 8 dogs who all work in the cafe but only 6 of the dogs were in that cafe. Each dog is different, they have some long-haired chihuahuas and short-haired ones.  All the dogs are called Ama, Lady Bee, Cleopatra, Duchess, Elsa, Faery, Gatsby and Hepburn. Lady Bee had had an operation so she was resting in the back and Gatsby just wasn’t out the day I went. The dogs were dressed up as well because it was Faery’s birthday so Ama was in a very cute dress and Elsa had this adorable jacket on that had a hood with ears. The dogs had just been out a walk the day we went so they were quite sleepy, a lot of them slept while we were in. You got as many cuddles as you want but you aren’t allowed to pick the dogs up for cuddles in case you hurt them which is understandable.

For our cake and drink, we both ordered a hot chocolate and a red velvet cake. The slice of cake was a good sized slice and it tasted really good, I don’t think I’ve ever had red velvet cake before but it was really good. The hot chocolate was really good as well, it really went down well as the day we went it was pouring down with rain and quite cold. They had a large selection of drinks available and then they had their cakes of the day available, when we went there were 4 cakes available but after our time slot all the red velvet cake had sold out so that is one to watch if you have a late booking.

Would I recommend going there if you either live in Edinburgh or are planning a visit to Edinburgh? I would if you love dogs and have never been to an animal cafe before. It is quite expensive to go when you compare it to some other animal cafes out there but at the same time, I would pay the price for it as the dogs were really cute and everything was so chilled that it made for a good day out. It’s a great day out for dog lovers, those with or without a dog at home.

See you all in my next post

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