bPerfect Cosmetics x Stacey Marie Carnival Palette | Review + Makeup Look

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

I feel as though this post is been a long time in the making but it’s finally time for my review on the bPerfect Cosmetics Carnival palette. I bought this palette on Black Friday from Beauty Bay and it was only £27.99 when it’s usually £40 so it was a good saving. I had been wanting this palette for a while, maybe a few months, before finally getting it as I kept on putting it off but when I saw it was in the Black Friday offer on Beauty Bay I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get it.


This palette was in collaboration with Stacey Marie MUA who is a UK makeup artist. She is one of the ones that in a way created the “Instagram Makeup” look along with Mmmitchell. The palette has 24 eyeshadows and 2 highlighters. It’s full of bright fun colours but it also has the neutrals for an everyday look or a neutral glam look. The palette has 17 matte shadows and 7 pigment shimmers. The packaging on this is quite bulky so I wouldn’t say that it’s travel-friendly.  The palette doesn’t actually come in a box, it comes as it comes.


All the shades in the palette swatched well, some did take 2 swatches to make it as pigmented. Ignore how some of the swatches look as I was testing out a new stencil and some of the shades overlapped.

The palette performs amazingly on the lids. The swatches do show that the shades are strong but obviously, it’s not about how well they swatch, it’s about how the shadows perform on the eyes. The shades are so pigmented and blend amazingly on the eyes. I didn’t find any of the shades that I’ve used go patchy when applied onto the eyes which I have found with some other palettes. There is little kick back in the pan and I don’t find this palette gives any fallout.  I use the P.Louise base with this palette and all the shades are very bright and vibrant.


I’ll post a few looks I’ve done using the palette below to show you the quality of the shadows and the pigmentation.

I would really recommend this palette to everyone who loves a bright coloured palette. It isn’t a rainbow palette but I like that about it as it’s still very colourful without having the usual rainbow colours in it. I don’t think this is too pricey as you get the highlighters as well as the eyeshadows, there is also a huge mirror in this which you don’t get with other palettes such as the James Charles palette. It’s a good palette to have in your collection if like me you love your brights.

See you all in my next post


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