How I’m Spending Mothers Day| Products Both Me and Mum Love*

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers, grans, nanas out there! I am not a mum myself but I love spoiling my mum on mothers day as she deserves it. I feel I don’t spoil my mum enough so today for mothers day I’m going to be spoiling her loads. This mothers day I have decided to talk about some of the products both be my mum use and love.

My mum and I both love a foaming moisturiser. We both can never be bothered having to wait for a moisturiser to dry as I’m impatient and my mum works really early in the morning so doesn’t have a lot of time to wait for it to dry. Before starting the day this Mothers Day, we both used the Nivea Wild Raspberry and White Tea Body Mousse. I shaved my legs yesterday so I was in need of moisturiser for my legs. It dries into the skin in 2 minutes so perfect for in a rush and the smell of is amazing, I love a good smelling moisturiser.

After using moisturiser on the body, it’s time for our face skin care. I’ve always taken skincare advice from my mum and even my gran so they really influenced my skincare decisions. My mum and gran have both used Nivea skincare products before and now I love Nivea too. I have used this moisturiser before and I got my mum into using it too. It’s the Nivea Daily Essentials 24H Moisture and Express Primer Gel Cream. My mum isn’t that into makeup so this moisturiser works really well as it doubles as a makeup primer for before her makeup. It’s a really nice lightweight but it really hydrates the skin. I always feel my skin is super soft after using this moisturiser and I never feel my skin feels right or dry later on in the day after using it.

One thing my mum loves to do is go for a Nandos. I’ve mentioned it before that my mum is Coeliac so she loves Nandos as they have a lot of Gluten-Free options and has never gotten ill from it. Of course for Mother’s Day, I’ll be treating my mum for some lunch as usually when we go she always pays so it’s my turn to pay for lunch.  We both got Butterfly Chicken, I got peri chips and garlic bread and my mum got 2 portions of peri chips. I also got my mum some presents so she can pamper herself. I got her some bath bombs as my mum says she never has any bath bombs and I also got her a body spray from Rituals.

To end this mothers day we both have to take our makeup off. My mum and I have used so many different makeup removers between the 2 of us but we can’t get enough of micellar water to take our makeup off before using our cleanser. We both really like the Nivea MicellAIR Micellar water. I like that it has dry oil in it so I know it’s removing my makeup but not leaving my face feeling greasy. It removes everything from liquid lipsticks to pigmented eye makeup. My mum likes it as it a quick way to remove her makeup especially because she doesn’t wear that much makeup.  A little bit on a cotton pad goes a long way, it even removes difficult eye makeup.

 I hope everyone out there has had a good Mother’s Day, I hope you’ve either been spoiled yourself or you have spoiled you mum or gran or nana today.

See you all in my next post

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*All products with * beside have been gifted to me by NIVEA.


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