CaseApp Phone Case*

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

So this has been a long collab in the making but it’s finally happening. I love having a nice phone case on my phone, I always have so many phone cases in my bedroom so I can change my case regularly. I got contacted by CaseApp asking if I wanted to do a blog post with them on their phone cases and I didn’t refuse. I have the iPhone XS Max and it’s so good now that phone case brands are bringing out more and more iPhone XS Max cases with pretty designs on them as when I first got my phone, there weren’t any nice cases.

I picked up 2 of the tough cases that CaseApp offer as I am prone to dropping my phone so their normal cases just aren’t good for me. The normal cases don’t cover the top and bottom of your phone so it makes it easier to scratch or chip your phone. The tough cases, however, have a silicone case underneath to cover all edges of the phone then it has the hard case on top with the design on it. I always thought that though cases would be quite chunky but the CaseApp tough cases don’t feel chunky at all, they feel the same as a normal phone case. The normal hard cases from CaseApp are £19 and the tough cases are £22.

When choosing the design of the case you can either create your own or there is a large number of designs to pick from. When picking my two cases I tried to create my own phone case but I couldn’t decide on what I wanted to put on it so I picked from the large number of designs available. I picked out designs from Wasu Thompson and Mukta, CaseApp has lots of different designers who post their designs online. I picked the Cheetah Pink case and the Colourful Abstracts case.

I’ve had my case on my phone for around a few weeks now and I don’t see any damage on the case at all even though I have knocked it a few times. I even had Lewis Capaldi sign my phone case and it faded away without leaving any sign on the case, it still looks brand new. It’s definitely a tough case as my phone has never been damaged since putting one of these cases on. I’m saving the colourful abstract one for the summer as I feel the bright colours would look great in summer.

I would highly recommend the tough phone cases from Caseapp, they truly are tough and protect your phone from damage. The team over at Caseapp have nicely given a discount code for 20% off their cases so you can also get one, they have some amazing designs like I said before. I know they are expensive but they are so worth it when they protect your phone so well! I’ll leave the discount code down below ⬇️


*All items in this post were gifted by Caseapp

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