SHEIN Holiday Haul

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

So I may or may not have placed a little clothing order. I have been seeing so many nice summer clothes online at the minute and I am going away this summer but not until August so it’s still a while away. I was having a browse on SHEIN and seen so many nice items that I thought would look really nice for my holiday. I actually think I am going to place another order because I saw so much nice stuff so be prepared for another post.

The order came to £39.18 and I ordered 7 items. I feel that that’s a good price for how many items I ordered. I also got a 15% off student discount code which took £6.74 off my order (the order was £44.93 before discount). I mostly just bought tops but I did also order a pair of shorts and a playsuit. I didn’t order any swimwear even though SHEIN has some amazing swimwear but I didn’t need any swimwear. I placed my order on the 3rd of April and all the items had arrived by the 10th which is really quick for SHEIN. I actually had my order sent in 2 packages as one of the items was in a different warehouse so I had one package come from China and another from Belgium but they arrived very swiftly after each other.


I’ll start off the haul with the stuff I’m actually sending back. The first thing was the playsuit I ordered. It’s a black floral print playsuit which has a tie around the boob area. The playsuit cost £13.60 so it was the most expensive thing in the haul. It’s a really pretty playsuit in the picture but in person, it’s slightly different. I ordered it in a medium as now on the SHEIN website they have UK sizes underneath the S, M, L etc. The medium had a 10 underneath it and that is my usual size so that’s why I got a medium. Well, fair to say it definitely wasn’t a size 10 as I couldn’t get it up past my knees. It was really small fitting and it also didn’t have much stretch to it.  Also, the quality of it was quite poor too, the material was quite seethrough.


The next item I’m sending back is a top. I really like this top so I am going to order it in a larger size. It’s a crop top that has lots of different animal prints on it, with a slight little peplum at the bottom. I got mine in a small like the other tops I bought but I need a medium. The top doesn’t have much stretch to it either which is why I didn’t fit that well, if there was some stretch in it then it would have been fine. This top was the most expensive out of all the tops I bought, it was around £6.79.

Now for the items I’m keeping. I’ll go into the tops first before I get into the last item. I got a camouflage print bandeau top. I really liked the colours of it on the website and it looks the exact same in person. Usually, I’m not a bandeau top person as I feel they don’t suit me but I really like this one on. The quality of it is quite good too, it’s a stretchy material so I probably would have gotten away with a smaller size (in all the tops, not just this one). I got all the tops in a small as I knew that SHEIN’s sizes can be quite big.  It is quite hard to know which way the top goes on or if I’m wearing it right but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. This top only cost £3.39 which is so cheap. I would still need to wear a strapless bra or bandeau bra underneath as even though it doesn’t completely show your boobs, nips will show through.

The next 2 tops are the same top just in different colours as I loved it that much. Again it’s another camo print top but this one is a little cami top. I’ve already worn one of these tops over a t-shirt and it looked really good, I was so impressed with the quality. The print and colours in the print are really bold and the fit of the top is good, it does ride up a bit but I feel it’s just because of the material of it. It’s the same material as the bandeau so again I would need to wear a strapless bra with it. I got one with the orange camo print and then the other with the neon green print. Both these were £3.39 as well.

The final top is another cami top but this one is snake print. The style of this is different from the other 2 cami tops and it does sit weird on me but I still like it. The one thing I do like about this top is that it has adjustable straps which helped a lot as I was thinking of returning this before I realised about the straps. The print on it is a neon green snakeskin and the print looks amazing on. It’s the same quality and material as all the other tops I bought. This top was a little bit more expensive than the others but it still was only £4.24 so it’s still very affordable.

The final item in this haul is a pair of shorts. This was the one item I was very sceptical about as they were very cheap so I didn’t have much hope for them. I got mines in a large as that was the only size left but I knew again that SHEIN’s sizes are weird. I was so shocked when I got these in the post as they are so nice. They are not see through which I thought they would be, they are a good length and they fit perfectly on me. I am someone who has thicker thighs and these are not tight at all on my legs and I don’t think chub rub will happen. They are a slight bit big on the waist but the tie helps a lot to help tighten it up. These shorts only cost £3.39, like how are shorts that cheap so good.

Overall I am really happy with all the items I bought, considering how disastrous my last SHEIN haul. I have more items that I like saved in my wishlist on SHEIN so another holiday haul could be on the horizon in the future before my holiday in August.

See you all in my next post

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