Disneyland Paris Travel Diary

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Back with another travel diary. A few weeks ago I went back to Disneyland Paris with 2 of my friends and this time I was there for 4 days, not just one. Last year when I went to Paris with my boyfriend we went to Disney for a day so I was quite happy to go again and get to spend more time at Disney.


The whole trip cost me £425 which when you first look at it or say that much you do think “that’s really expensive for just 4 days” and even I was like that at first but when you break it all down it was actually really affordable for what we got. In that price, I got my hotel, my flights with a hold case (between us all), the park tickets for 4 days and half board dining. Considering that 4-day park tickets for both the parks at Disneyland Paris cost £219 so I definitely got a good deal. We booked on the Disneyland Paris website so keep an eye out on there for deals. 4 days was a good amount of days to go as it allowed us to get through everything we wanted to do.


We stayed at Hotel Santa Fe which is one of the Disney hotels so it was only a 20-minute walk from the parks. It is a Cars themed hotel and I actually really liked staying there, it is one of the budget hotels for Disneyland in terms of their Disney hotels but it was a really nice hotel. The rooms were nice and even though there was 3 of us in one room I didn’t feel like we were on top of each other.


Of course one of the main things about my Disney trip was the rollercoasters. I am a massive lover of rollercoasters so I love going on all the rides at Disney. I love the big thrill rides so I loved going on rides like Tower of Terror, Crush’s Coaster, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster etc. I did do all the other smaller rides like It’s a Small World and the Phantom Manor (which I really wouldn’t recommend, in my eyes it’s rubbish) but I took more thrill from the big rides. I found the wait times to be quite good when I was away, the longest I waited on a ride was 50 minutes which was Crush’s Coaster. Usually, I go as a single rider for Crush’s but the single rider queue was just as long so my friend and I just decided to wait. We got a few Fastpasses for rides as they helped a lot with reducing the queue times. At points, we got one Fastpass, went on the ride and came off and got another Fastpass straight away. I used the Magipark app which was the best app I found for wait times as it gave accurate times.


This was the first trip that I went on a lot of the big thrill rides multiple times, I went on Hyperspace Mountain 4 times; Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster twice and Crush’s Coaster 3 times. It’s the first time I’ve ever been on Tower of Terror more than once in one trip, usually, one time is fine with me. I also have a new favourite ride and it’s Big Thunder Mountain. We went on the ride 13 times as we loved it that much, we also had so much fun coming up with new poses for the photo.


One of the main things I wanted to do on this trip was to meet lots of characters. This was my 4th trip to Disneyland Paris so I’ve done all the rides multiple times but I’ve never met that many characters. The one character I said I wanted to meet was Woody as I’ve met Buzz twice but never Woody. I managed to actually meet 10 characters on this trip so I was very pleased with myself. Overall I managed to meet Pluto, Mickey, Buzz, Jesse from Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, Woody, Goofy, Donald Duck and Chip & Dale. I am like a big kid when it comes to meeting the characters, I was in my element. I don’t know who my favourite character was to meet as they were all so good but I loved meeting all the Toy Story characters as I love Toy Story.

One thing I would recommend for a long trip to Disney is the PhotoPass+. We only bought it on the second day but it was worth it. The PhotoPass+ cost around €75 but we spilt it so it was quite cheap and basically what you get from it is all the photos you get from rides and characters with photographers at them are on your PhotoPass and you can get them on your phone. It saved so much money as to download one photo alone costs €20. We took full advantage of it as we got near enough every ride picture on it. One thing I did notice while at Disney this time is that many of the characters don’t have the professional Disney photographers with them. A lot of them now just let you take the pictures on your phone and the cast members are amazing at getting photos and also the candid ones like you hugging the character.

Time for food chat. Food is a big thing at Disney and everyone knows that food at Disney can be very expensive. We had breakfast at our hotel as we had the breakfast buffet included in our half board which was a godsend as we stocked up at breakfast which kept us going for a lot of the day. For lunch, Casey’s Corner is always a good food spot. It’s just fast food so hot dogs, chips and chicken nuggets etc. I always at least eat there once on a trip to Disney as it’s such an easy lunch place as it’s quick and very filling. One thing I also found when on this trip for lunch was something very similar to a ham and cheese toastie. It was more like a roll with ham and cheese that got toasted so basically a toastie. My friend and I just referred to them as the ham and cheese things. I had these for lunch on 2 of the days as I enjoyed it that much. They were at a little food stall near Adventure Land and it cost €8.99 which also included a drink. They were really good and very filling that kept me going until dinner and it was a good little deal.

For dinners, we ate mostly at buffet restaurants as we got them included in our half board dining plan. The only restaurant we paid for was Fuente Del Oro Restaurante which is opposite Bug Thunder Mountain. It’s a Tex Mex counter service restaurant so we went there out of quickness. We all got a deal which was chicken fajitas, either Mexican rice or vegetables, churros and a drink for €16.99 which I thought was a good deal for all that food. The fajitas were nice and filling and the churros tasted amazing. They did have other items on the menu that sounded good so I would recommend there for a quick dinner. The other restaurants we went to was the Restaurant Agrabah Cafe and Billy Bobs. I didn’t really like the Agrabah Cafe, the selection of food on offer was quite poor so I didn’t really have much that night (I wouldn’t pay the money to eat there). Billy Bobs was good, the selection was good and they had a good number of desserts (I had my fair share).

I would recommend the dining plan, especially for breakfast as the breakfast buffets are so good and they really set you up for the day. We had the standard half board plan which included the breakfast buffet and then either a buffet lunch or dinner. I would recommend googling what is involved in the dining plans as they can be confusing. In terms of the buffet restaurants on the standard half board dining plan I would say there are probably better buffet restaurants then the ones we went to (I’ve heard good things about Plaza Gardens) but I would probably next time just pay for some restaurants in the Dinsey Village as it would probably be better quality food. 

I did feel like by the end of the 4th day I was ready to come home as I’d done everything I wanted to do and more, my flight home was quite late at night too so I could have done with an earlier flight that day. I think that just 4 days of constant walking around the parks and lack of sleep finally caught up with me. I loved my trip and I had such a great time, I already want to go back. I have a few other Disney related posts coming so be prepared for some more Disney.

See you all in my next post

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