Fox Tan Review | Does it really work?

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With summer coming up it’s time to talk about tanning. I am someone who doesn’t tan at all and usually burn when I’m in the sun so I don’t know what it’s like to get a natural tan. Last year I decided to try out the brand Fox Tan for going to Copenhagen but I felt I didn’t give it enough use to properly test it so I’m deciding to do it this year. I am going on holiday to Barcelona this year so I really want to tan over burning so I’m putting Fox Tan to the test before going.

As a reference to what type of skin I have, I am fair skinned. I am usually shades 1 or 2 in foundations and when I am in the sun I usually burn then tan but mostly just burn. I definitely didn’t get my mums skin as she tans so well and goes really dark.

If you haven’t heard of Fox Tan before then here is some info on them. They are an Australian company who have been around since 2015 and bringing the Australian tanning regime to everyone. Fox Tan is about bringing out the best natural tan you can get. What’s so special about their products is that it contains an exclusive ingredient called FoxComplex which helps build and activate the melanin production in your skin. I’ll leave the link to the about page on their website if you want to read more about what ingredients are in the products and what it does – Fox Tan About.

What I like about Fox Tan is that they actually don’t pay any influencers to promote their products, all the reviews and photos they use on their Instagram are from real people who have actually tested it. They actually have a results page on their website which shows photos from people who have used the products and got results from it.

Now I am using this product while using sunbeds (indoor tanning) which I know aren’t the best as I know they can increase the chances of getting skin cancer with prolonged exposure but I do use them safely, I go on for 5 minutes, 2 times a week. Compared to some of my friends I really don’t abuse them. I am no way promoting using sunbeds in this post, this is just the way I am using the product as Scotland doesn’t get enough sun to sunbathe outside.


There are 2 original products that were the ones that everyone jumped on the bandwagon with but since then they have released new products but I use the Rapid Elixir and the Rapid Mist. These are the 2 products I used last year and the ones I’m using again this year. I’ll start off with the Rapid Elixir. The Rapid Elixir is the product you use first and use before going into the sun. The Elixir helps prep your skin for the sun by increasing the melanin as it has a really high amount of the FoxComplex. It recommends on the website using this every day for 3-5 days before going in the sun or on a sunbed.


For me seeing as I don’t tan very well I used this for a full week before going in the sun. I used it after I come out the shower or bath as that’s when I usually moisturise my skin. A small amount does go a long way which can help keep the bottle for a while as it is quite a small bottle, I have only just needed to buy a new one. They do have a 120ml bottle and a 300ml bottle so I would recommend getting the smaller one first and then the bigger one.

I just put it all over my body apart from my face as it is quite a thick cream and I don’t like putting stuff like that on my skin. The cream is a yellow colour but the yellow doesn’t stay on the skin once it’s rubbed in and it also smells nice, I don’t know exactly what it smells like but it is nice. It does absorb into the skin quickly so I don’t have to stand about for a while waiting for it to dry. I usually start on my legs and once I get to my arms my legs are dry. Also if you’re going on a sunbed or using it in the sun continuously then it does recommend using it every day, I didn’t do it at first but now I have started doing it I have noticed my tan is getting darker so it is worth putting it on everyday.


When I go onto the sunbed I use the Rapid Mist. One important thing to remember is the Rapid Mist is the product you use in the sun or sunbed, not the Rapid Elixir. I saw on Twitter about a month ago someone complaining that they got badly burnt because of the Fox Tan but they used the Rapid Elixir in the sun and not the mist which is what you’re meant to use. The Rapid mist also has the FoxComplex in it but this just helps speed up your tan. Fox Tan does recommend putting an SPF on before using this which I will do when I go away to Barcelona but I don’t use SPF before going on a sunbed. When I go into the sunbed booth I spray this all over my body and then rub it in.

It absorbs into the skin really quickly, I feel I don’t stand in the sunbed and feel greasy or still covered in cream. This is also yellow and smells the same as the Rapid Elixir. I also don’t feel like when I come out of the sunbed that it sits on the skin so it’s fine if you were going to put it on before going out sightseeing on holiday. One thing I am going to say about this is that the spray on the bottle can get a bit annoying as sometimes it doesn’t spray properly.



Now for the before and after pictures. I’ve been using both the Rapid Elixir and the Rapid Mist since the 28th of April, there were a few weeks where I didn’t go on a sunbed as I wasn’t well but I’ve roughly been using them around a month. So I’ll post my first photos here which were taken on the 28th of April. As you can see I am quite fair and there is no sign of tan on me at all.



Now for the after photos which were taken today, the 17th of June. There is a difference and I do notice that I have gotten a tan. My hips and belly have a tan on them and my arms are slowly getting there. My face is very tanned but my face usually tans quicker than my body.

This is the only thing that has helped my tan and I think you can see from the photos that it does work and has helped me a lot. I genuinely love this product and I love how I feel with a tan. I do think it works and I think from the photos it shows that it has worked for me. I am still going on sunbeds after this post goes up, I’ll be going right up until I go away on holiday to Barcelona so I will probably do another update on how my tan develops. I would really recommend Fox Tan to anyone who is like me and doesn’t tan very well and wants to actually tan when away on holiday. You can get Fox Tan in Superdrug and usually, they always have them on offer and you can get sets of the products as well which may be cheaper and a good way to try a lot of their products.

See you all in my next post

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