Collective Summer Clothing Haul | Primark, Topshop and ASOS

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

Recently I’ve been buying so many items of clothing for my holidays but also just for everyday use as I recently did a massive clear out of clothes. It wasn’t until I looked at the  2 bags of clothes that are full to the brim that I realised that I may or may not have bought a lot of clothes so of course, it clicked in my head to do a haul post on everything I’ve bought. I’ve bought mostly from Primark but I also have some items from ASOS and one thing from Topshop. I’m going to split this haul up into the summery items, like shorts and crop tops, and the daily items I’ve picked up.

I tried to have a look for some of the links for the items I bought (everything not from Primark) but I couldn’t see them which sucks. I also won’t be going into detail about every item as I genuinely think I’ll have a 500-page book at the end of this if I did.


The only items I got was tops as I cleared out a lot of the tops I had because they were old. I mostly got t-shirts as that’s what I wear on the daily but I also got some nicer tops to wear for nights out or occasions. I love shopping in Primark for t-shirts as they are very affordable so I can stock up on tops and not spend a fortune on them.


Primark Toy Story T-Shirt – £6


Primark Pink T-Shirt – £4


Primark Cropped Polo Top – £3


Primark Be Nice T-Shirt – £5


Primark Leopard Print Mesh Top – £4


Primark Zebra Print Shirt – £3


Topshop Banana Shirt – £10.50


Topshop Striped T-Shirt – £5


Pretty Little Thing Snakeskin Bodysuit – £8


This is where the majority of this haul lies. With my holiday to Barcelona coming up I have been buying lots of clothes in preparation for it. I bought a lot of shorts and little vest/crop tops as Barcelona is going to be really hot when I go. I also got one outfit for at night as that’s an area I’m really lacking in for my holiday. I’m so annoyed as I have 2 of the same pairs of shorts from Primark (which are so comfy) and I bought one pair at full price and another pair in the sale. Majority of the items are from Primark as I find that Primark’s little tops are so cheap and quite good quality, I also don’t mind if they get ruined as they are cheap. Also, the items I got from ASOS (Daisy Street etc) were all in the sale and for being in the sale they are really really good.


Primark Playsuit with Maxi Overlay – £15


Primark Leopard Print Shorts – £4


Primark Khaki Cotton Shorts – £3


Primark Black Cotton Shorts – £6


Primark Linen Shorts – £3


Primark Grey Cropped T-Shirt – £3


Primark White Ribbed Bralet Top – £4


Primark Black Bralet Top – £4


Primark White Ribbed Vest Top – £4


Primark Green Low Back Bodysuit – £4


Primark Floral Vest Top – £4


Daisy Street Floral Shorts – £7


Stradivarious Tropical Print Shorts – £6


Nosiy May Black Casual Shorts – £7


ASOS Plisse Leopard Print Shorts – £9


Topshop Vest Top – £3



Now for the final smaller items I bought. I have an obsession with scrunchies so every time I go into Primark I end up buying a set. I bought 2 sets of different scrunchies and one that has a nice tie at the end. I love scrunchies as they don’t damage my hair as much as my normal bobbles do. The Leopard print set cost £2 for 3 and the plain colour ones cost £1.50 for 3. The individual one cost £2.


I also bought some baseball caps as I really like wearing caps when I’m away but also in Scotland. I got these 3 from Primark and they were only £2.50 each. They are a bit stiff at the front and look a bit boxy but I’m going to try and break them in as I love them so much. The grey one is more of a jersey material and the black and khaki one are kind of suede-like.

And that is the end of my clothing haul. I genuinely have bought so many clothes and I’ve actually got more items I need to buy for my holidays. I would really recommend having a look in Primark as they are slowly starting to get rid of their summer items and everything is getting reduced. Also, Topshop and ASOS have really good sales on at the minute too (all the items from ASOS and Topshop were in the sale) so I would look on there as there are some really good pieces in the sale. This won’t be the last summer clothing haul on my blog so stay tuned.

See you all in my next post



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