Testing Rebellious​ Fashion

Hi everyone and welcome back to The Coveted Lifestyle!

I’ve been buying tons of holiday clothes recently as it’s now under a month until my holiday. I’ve been finding lots of new clothing websites that I’ve never used before and one that I came across was Rebellious Fashion. I’ve heard of Rebellious Fashion before from some Youtubers but I’d never tried it before so I thought I’d do a little review and tell you whether it’s worth shopping from there.

So I one thing I did notice about Rebellious is that it is a little expensive. I ordered 5 items and it came to £110.95 and that was with 50% off everything. There was also an extra 10% off so overall my order came to £99.86. There was a lot of nice stuff on the website, their holiday section was full of really nice items. It’s also free next day delivery on orders over £75, free standard delivery on orders over £50.

Now for the clothing items. I did notice that only one of the items I ordered was from the Rebellious Fashion brand. Rebellious Fashion is very much like ISAWITFIRST where they do have your own branded clothes but they sell a lot of other brands clothes. That doesn’t really bother me that much but if you are just after clothes from the Rebellious Fashion brand then you aren’t guaranteed.


I ordered this white dress with red love hearts on it. Eagle-eyed people will recognise this dress from Love Island as Lucie wore either this exact dress or something very similar. I did really like this dress but I found that it did have a few problems. It was quite see-through, I could see my underwear through the dress but that wasn’t the main issue. The dress was very short, it barely covered my bum. I’m not even tall (I’m 5″4) and I genuinely thought that my bum was going to be out with the slightest movement. The dress cost me £19.99, I got a size 10 and was from the brand Stylewise.


The next is the first pair of denim shorts. These are paper bag style shorts from Redial Paris. The shorts cost £18.99 and I got these in a size 12 as that’s the usual size I got shorts in. This is the only item out of this haul that I’m keeping as I really loved them. I usually struggle with finding denim shorts and these fit really well on the thighs and bum. I really like the paper bag waist and I like the fact that it has belt loops as they are slightly too big on the waist (this usually happens when I have to get a size 12). The one thing that was a bit off was that the buttonhole was very small like it had been stitched wrong but it can easily be fixed.


I’ll go onto the last item that fit me before going onto the items that didn’t fit at all. I really liked this co-ord on the model but this was the most expensive item in the haul. It’s this banana print co-ord which is from the Rebellious Fashion brand. I got this in a size 10 and it cost £28.49. I did really like this one on, it looked very cute and for the shorts being a size 10 they fit well and still had room to manoeuvre. I’m not keeping this though as I feel I can’t justify spending £28.49 on a co-ord that I’ll only wear one on holiday and then probably never again until another holiday.


The first item that didn’t fit me was another co-ord. I’ve seen this style of co-ord on a lot of different websites like IKRUSH but when I saw it on Rebellious I decided to try it seeing as it was 50% off. It’s a utility-style co-ord with shorts and a little shirt. This cost £24.99 in the pink colour (size 10) as there were tons of different colours available and it was from the brand Rising. I really liked this when I took it out of the bag but it all went downhill from there. The shorts didn’t get past my hips and bum, they were definitely not a size 10 and when I tried on the top I couldn’t get my arms in the sleeves as it was so tight. I am really gutted about this one as it looks really nice but I am interested in finding what the one from IKRUSH looks like and whether its the same.


The final item was another pair of shorts. I’ve been on the eye out for a pair of mom shorts for a while but I have never found a pair that fits me and this pair is the same. This pair is from Nasty Gal and are a size 12. They took a lot to get up over my hips, it was a struggle. Once they were up over my hips they didn’t even button up and they felt really tight over my thighs. These shorts cost £18.49 on Rebellious but I think I found the same ones on the Nasty Gal website for £12.50.

My thoughts on Rebellious Fashion is that it looks like a really good website for clothes, they have a lot of nice items that a lot of influencers on Instagram etc wear but I feel that the items can be a bit hit or miss and that without the 50% off the items are quite expensive. I feel I will order from there again just to test it out but it won’t be my new go-to fashion website.

See you all in my next post

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