Eye Primer Battle | ABH Eye Primer vs P.Louise Base

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It’s time for an eye primer battle. For the past year, everyone has been going on about the P.Louise base and how it was the best primer ever. I have already done a review on the P.Louise base if you want to find out what I think about it (link is here). However, Anastasia Beverly Hills has now released their own eye primer which a lot of people have been saying is similar or better than the P.Louise base. Of course, when I saw the primer online I was like I want to try it, I’m always looking for a product similar to the P.Louise Base.

So let’s compare the 2 before getting into how they perform. The P.Louise Base comes in 5 shades just now but the shade range is expanding soon whereas the ABH one only comes in one shade at the minute. The P.Louise Base costs £10 but some MUAs have discount codes that you can use on it and you get 15ml worth of product for the £10. The ABH one comes in 2 different sizes and different price points, 7ml for £15 and 15ml for £26. The ABH one is a lot more expensive than the P.Louise one but ABH is a high-end brand so the price point didn’t surprise me. For the packaging I really prefer the ABH one, it just looks nicer than the plain black P.Louise one. I feel the packaging of the P.Louise one is reflected in the price as the packaging is nothing special.

Right is P.Louise Base, Left is ABH Eye Primer

Now onto the actual primer. For anyone who hasn’t tried the P.Louise Base it has a very thick formula and you don’t set it when you put it on the eyes. The ABH one is a lot thinner than the P.Louise one, I find I don’t need as much of it the ABH one as what I do with the P.Louise base. I find that the ABH one doesn’t look as cakey on the eyes compared to what the P.Louise one does when you apply it as I feel the P.Louise one makes it look like I’ve got very dry eyelids. The P.Louise one does take a little bit of drying down before going in with shadows but I found with the ABH one being thinner I didn’t need to wait as long.

Time for how shadows work with it. I used the Beauty bay EYN Brights Palette as I didn’t want to use an eyeshadow palette from either brand, wanted to keep it neutral. I used the red shade in the palette so it’s very bright. The left side is the P.Louise Base and the right side is the ABH Eye Primer. I feel the shadow looks more vibrant with the ABH primer, with the P.Louise base it looks a lot more of a darker red. The pigment you get on both of them is amazing, they both create such good pay off. I pack on the colour first and then blend with both these bases as I feel that’s the best way to get all the pigment. Blending eyeshadows on these bases is really easy too, I would say theses bases both help create that seamless blend. I would say though if you apply the shadow and tried to blend it on the P.Louise base when it’s still a little wet it does blend into the shadow and the base ends up on the brush.  

The first set of pictures are of looks done using the P.Louise base.

The second set of pictures are of looks done using the ABH Primer.

For me my favourite would have to be the ABH primer, I just like the fact it’s a lot thinner on the eyes, doesn’t look too thick on the lid and it’s amazing for doing cut creases. Of course, the price point is a lot more than the P.Louse Base but I’ve used my mini one quite a lot and I still feel I’ve got a lot left in the tube. I’m not not recommending the P.Louise Base as it is a really good eye base and worth getting if you need an eye primer but I personally prefer the ABH one now.

I hope this post has been helpful to anyone who has been eyeing up both bases and are unsure of which one to get. I do think I’ll always have both in my collection as I don’t fancy spending £26 regularly on the ABH one as I do use it a lot when doing my looks for Instagram. I do love both these bases but now I think I have a new favourite with the ABH Eye Primer.

See you all in my next post

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